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August 30, 2015

'Like Lambs To The Slaughter' - Are Elite Pushing Race War In America Prior To Nuclear War And Invasion?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In a follow-up to a story published yesterday on ANP in which we warned that trigger events may soon lead to war in America, we'll see today how the 'elite' are pushing a race war in America in order to completely destabilize our country, an absolute pre-requisite prior to nuclear war and invasion. We also take a look at a statement made by a Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin in the 1st video below with Judge Jeanine in which he argues that Barack Obama and Eric Holder are responsible for a 'war on police' in America.

With 'all hell breaking loose' as shared in the Infowars 'special report' in the 3rd video below, ANP asked yesterday if we have reached a breaking point with the recent cowardly and horrifying assassination of Texas Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth that was likely urged on by calls from #BlackLivesMatter to their supporters to execute whites and cops. Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman yesterday pointed a finger of blame at #BLM for their 'out of control' rhetoric that has quite literally put the lives of ALL cops, as well as anyone who is white or non-black, in potential danger all across America as seen in the 2nd video below.


Neglecting the absolute and inarguable fact that ALL lives matter, #BLM called for 'frying pigs' at the Minnesota state fair yesterday, less than 24 hours after the brazen execution in Texas which happened soon after a #BLM radio show host called for cops and whites to be lynched.

Meanwhile, blacks continue to kill other blacks in record numbers in big cities across America without a peep from #BLM, proving to us that black lives don't really matter to 'black lives matter' as long as they continue to neglect facing the enemy within, as surprisingly told by Courtland Milloy in this Washington Post story.

So, what's the real purpose behind 'black lives matter' since they've proven they don't really care about black lives? Is #BLM simply another tool behind the nwo's sinister plans to destroy America from within prior to their real fireworks show, nuclear war and invasion? Is Barack Obama behind this 'war on police' as argued by Milwaukee Country, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke with Judge Jeanine in this 1st video after the shooting of Deputy Goforth? Much more below.


In the next video below, radio show host Jesse Lee Peterson breaks down recent remarks made by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who told his audience that 'violent retaliation' was the only way for blacks to 'rise up and overthrow their oppressors'.

Peterson points out the hypocrisy of Farrakhan and the hypocrisy of the mainstream media - he also tells us that Farrakhan should be arrested for terrorist threats as a white person would be for saying the same thing. Is the fact that Farrakhan is still walking the streets a free man, and still inciting hatred and violence towards whites and police, proof he is nothing more than an 'nwo tool' in their push for a race war in America and someone the nwo needs to protect? Peterson tells us that Farrakhan is deceiving blacks and merely leading them like lambs to the slaughter.

At ANP we strongly agree with Harris County Sheriff Hickman when he says "What about cops lives matter? What about ALL lives matter?" Believing anything less is EXACTLY what the nwo elitists trying to destroy America want us to believe. A race war for America would be the prequel to their denouement for America, our total and utter destruction.

Are we now watching a series of cleverly orchestrated 'hits' upon blacks and whites by forces attempting to start a war between the races here in America? We must not fall for any attempts to divide us among racial lines. When we can see that there is so much more at play here, a much bigger agenda to divide and conquer, we see why it's crucially important for America to come and white and all shades in between. We may have reached a point in time where anything less may be catastrophic for us all.

In the next video below from a few days ago, Infowars breaks down the recent shooting of two reporters in Virgina and shared many reasons why he feels we're now witnessing an escalation in the NWO's plans to push a race war in America. Americans must see through and resist the 'new world order's plans.


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