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April 17, 2016

Banks Prepare Their Endgame As†'Elite' Prepare For Chaos With All The Warning Signs Flashing Red - Rob Kirby And Gerald Celente Tell Us What The Hellstream Media Won't


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The mind-boggling latest alert on the website of Steve Quayle†republished below videos is just the latest sign that we've gotten that things in the world might be getting very ugly very soon. The SQ reader tells us all of an experience a family member recently had while trying to withdraw HIS OWN money from a Bank of America in California.

Telling us of an experience that echoed a recent ANP story, we see that the continued warnings of something huge upon the horizon in the financial world are likely quite valid as our nation rots from within and Americans begin to learn 'en masse' that the entire status quo, including our corrupt banking system, is a total fraud.†

Why do things look like they're getting to turn really ugly, really quickly? Warnings that Saudi Arabia might soon be liquidating massive amounts of assets, US treasury holdings, sending huge numbers of worthless dollars back to the US if Congress probes the Saudi's role in the attacks of 9/11 is clearly only one reason. While we're also told that such a sell-off would cripple the Saudi economy, there have also been warnings of China doing something similar and as early as this coming week.†Remember, just last week we were told that US banks aren't prepared for the next crisis.

In what Steve Quayle recently called 'the single most important video all year' and a 'must watch', Rob Kirby tells us in the 1st video below that the dollar devaluation clock is about to strike midnight and what that means to all of us.


Why should we all be concerned about what we are now beginning to witness here in America and have already been witnessing elsewhere around the world, such as in Venezuela, where they are now running short on supply of toilet paper?

The answer is quite simple; Henry Kissinger and the elite are quite fond of controlling nations via oil and people via food.†ANP has warned a number of times about shortages in the world and here in America.†With a drive by the elite to usher in their new, 'cashless society' we see how such a thing will be used to control the people and further take away our freedoms. With the 'elite' now preparing for chaos and 'an uprising' by the 99%, it's extremely important that those who've been preparing for such an event have their survival strategy in order as the supply chain could break down.†

As this new story the Drudge Report linked to this morning tells us, even Toyota is feeling the hit as shortages have put a stop to operations at plants across Japan though that is also partially due to the recent earthquakes there. In another story,
Zero Hedge tells us 'the big move is coming' in the financial world and Michael Snyder tells us that "3 Classic Recession Signals Are Flashing Red".

In the first video below, Rob Kirby tells us all about the rapidly ticking dollar devaluation clock that is about to strike midnight while in the 2nd video below, Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente tells us all about the recent trends in the news including talking with us about the Dow closing at its highest levels since last July as well as the 5 'too big to fail' banks that are clearly failing that Celente tells us will likely soon be bailed out once again.

In the final short video below we take a look at some of the 'global elitists' who recently completed their very top level meetings in Washington DC that will likely set the stage for what we'll see happening in the world next....and as soon as this coming week. The SQAlert sounding a loud warning siren is below videos.†


This is along the same lines as the previous post. In seems to me that the reluctance of banks to give depositors their money (which is spreading) will make the impending riots this summer a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To-wit : Yesterday, my cousin went to his Bank of America branch in Sylmar, CA to withdraw a couple thousand dollars. He knows EVERYBODY at that branch, from the tellers up to the branch manager. The teller, whom he knows well, told him that he couldn't allow the withdrawal because the bank didn't have a signature card on file. I can't imagine what a lie this big could possibly accomplish, since you cannot OPEN an account (let alone several) without a signature card on file. When my cousin asked to speak to the Branch Manager, the Manager told my cousin, "I'm going to allow your request this time, but I cannot guarantee I'll be able to honor future withdrawal requests . . . " My cousin just froze.

As soon as my cousin got out of the bank, he called me with all the details. NOW he is having to think of "workaround solutions" to get the rest of his funds out of that bank. If this is happening to my cousin, then it has to be happening to thousands of other depositors. Referring back to the previous alert from Clovis, CA, it makes perfectly good sense that bullet proof glass is in high demand by the big banks. As it is, during this same visit to the Sylmar branch, there was a black man in the next line, waiting patiently for his money. After several minutes, the teller told the bank customer flat-out that he could not withdraw any funds. No reasonable explanation. Just . . . we cannot give you any funds at this time.

In a fit of rage, this man started screaming, " . . . You better gimme my m*****-f***** money outta this m*****-f***** bank RIGHT NOW!" Security was called over to escort the man out of the bank.

You're going to see millions of incidents, large and small, as this phenomenon spreads across the country. If you take a little time to meditate on that and follow the sequence of events as to where it leads, it doesn't take much intelligence to see how they're going to fill up those FEMA camps before fall's end.

For years, my neighbors and I have TALKED about the coming collapse. Now we're in mid-kaboom, watching from South America as the wheels come off the wagon.



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