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January 1, 2018

Urgent New Year's 'Red Alert' To Patriots Across America: 'As We Enter A Time When Anything Is Possible', These Things Prove 'We Had Better Keep Our Powder Dry'

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

During the regime of Hussein Obama many of us patriots rightly feared the loud, arrogant knock on the door announcing our impending arrest by the secret police. We quite rightly feared gun confiscation, mass arrests, and democide. Some patriots may have let their guard down now that Trump is President, but it is still a mistake (a potentially fatal mistake) to trust the government or to place too much faith in any political leader. Remember that our government appears to have carried out assassinations and even acts of mass murder via false flag attacks like the OKC bombing and 9/11.

None of the officials guilty of these crimes have been brought to justice, nor have Hussein and Eric Holder been indicted for Fast and Furious or any of their other crimes. The FBI is still politicized and corrupt and continues to defy Congress while Trump tweets about it, but, so far, appears to have done nothing. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has failed to really investigate the Witch Hillary and the other Demoncraps, also favors asset forfeiture, which allows the police to confiscate the money and property of citizens who have not been convicted of any crime. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was created by an executive order by Jimmy Peanuts in 1979, and 9/11 was the perfect excuse for the Homeland Security Act in 2002, which combined FEMA and 21 other agencies employing some 240,000 bureaucrats and police.


The National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, now includes “hate crimes” and allows the indefinite military detention of US citizens. Patriots have always been rightly suspicious of these agencies and this expansion of government bureaucracy. Remember that a state of emergency was declared by the government after 9/11 and it has been regularly renewed ever since, and it allows Congress, if they so choose, to suspend habeas corpus. But if mass arrests are in our future, will there be any advance warning? Almost certainly there will be at least some “red alerts,” but they may be hard to spot and we may have little time to react.

Trump, although flawed and imperfect like all of us, appears to be an honorable man. But it may turn out to be nothing more than an act, or he may already be a virtual prisoner of the Deep State. He may one day order or at least allow our guns to be confiscated and us to be arrested, tortured, and killed. Despite his tweets about “crooked Hillary” and FBI corruption it is time to ask when or if he and Little Jeff will actually do anything. When, if ever, will he really drain the swamp? Some optimists believe that he has merely given the bad actors enough rope to hang themselves, and now that at least some of their crimes are being revealed, he will soon have enough public and Congressional support to act ruthlessly and decisively. But if he continues to talk tough and do next to nothing, eventually we must wake up and smell the garbage.

Of course if he is murdered by a “lone gunman” or has an “accident” or is killed or incapacitated by “natural causes,” we must then take the safeties off our weapons (I trust all good patriots’ weapons are already locked and loaded). He may suddenly disappear from view and either stop tweeting or radically alter his tweets, in which case we can assume that he may have been murdered or incapacitated or is being held prisoner by traitors in the White House (and I have warned more than once about General McMaster).


Patriot sites have told us again and again of the presence of UN troops in America, although there is no hard proof that they are here for anything other than training or that there are significant numbers of them. The idea is that US troops and police would, for the most part, be unwilling to murder Americans. This is probably true…for the most part. But an otherwise halfway decent cop or soldier, to keep his job and feed his family, would certainly rationalize and tell himself that, even though he was arresting people who were clearly innocent, no harm would come to us, and the legal system would eventually free us. Once arrested and sent to a camp we would be at the “mercy” of its guards, who would be rogue cops and soldiers, or even foreign-born troops or criminals like the MS-13 thugs.

American troops could do the arrests and UN troops or common criminals would do the killing. And remember that foreign troops or gang members could be dressed in American military or police uniforms and used for the mass arrests as well. Also, a small number of people could control killer drones to kill leading patriots…if many of them die or disappear, we must consider ourselves at risk. Never, ever forget that if you surrender your firearms to the gun grabbers you will certainly be arrested then or shortly thereafter. And don’t be like the Jews who went willingly to Auschwitz/Birkenau, imagining that it wouldn’t be all that bad. Surrender in haste and repent at leisure while you die slowly.

Needless to say, any open declaration of martial law will be a clear “red flag,” but there will probably be no public declaration at all. If the internet goes down or all the patriot websites disappear or if they are blocked, that will be a clear indicator that something very bad is going down. With almost all of the major news outlets (Fox is a partial exception) controlled by the Deep State and its bankster overlords, patriot sites are our only means of mass communications. And the elites control a large part of the internet as well; most sites, like Wikipedia and Rational Wiki, Snopes, Politifact, Huff Puff, and others preach the party line. 


Rather than warn us by suddenly silencing the alternative news sites, the elites may ramp up the existing interference. Steve Quayle believes that his site has been targeted, and some sites, like or have become almost impossible to navigate. Facebook, Google, You Tube and Twitter are controlled by a small number of very wealthy and powerful people. Google has “demonetized” alternative news sites, and Google’s You Tube has threatened to shut down Mike Adams’ Natural News site. Google lists almost nothing but leftist or “mainstream” sites on its first page and tries to bury anything that challenges the conventional world view the elites expect us to accept.

We cannot foretell the future, but we appear to be entering a time when anything is possible, from thermonuclear holocaust, EMP, and engineered plagues through mass arrests and civil war, to the gradual exposure and overthrow of the elites and a future of prosperity and accelerating technological progress. We must not give in to despair…but we had better keep our powder dry. William B Stoecker

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