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October 15, 2017

Season Of War Declared By Steve Bannon- 'This Is Not My War. This Is Our War. And Y’all Didn’t Start It. The Establishment Started It'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When Senator Bob Corker, the Republican from Tennessee finally admitted what other establishment Republicans wouldn't dare admit out loud, but what most Trump supporters already knew, which is that "Washington Republicans have sought to thwart and undermine Trump’s America First agenda,"  he opened a door that so-called RINOs (Republicans in name only) cannot close, basically declaring on behalf of establishment Republicans, war on President Trump.

Corker's acknowledgement of the "open secret" was just more evidence that a Republican led Congress who had voted dozens of times to repeal Obamacare, knowing that with Obama sitting in the White House it would fail, now cannot even manage to get an Obamacare repeal bill through a Republican controlled House and Senate for the president to sign.

While the president cannot undo all of Obamacare due to the legal issues and the "balance of power", where Congress holds the purse strings, President Trump started taking actions that he could complete without the help of Congress, as explained by The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump has surgically dismantled Obamacare over the course of his first year in office, largely under the noses of the American public, Democrats and members of his party that have spent the last nine months trying to upend the American health care system.

Over the course of his first nine months in office, he rolled back funding for a program intended to help individuals navigate the insurance marketplace, signed an executive order to allow for groups to purchase insurance across state lines and stopped federal funding for Obamacare subsidies.

Taken in tandem, it appears the administration is working to overhaul the American health care system without the help of Congress, a body that has failed a handful of times to repeal and replace Obamacare during the first months of Trump’s presidency.

In other words, if he cannot repeal the entire thing because Republicans in Congress are working against him, he is just gutting it and forcing Congress to either repeal or watch the entire thing implode.

That is just one example, the "Wall" is another, where the Republican controlled Congress has thwarted him at every turn.



While the mainstream media relished what they see as infighting within the party, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon kicked his war room into high gear and President Trump "reasserting his campaign priorities," in what Reuters called a "sudden flurry" of actions to deliver on his promises to his supporters.

After weeks of seeing his agenda imperiled by Republican divisions and infighting among his aides, Trump has been a whirl of activity this week, reasserting his campaign priorities and trying to deliver wins for his fervent but frustrated base of supporters.

Trump took steps to dramatically undercut the Obamacare health system, sent notice he was willing to scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran, moved to roll back coal-plant limits, and again demanded a wall along the Mexican border.

And on social media the Republican president appeared to relish his feuds with the news media, senior Republicans in Congress, and National Football League players who have protested during the national anthem.

In a sense, it was the vintage, freewheeling Trump: throwing red meat to his voter base, following his gut, and haranguing his critics.

But by the end of the week, he had made more progress in undoing the policy accomplishments of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, than he had in some time.

"Trump knows he has to make good on several of his campaign promises," said Ford O'Connell, a Republican strategist. "The clock is ticking, Congress is useless and portions of his base are growing frustrated."

While the president has made decisions some of his supporters do not agree with, and will undoubtedly make others, those are highlighted far more than the large list of actions that have, indeed, put America first, from withdrawing from TPP, to rescinding the Obama adminsitration's "transgender bathroom guidance" for schools, to his promise to religious organizations over the employer mandate forcing them to cover birth control and abortifacients, to his travel ban and extreme vetting rules, to his supreme court pick, to his attempts to defund sanctuary cities, to the crackdown to illegal immigration, withdrawing from UNESCO, rolling back regulations, and much more.

Without much help from the Republican controlled congress.

Just imagine how much more could have been accomplished in the last eight months had Congress respected the American people and their decision to hand President Trump the electoral victory, and actually worked with him, instead of working against him as Senator Corker admitted they were doing.

Which is why former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has just declared a "season of war" against the GOP establishment Republicans.

"This is not my war. This is our war. And y’all didn’t start it. The establishment started it." - Steve Bannon at the Values Voter Summit , Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bannon is planning a full-scale assault in the 2018 midterms, reportedly planning challenges on every GOP senator up for re-election (except for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz) and is believed to be eyeing a number of House and gubernatorial races as well.


Bannon is 100 percent correct, establishment Republicans did not just declare war on President Trump, they declared war on every single voter that voted for him and his America First agenda versus Hillary Clinton's third Obama term.

Imagine bagging up your garbage each week, but never taking it out to the curb. That is what we have right now, a bunch of garbage piling up in the halls of Congress...... and it is time to take the trash out.

It is not good enough to have "control" of Congress if those in control of the House and the Senate are not willing to help the President keep his promises, at least those that need Congressional approval, there is only so much a president can do while Congress holds the purse strings, so as Bannon is asserting, we need to replace those that are not respecting the will of those that elected President Trump.

Some of those Bannon plans to oppose may not be members of Congress that we, or you, think is hindering the America First agenda, so it is up to each individual voter to decide for themselves whether or not the person in question is or is not preventing President Trump from keeping his promises, and decide accordingly.

We understand how hard people worked to prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency and how brutal the campaign season was, as well as understanding how people sighed in relief  and thought "ok, we put him in there, let him do his thing" but with Democrats, their militant arm of Antifa and their propaganda arm in the MSM, all working against the president, he needs real Republicans in Congress to accomplish what "we the people" elected him to accomplish.


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