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December 1, 2015

Satan Stands At The Gate: Overthrow Of America Almost Complete As 'The Elite' Prepare To Launch World War 3 To Further 'Cull The Masses'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As we look out at present day events we see great truth in what Infowars' Alex Jones tells us in the 1st video below: Americans have never been in more danger of thermonuclear war and our sovereignty as a nation has never been more threatened with open global government now in our faces. We also learn that Russia has just deployed a new 'Doomsday plane' in preparation for nuclear war. What does Russia know that we don't know?

Alex is angry and tells us he's in a fighting mood as he watches our country being completely dismantled by design and overthrown by people who hate us. Alex tells us we're now watching the 'craziest mind control mass Stockholm Syndrome' he has ever seen.


He then asks if America is simply 'meant to fall' being a country that murders millions of babies every year and sells baby parts, a country that now treats our senior citizens and Veterans as if they are less than real people while protecting potential terrorists who have very real plans of slaughtering us.

Has America lost our soul? Will the 'criminal elite' use a forthcoming nuclear World War 3 to finalize the takeover of America and guarantee America's transformation into a satanic dictatorship with millions dead?

Alex is in rare form as he tells us why the 'psychopaths and sociopaths' hate us and proceeds to say that 'awakened humanity' will rip the satanists apart as Americans continue to awaken 'en masse'...but is it all too late?

Alex says that they're working to complete the process of dumbing us down via geoengineering and are working towards completely taking us over but then warns that if that's the case, they're going to get a fight.

He then tells us it's better to die on our feet than to die on our knees while sucking people's boots. Much more on both the ongoing attempt to overthrow America and revoke our God-given rights protected by the US Constitution and what we can do to successfully fight back against tyranny below this video.

Alex begins breaking down the things that Americans can do to help 'awaken' others shortly after the 4 minute mark. Breaking down such possibilities as hanging banners, aggressively bullhorning, going to city council, calling in to talk radio shows, putting out fliers in our neighborhoods, we see that we're not helpless in this fight against tyranny.

Are we now witnessing a diabolical plan to overthrow our once free country? YouTube videographer The Daily Ledger breaks down what we're now watching in the next video below in which he tells us that if we like what we're seeing happen to Europe, just wait till Barack Obama is finished here in America.

In the next video below we are given proof that 'the elite' are creating World War 3 and according to videographer David Vose, unless the people can somehow put a stop to the madness, millions could die within months.

We know that 'the elite' want billions to die to achieve their agenda stated upon the Georgia Guidestones. Will a nuclear World War 3 allow them to complete their long-held agenda?



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