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June 18, 2017

Public Health Announcement! This 'Scourge Of Death' Terrorizing Colombia Is Increasingly Being Used By Criminals Here In America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this recent story from the City Paper in Bogota, Colombia they report that according to law enforcement sources there, 'scopolamine attacks' are on the rise with 961 cases so far in 2017, less than 170 days into the year. Putting both locals and tourists in mortal danger, you might ask why you should care about something happening with increasing frequency thousands of miles away and the answer is quite simple: It's being increasingly used by criminals here. 

For those who've never heard of scopolamine, the drug has become popular in Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Ecuador and is increasingly being smuggled on cruise ships and finding its way to America. The state of New York has reported hundreds of incidences of criminal activity involving scopolamine and as this story from the Daily Mail reports, scopolamine, also known as 'devil's breath', can transform anyone into a literal zombie within minutes, completely removing their free will and blocking any memories from being formed during that time.

Used to rob unsuspecting victims of their money, credit cards, jewelry and other personal belongings while used to incapacitate people completely, imagine waking up in a bathtub, completely unaware of what had recently happened, with a note in front of you saying "Get to the hospital within 5 hours or you will die".

Soon realizing that you'd been cut open and that one or more of your organs had been removed, that situation has happened more than once to those who've become victims of scopolamine as heard in the final video below, a VICE documentary on 'devil's breath' that went mega-viral with over 24 million views since it was released.


Used not only by criminals but by intelligence agencies around the world, including the CIA, as a 'truth serum', and by the Nazi's in their cruel experiments, imagine the damage that could be caused to America by rogue 'deep state operatives' in possession of a drug that quite literally allows them to completely control anybody in the world that they're able to use the drug upon.

Either slipped into a drink, sprinkled upon one's food or blown into one's face, scopolamine has the ability to incapicate its victims for several hours up to several days depending upon the amount used upon them, though the victims will appear coherent while they happily drain their own bank accounts or pillage their own houses.  

A native of the country of Colombia, we remind you hear that back in 2012, eleven Obama secret service agents were relieved of their jobs after a massive scandal in Colombia involving prostitutes ahead of an Obama trip there. Called one of the biggest scandals in Secret Service history, this 2015 story from the Daily Mail reported female criminals are using a 'new trick' of blowing the powder into their victim's faces, "leaving them like zombie's who'll do ANYTHING". 

Ronald Kessler, a former Washington Post reporter and author of the book “In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect,” first heard about the investigation and tipped off Post reporters Friday night.

“It is the biggest scandal in Secret Service history,” Kessler said in an interview Saturday with POLITICO. “It is all part of this pattern that I wrote about in the book of corner cutting, laxness, cover up.”

Kessler said he heard of 12 agents being involved — some for allegedly soliciting prostitutes, others for attempting to cover it up. The group includes two supervisors, he said.

One of the prostitutes complained to police that she was not paid, setting off the investigation, Kessler said.

“(The police) told the State Department. The State Department told the Secret Service. The Secret Service told the White House. They withdrew,” Kessler said. “It is totally inappropriate for agents to be seeing prostitutes, but this subjected the agents to possible blackmail. Some of them are married. Anything is possible. The prostitutes could have been in league with terrorists or other drug dealers to demand ransoms.”

The incident is so troublesome because it could have put the president’s safety at risk, Kessler said. 


While there is no evidence that scopolamine was used upon the Secret Service agents back in 2012, they clearly allowed themselves to be in the position where it could have been used against them and who would know? Not even the agents themselves. 

Might the usage of scopolamine become widespread in America, possibly being used upon 'friends of America' within the government by 'enemies of America', globalists, intent upon controlling them? It's increasingly being used by criminals here and in this expired petition over at, the petition writer attempts to "spread awareness and delegalize scopolamine before it empowers criminals and overpowers the USA!" That's right, scopolamine is now being used by big pharma here in America. Our petition writer explains why it's so important that Americans awaken to this coming scourge:

Scopolamine does not discriminate - anyone of any age can be a victim of this.

 We want to ensure regulation of the selling and buying of the drug/seeds from other countries and also creating harsh punishments for those Americans caught growing and selling it. With that said, we want Congress to introduce a bill that would implement strict charges related to acquiring this drug, possession, and usage with criminal intent. Once it’s been passed and becomes a law, the Drug Enforcement Administration will regulate the law before this drug gains more criminal recognition in America. It has already has been used for numerous crimes in the USA and we want to ensure safety of American citizens by creating strict charges associated with this drug. We also want to illuminate the issues with this drug to the famous Oprah Winfrey, who has an unparallel social platform to spread awareness.

"This happened to my great aunt, a woman in her late 60's in Medellin," says Mel from Naples, Florida, in the Daily Mail. "Someone drugged her by blowing [the powder] in her face and took her to the bank where she emptied her bank account willingly for her assailant," he writes. "When she came out it she couldn't remember who the person was. Let’s all cooperate and spread awareness so our well-being is preserved before scopolamine begins to terrorize American society as it already has in Colombia."


With huge cash in the global transdermal scopolamine market for big pharma, we don't expect that it will simply 'go away' and as long as there is evil in this world, we'll continue to see horrific examples of what can happen to people who've been victimized by scopolamine such as what happened to Mel's great aunt in Florida detailed above. 

And as we pointed out in this story on ANP from June 20th of 2016, many believe that modern day mass killers such as James Holmes, Dylan Roof and alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza may have been 'programmed' using scopolamine. While we're not attempting to take away the ever so important role of 'self responsibility' in such horrific crimes, some of the stories surrounding these killers appeared to be too whacked out to be completely believable.  


As we see directly from the CIA's own library, scopolamine was used as a 'truth serum' dating at least all the way back to 1922 when it was used by a Texas jail upon two suspects with positive results. The CIA also admits that, as a 'truth serum', it lacked greatly though it offered some positive results. Directly from the CIA library.:

In 1922 it occurred to Robert House, a Dallas, Texas, obstetrician, that a similar technique might be employed in the interrogation of suspected criminals, and he arranged to interview under scopolamine two prisoners in the Dallas county jail whose guilt seemed clearly confirmed. Under the drug, both men denied the charges on which they were held; and both, upon trial, were found not guilty. Enthusiastic at this success, House concluded that a patient under the influence of scopolamine "cannot create a lie ... and there is no power to think or reason." His experiment and this conclusion attracted wide attention, and the idea of a "truth" drug was thus launched upon the public consciousness.

The phrase "truth serum" is believed to have appeared first in a news report of House's experiment in the Los Angeles Record, sometime in 1922. House resisted the term for a while but eventually came to employ it regularly himself. He published some eleven articles on scopolamine in the years 1921-1929, with a noticeable increase in polemical zeal as time went on. What had begun as something of a scientific statement turned finally into a dedicated crusade by the "father of truth serum" on behalf of his offspring, wherein he was "grossly indulgent of its wayward behavior and stubbornly proud of its minor achievements." 

Only a handful of cases in which scopolamine was used for police interrogation came to public notice, though there is evidence suggesting that some police forces may have used it extensively.  One police writer claims that the threat of scopolamine interrogation has been effective in extracting confessions from criminal suspects, who are told they will first be rendered unconscious by chloral hydrate placed covertly in their coffee or drinking water.

Because of a number of undesirable side effects, scopolamine was shortly disqualified as a "truth" drug. Among the most disabling of the side effects are hallucinations, disturbed perception, somnolence, and physiological phenomena such as headache, rapid heart, and blurred vision, which distract the subject from the central purpose of the interview. Furthermore, the physical action is long, far outlasting the psychological effects. Scopolomine continues, in some cases, to make anesthesia and surgery safer by drying the mouth and throat and reducing secretions that might obstruct the air passages. But the fantastically, almost painfully, dry "desert" mouth brought on by the drug is hardly conducive to free talking, even in a tractable subject.

In the first video below we get a look at what happens to somebody who has been victimized by scopolamine while in the 2nd video, we hear 5 facts about scopolamine that you might not know. In the 3rd video, we hear the story of one man who lost two years of his life due to side effects associated with using the scopolamine transdermal patch while in the final video below, we see the viral VICE documentary on scopolamine that brought 'the world's scariest drug' to the attention of mainstream America. 


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