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July 28, 2021

Highly Censored Doctor Warns: 'The Genocidal Lunatics, The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Who Planned This Fraud, Are Leading Us To Armageddon'

- Revisiting The News From About 14 Months Ago Shows How Much We've Been Lied To

By Alan Barton aka 'Bart's Bantering' for All News Pipeline

Do you remember about May or June 2020, when the news – the “official” news, i.e., the MSM fabrications and official propaganda outlets, both electronic and print, all said that the rumors that the Covid19 “vaccination” did NOT harm, but improved your immunity system? 

Yeh, they lied. 

No surprise really, and they all said pretty much the identical thing, and one example of that posted even recently is the PolitiFact response on a Facebook claim that “Vaccines send the immune system into “perpetual overdrive”” where they said “No, mRNA vaccines don't send the immune system into 'perpetual overdrive'” which is a direct and outlandish lie. They added “The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed” (and I hope to address that subject in another column). No need to bring up the many stories from them as it just wastes time and space since we all remember hearing that lie over and over again. 

USA Today got a bit closer to the truth back in this past March when they said “COVID19 appears to confuse multiple parts of the immune system” and ““If you have a brand-new virus and the virus is winning, the immune system may go into an ‘all hands on deck’ response,” said Dr. Nina Luning Prak””. This is a bit closer to what is actually happening, but they are still playing off of an old playbook, that the so-called “vaccine” is safe and destroys the Covid virus (which may or may not even actually exist at all). 

They all seem to think what so many doctors said, that “Vaccine side effects show your immune system is working well” They are running under a false assumption that what the CDC and NIH etc. told them was the truth. The real truth is, that they are making money from the lie and even at that, there are a huge number of doctors that refuse to take the shot because they remember what a real vaccine is and what it does, while understanding that an mRNA modification kit is NOT a vaccine at all. 

Currently on the Hopkins Medicine site they have a web page titled “COVID-19 Vaccines: Myth Versus Fact” where they address such “MYTH” notions as “The COVID-19 vaccine can affect women’s fertility” and “The side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are dangerous”. Well, it dangerously affects not only Women’s but also Men’s fertility, so they lied on that one; and correct, the covid shots ARE INDEED very dangerous, although they claim otherwise. All because their NWO overlords mandated they print that lie. 

So many published articles state that the side effects of the shots are a good sign that they are working – working towards what exactly? That they do not answer. 

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Rather than continuing on with outlining their obvious lies, let’s look at the supposedly actual VAERS data (I say “supposedly” because there have been many claims and proofs given that even this data is very suspect, being only a very small sample of reality [most say about 1-1.5% of cases even entered] and “hedged” even at that, but it does give a good indication of what is going on). 

The crazy fox Alex Jones has a recent show video from just a few days ago “VAERS Confirms Covid-19 Injections Causing Massive Death/Side Effects” where he has various people claiming that the current crop of people ill and even in the hospital are VACCINATED, while the “official news” states they are UNVACCINATED which is yet another total lie.

As many recent ANP stories have warned, the fully vaccinated are getting Covid. Like July 25th, “Something Huge Is Happening As A 'Plague Of The Vaxxed' Breaks Out Across America: As The Big Pharma Mafia's Profits Tumbled, Along Came Covid, And Profits Are Spiking Now”; and July 20th “The 'Vaccines Are The Answer' Narrative Blown To Smithereens As More And More Of 'The Fully Vaxxed' Are Becoming Ill And Dying”; and July19th “Americans Are Avoiding 'Biden's Shots' As If They Are 'The Plague' Itself Because Most Americans No Longer Trust The Media, Congress, Biden Or Our Medical And Education Systems.” 

And the July 21st story by Walter Gelles titled “The Vaccine Holocaust Is Well Underway With Globalists At War With 7.8 Billion People: They've Used Two Main Bioweapons On Us, A Lab Engineered Virus And Often Deadly 'Vaccines'” that tell the tale very well. That is in just the past few days, with many other ANP stories on similar topics concerning covid lies and now many sources are claiming that the vaccinated outnumber the unvaccinated cases by double to many times as many. 

The above mentioned Alex Jones video also stated “The director of the program says directly: After the second dose, the vax reduces immunity to infection by 7x almost immediately, and more and more as time goes on until it completely drops to zero. He also said that ONE jab does the same thing but not as badly, and even ONE jab may wipe out your immunity completely over time. 

He said that will make continuous shots necessary every time there's a new illness going around because your immune system will not work anymore and you'll be completely dependent on shots. and worse? He's OK with that!!! 

To be clear: The shot destroys the immune system so badly that it is equal to or worse than (eventually) having AIDS. You'll need a shot to cure EVERYTHING.” 

Wow, that is quite a statement, and even worse, it appears to be totally true. 

Remember that 1995 movie titled “12 Monkeys”? Just in case you missed it, here is a video preview of it to give you an idea of what it is about.

In it, the devastating pandemic is caused by a man made virus, just like Covid, and it differs in that they show the virus being the mass killer, while in our case it is not the virus, but the so-called “Vaccine” that is the killer. But the results likely will be the same or very similar in the end. 

News-Medical dot Net story “Research suggests Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine reprograms innate immune responses” states “The researchers say that in combination with strong adaptive immune responses, the reprogramming of innate responses could either contribute to a more balanced inflammatory reaction to SARS-CoV-2 infection or a weakened innate immune response

The effect of the BNT162b2 vaccination on innate immune responses could also interfere with the responses to other vaccinations, adds the team.” They are touching on the problem, but not going further as they should have. 

“Disturbing Parallel To HIV”: COVID-19 Can Cause Depletion Of Important Immune Cells, NY Times Admits” reads the headline in State of the Nation article, “Once again, it looks as though what was once being peddled as Covid-19 “conspiracy theory” on our site appears to have turned out to have been accurate news reported months before the mainstream media. Go figure.” ..… As the mainstream media desperately plays catch-up, The New York Times releaseda piece called “How the Coronavirus Short-Circuits the Immune System” and said that “In a disturbing parallel to H.I.V., the coronavirus can cause a depletion of important immune cells, recent studies found.” 

Note the highlighted text (my emphasis, not theirs) and consider it carefully. Disturbing parallel indeed. 

Doctor Vernon Coleman has a video that is a MUST WATCH – if you have not, please do now. It is only 21 minutes long and well worth the time. 

Watch it HERE or in the linked article just above. 

In this article “Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction – and Could Wipe out the Human Race” Dr. Coleman states “If you have been reading my articles for a while you will know that I never exaggerate. You will also know that for the last year my predictions, assessments and interpretations have been absolutely accurate. 

Now, more than ever I need your help. Unless we work together we are doomed…… I believe this is the most important article you will ever read. You have to share it.” 

“But I now fear that the genocidal lunatics, the horsemen of the Apocalypse who planned this fraud are leading us into Armageddon…..Disastrously, by giving vaccines to millions we are teaching the virus how to mutate and to become stronger and more deadly. Trying to devise new vaccines for new mutations simply makes things worse because the scientists cannot possibly get ahead of the mutated viruses. And the people who have been vaccinated are now sharing mutated viruses with those around them. The mutations are becoming stronger and deadlier.” 

If you missed this article or video, please read or watch it to understand exactly where we really are in this evil death cults attack on us. 

In the opening of this article, I stated that the MSM said “the Covid19 “vaccination” did NOT harm, but improved your immunity system”, and that that is a lie – well, here is the truth – “Covid-19 Vaccine Program Director Admits Injection Destroys Immune System” as given in this video on InfoWars with “COVID vaccine program director David LV Bauer explaining how the Pfizer injection neutralizes the immune system. 

It gets very complicated, but to better understand, the video below uses a football strategy play diagram system to make it all so very easy to understand what the “vaccine” (KILL SHOT) actually does – If nothing else, watch this one, it is short but very easy to understand. The covid “vax” KILLS THE BODIES NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!! 

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