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January 18, 2020

Exclusive Reader Images: The Forgotten, The Must-Haves And Tips That Could Save Your Life When SHTF


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over the past couple of weeks we have done a series of prepping and survival pieces, starting with emergency survival food and learning how to grow your own food indoors, year round

We then moved on to preparing for any potential disaster fast and cheaply, especially for those that are just beginning, or have been putting it off up until now.

It was in response to that piece where we spoke of some items that can be obtained very cheaply at any dollar store, that we received an email from a reader, with a dozen or so images, showing the type of prepping items, food and other miscellaneous items that can be stockpiled for very little cost and can be used in any manner of ways.

So, before moving on to prepper mistakes, must-haves and tips, we'll share what our reader had to say and some of the images she sent, which she kindly gave us permission to do.

I read your article about dollar store preps, and started to leave a lengthy comment when I decided to just email instead. Okay first, I took these pics today at my local dollar tree just to show there are a decent number of non gmo items. I understand people might leave you stupid and ridiculous comments like "So you want me to stockpile salt and pretzels"no of course not, this is just an example that you can find some non gmo items, whether for prep or everyday snacks for your kiddos.

Also dollar tree and dollar general accept manufacturers coupons. Dollar general has a 5 off 25 every Saturday, that also can be paired with coupons. So it could be you buy other items such as paper product ie toilet paper trash bags etc, on Saturdays or whatever.

I guess my very long winded point is, there is no reason why people can't stock up. I know there is always someone who genuinely can't. But by in large all of us can. These things can be done cheaply and consistently. After a month or two of adding 5 $1.00 items at dollar tree, you now have 20, 30, 40 cans of food, or whatever it is you need. 5 bucks a week isn't much and most of us spend more impulse buying in a day.

The first set of images were food items which were all non-GMO, including fruits, vegetables, snacks and pink salt. The reader made very sure to capture the foods in a way where the "non-GMO" can be seen.

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Before moving on to the non-food items our reader sent images of, let deal with the inevitable complaint and outraged question "Do
you KNOW how much sodium is in those canned goods???!!!!????

Why yes, I do, I looked it up. 300 mg in the green beans, which is a very high sodium content, which is why we would never suggest eating those veggies right out of a can. Use them in stews, soups, a stir fry, and other meals where the sodium left in the beans after dumping the liquid (unless one saves it to use elsewhere) can be used to salt the entire meal. No extra salt needed!

You are fed. You are not eating pure sodium. You are eating non-GMO foods. Last but not least, they cost less than a dollar per can.


Food and water are automatic must-haves, which the majority of us know already, but there are other items that while not quite as important, rank very high in importance.

We'll start with medical supplies, kits can be bought that have a wide variety, but for long-term survival, supplementing those kits could be the difference between infection or cleanliness and life and death.

The second set of images were non-food items, many of which can be used for multiple purposes, and most only cost a buck.



While these images show hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes along with alcohol wipes, we have seen bandages, antibiotic ointments, gauze, surgical and paper tape, scissors, cold packs, allergy medications, hot patches, aspirin and other fever reducers or pain relievers and much, much more that can supplement a large first aid kit in case one needs to survive for an extended amount of time.

Super-Glue: Other must-have items which can easily be forgotten includes things like super-glue, which our reader found at the dollar store as well, stock up on it. It can be used to build orfix  items at home that can be utilized for survival, and while most doctors would slap me upside the head for saying this, it can also be used to close up a wound in the absence of a doctor, stitches and a med kit.


Duct Tape: This is an item that can be bought at a dollar store but  they often only have 10 yard rolls, whereas one can get a multi-pack of five, each 30 yards at other places including Amazon

There so many uses for duct tape from repairing items to medical uses, keeping snow out of your boots to hemming pants and many many more. See78 Ways to Use Duct Tape for Survival

Water Filtration: One should never skimp on this item, never go for the cheapest because should you need to survive long-term, you want something that is going to work the longest amount of time. Choose what is best for you according to how long it lasts, how many people you have to take care of and some also prefer specific brands.

Fire Starter: While stocking up on matches is always a good idea, should SHTF, one may run out of them eventually, so having a method to start a fire, whether for heat, cooking or whatever the reason, is definitely a must-have. 
It also never hurts to get one that can be used as other tools as well.

As our kind reader points out with her images, matches can be gotten at the dollar store as well. They are cheap and can be bought in a 300 count.

Coffee Filters: I have mentioned this before, but it is worth reminding folks that they can be used as everything from toilet paper if need be, to paper towels, to a strainer , and about a dozen or two other uses. They are also very cheap and come in large quantities.

Weapons, batteries, garbage bags, survival multi-tool, walkie-talkies, battery radio, flashlights, lanterns.... these are all must-haves for survival and most ANP readers already have a number of these things if not all, but anyone new to prepping can get a ton of this stuff at the dollar store or even cheaply in bulk at Amazon, Walmart or your local department store.  

A portable toilet will also come in very handy, because depending on what type of disaster or emergency hits, one may lose the ability to flush their home toilets.

Something I notice is often forgotten is paper plates and disposable utensils..... one really should have something to eat off of if they cannot wash dishes. 

Books.... books and more books. Reading something on the internet is great to help learn, but in a SHTF scenario, one might not be able to just turn on the computer and find how-to pieces, so books on year-round growing of food, survival first aid handbook, the Preppers Cookbook which helps turn emergency survival food into nutritious and delicious foods, as well as  "The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse."

Holly Deyo's "Dare to Prepare," which has been updated with current information.

More recipe books here. Prepping and survival books here.


There is no way to cover every single thing, big and little that is needed in a SHTF scenario, in just one article, which is why we always encourage readers to share their tips, links, resources, and videos that help them.

We would like to thank the ANP reader that sent us the images, as well as her messages on how many things can be obtained from a simple dollar store and how fast a stockpile grows from just a small amount of money each week.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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