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January 29, 2015

Russians: They're Here, Have Been Here And Now There Is Proof! Why Won't The MSM Talk About The Spetsnaz On US Soil?†

By Susan Duclos


For years we have been warned by those way ahead of the curve that Russians, spies and Spetsnaz operatives were in the US, preparing for the day when Russia and America went to war, waiting to be activated to attack US citizens from within, just to have those warnings waved away as "conspiracy." Now we see that Russian spies have been arrested in NY, but not one of those reports tie together the previous warnings, nor the way that other Russian military operatives have been seeded in to the very fabric of our society.

To show you how far ahead of the game people like Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Rick Wiles, The Hawk and others were on this, we go back in time to August 2012 (the warnings were coming before that but that is as far back as the SQ alerts go in the arhcives) to a note from Rick Wiles titled "Spetsnaz Verification":

All of us have heard over the years rumors of foreign troops in the USA. I've always been reluctant to mention on-air because I have no way of verifying the reports. I received a call today from a long-time trusted Christian friend whom I have known for many years. The couple is wealthy and well-connected to movers and shakers in the USA and Europe. Trust me, if they want to "name drop" it's not an exaggeration for them. I was was informed by the wife that they have a friend in DHS who promised to pass on anything significant that would be a sign for immediate preparation. That agent called yesterday. He is hearing talk inside DHS that thousands of Sp....N...Z boys from that place connected to Alaska have been infiltrating from Canada into USA throughout this summer. He estimated the number so far exceeds 20,000 commandos. He advised my friends to take action immediately for food, water, ammo. I told her forget it! You need a plane ticket. The greatest shock to the American people will not be the invasion, but the merger of DHS with the invaders. Then they will understand the purpose of the 750 million rounds of hollow point ammo. Marxist Communist Valery Jarrett is the real power in DHS - not Napolitano. The nation has been compromised and sold out. Colonel Lunev told me in 1999 that the Sp...N...Z...boys will start arriving in large numbers months before the war. ----Rick

There are plenty more from 2012 and even more from then to present day, the portion of one below is from February 2013:

In short, I saw two Russian soldiers in the Asheville Mall, Asheville, NC last night, Friday 2/9. They were walking towards me, two young men who didn't look much older than 16 to me. They were both probably 6'-4", but didn't look like they weighed 150lb.

They were both wearing full camo fatigues and what struck me first was the camo patterns were different from what I had seen. But the camo patterns each had on were different from one another (one was a dark digital, the other more of a darker woodlands). My wife later said one of them's undershirt was white and blue stripped (like what I think the Russian navy wears). As they got closer, I could see the pins and badges on their fatigues and I saw a pin on the closest ones right chest pocket that was a white flag with something in the upper corner and I knew... Russians!

I couldn't believe it. I have been hearing about it, but to actually see it... I was dumbfounded. Here. In Asheville. I didn't know what to do. First response was anger, like I wanted to fight (not really like me). I was staring when they went by to the point they must have noticed cause they wouldn't look at me. I noticed the one had one star on his shoulder lapel, like a brigadeer general here. Don't know what that meant, I know he wasn't old enough to be a general or even an officer for that matter.

It broke my heart. Soon as I walked by all I could think of was how this country has been given away. Sabotaged from within. Openly.

The examples, include first hand eyewitness accounts of Russians acting suspiciously, such as buying up silver,†

Other random SQ alerts on Russians from 2013 can be found here, here, here, here, here, here†and here..... as just a small sample.

These reports continued through 2014, the one shown below one of the most concerning from February 2014, because as they say "out of the mouth of babes"

Little Russian Girl when asked: what does your Daddy do that he moved you all here and the girl replied, hes here to shoot and kill Americans

Steve, my mother just called in tears describing her horror story and validation of foreign troops in Danville, VA. My family farms in NC not far from Danville, VA and their neighbor (Bob) works in Danville to be near his family and first born grandchild. Often Bob will watch his granddaughter who attends school in Danville and brings her and friends over to my parents farm. Yesterday Bob brought his 2nd grade granddaughter and her new girlfriend and mother to meet my parents. My mother welcomed them all as usual but noticed both had accents which made her that more inquisitive. After a short tour of the farm, looking at some wild deer and came into the house. Being cordial mom passed out cookies and said I detect an accent, do you mind if I ask where you were from and the little girl said they just moved here from Russia. My mother replied, oh thats along way to come to Virginia, what does your Daddy do that he moved you all here and the girl replied, hes here to shoot and kill Americans. The little girls mother instantly broke down crying, saying its true, grabbed the daughter and left. My parents were shocked and while theyve heard rumors they never expected to hear this from a child.

There are more from 2014, and can be found by hunting through the Alert archives (bottom of the page lists 123 more pages), but the point is that they're here, they have been here and now with the latest "spy" arrests, we have more proof, yet no one is connecting the dots to the more suspicious reports. While journalists have informants and can gather information from a variety of places, the best informants are those every day Americans that have their eyes and ears open and are willing to put the information into the hands of people that will actually report it.

Below is a video from The Hawk from July 2014, where he† warns of Russian Spetsnaz In US And Waiting For Orders To Fire On Americans.

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