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May 14, 2018

Seismic Symphony Of Mayhem Happening Now Is A Wake Up Call As We Enter A Tumultuous, Perilous And Ominous Future  

- 'When It Comes To Our Existence On Earth, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same As The Words 'Normal' And 'The Good Old Days' Pass Away' 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline 

In this February 25th story over at West Hawaii Today, they reported that a 'slow slip event' was expected to happen on the southern flank of Hawaii's now erupting Kilauea Volcano sometime this year with prior such events happening in June of 2007, February of 2010, May of 2012, and October of 2015, almost as if 'clockwork'.

Reporting within their story that 'slow slip events' are also called 'slow earthquakes' and 'episodic slip events', their story reports that such 'events' similar to earthquakes sometimes take days to fully occur, rather than a few seconds or minutes, and they don't register on the richter scale at all as earthquakes BUT nonetheless, huge amounts of earth is shifting.

In the particular case of the slow slip event happening at Kilauea their story reports, those events that are happening approximately every 2 and a half years have been moving billions of tons of earth southward, towards the Pacific Ocean.

Called the Hilina Slump, while the average speed of the move of only 10 cm a year might seem almost non-existent, as we learn from this Wikipedia entry, similar geological phenomenon have in the past created megatsunamis in Hawaii that may have caused tremendous and historical damage all across the Pacific Ocean with waves of up to 1,600 feet high. From Wikipedia:

The Hilina Slump is a 5,000 cubic mile (20,000 kilometre³) section of the Big Island of Hawaii on the south flank of the Kilauea volcano. Between 1990 and 1993, Global Positioning System measurements showed a southward displacement of the south flank of Kilauea up to approx. 10 centimeters per year.

The slump has the potential of breaking away at a faster pace in the form of an underwater landslide. In Hawaii, landslides of this nature are called debris avalanches. If the entire Hilina Slump were to slide into the ocean at once, it could cause an earthquake in excess of a 9 in magnitude, and a megatsunami. Previous megatsunamis in Hawaii 110,000 years ago caused by similar geological phenomena may have created waves 1,600 feet (500 m) tall.


From West Hawaii Today: Black arrows indicate the amount and direction of motion measured by GPS stations in HVO’s monitoring network during the October 2015 slow slip event. Arrow lengths correspond to the amount of motion at each station (see scale at bottom of map); arrow points show the direction the stations moved. Color indicates topography, from sea level (green) to 4,000 feet elevation (brown). The ocean is shown in blue. USGS graphic.

While the mainstream media completely ignores the potential of billions of tons of Earth crashing into the Pacific Ocean and causing a widespread tsunami as we hear in the first video below from videographer MrMBB333, Kilauea isn't the only thing now 'heating up' seismically. As we reported in detail back on May 9th in this ANP story in which we warned that experts say the Mount Teide volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands is 'awakening' as well, an eruption they warn "would be cataclysmic".

As we also reported within that story, with experts warning that 'an astonishing number of Earth change events' were now happening, the potential for the prices of food globally would be effected with volcanic ash ringing the globe, actually causing global temperatures to fall at a time when many on the left are still warning of 'global warming'. Meanwhile, volcanic eruptions across the globe are expelling sulfuric acid and toxic gases into the atmosphere. 

And while 'man' may have great intentions with our buildings and structures, as we also reported in that May 9th story, Hawaiian island locals very well understand that when our planet comes to retake what is 'Hers', nothing that 'man' can do will be able to stop it and what was happening now in Hawaii was a perfect example that puts human beings in our proper place. 


In this new story over at Zero Hedge titled "'We Are Telling People To Plan For The Worst'": Hawaii Braces For Explosive New Eruptions" they report that authorities in Hawaii are expecting "a series of explosive eruptions" which could happen over the next several days or weeks, "hurling boulders the size of small cars, creating a giant ash cloud, and oozing even more of the hot magma" which we've seen destroying homes, cars, trees and forced thousands to evacuate.

As this new story over at the Daily Mail reports, "it's not over yet" with more and more new fissures forming in the land, spewing lava and causing President Trump to declare the region a disaster area as lava piles up in some places as high as a 4-story building.

And as Zero Hedge reports in their new story this morning, more evacuations have been ordered for residents of the Leilani Estates and surrounding areas of the Puna district after lava was hurtled several hundred feet into the air in new eruptions, spewing massive chunks of lava in an ominous jet-engine sound that once again proves to us the amazing power of our planet. 


While nearly half-a-world-away from Hawaii, as we reported on ANP back on May 9th, the Canary Islands may be 'awakening' too with a series of nearly 300 earthquakes within just over a week happening in the region between the islands of Tenerife and Grand Canaria in the Canary Islands. As has long been warned, should a catastrophic earthquake or eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano occur also in the Canary's, scientific experts have warned that a massive tidal wave could be unleashed all across the Atlantic Ocean, possibly striking such far away places as the US 6 to 8 hours later.

Similar to the tidal wave that could be caused by a catastrophic collapse of billions of tons of Earth into the Pacific Ocean should a worst case scenario unfold on the southern flank of Kilauea, while certainly an absolute long shot, should both worst case scenarios unfold in Hawaii and the Canary Islands, unleashing catastrophic tsunami's towards both the east and the west coasts of the US, America would be 'squeezed in the middle'. And while both of those events are an absolute longshot, history has proven that such Biblical events have happened before, so even experts warn they will surely happen one day again.

As Steve Quayle tells us, "when it comes to our existence on Earth, nothing will ever be the same again as the words 'normal' and the 'good old days pass away into a very tumultuous, perilous and ominous future". 


With the eruption of Kilauea causing 'ring of fire fears' for California as well as Eyewitness News 7 reports in this new story, we see why as Mac Slavo reports in this new story over at SHTFPlan: "after a 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines, the Ring of Fire was put on alert. After dozens of earthquakes rocked Hawaii this month, followed by a volcanic eruption, many fear the Ring of Fire has become much more active, which has prompted scientists to warn California." From Slavo's story: 

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, which could be set to unleash its biggest eruption yet in the coming week, along with the 5.2 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines has scientists looking more closely at the densely populated state of California. According to The Express UK, the Pacific Ring of Fire volcanoes are more explosive than the ones located in the island state of Hawaii. With Hawaii experiencing widespread devastation at the hands of the Kilauea volcano, geologists are now warning that California could be the next in line for an explosive eruption.

California, which sits on the volatile Pacific Ring of Fire, and is well overdue for a massive and devastating earthquake. The state is also now on volcano alert. Scientists are warning that a volcanic eruption in the state is “due” according to their predictions.

The California Volcano Observatory (CVO) revealed that seven of the state’s 19 volcanoes are at high threat, with a three of those at “very high” risk of imminent eruption. According to the CVO, these California volcanoes are more dangerous than Hawaiian volcanoes because they are blast volcanoes, which are more destructive. “What we would expect here, would be more like Mt. Saint Helens. More of an explosive eruption,” said Tim McCrink with the California Geological Survey. “So that puts a lot of rock and dust and gasses in the air.”


With California and the entire 'Ring of Fire' now on alert and cluster sets of earthquakes and a volatile volcanic situation seemingly firing up this 'seismic symphony of mayhem', Steve Quayle warns us that what is happening around the planet is truly a 'wake up and ponder' call, ready to take everybody by suprise. We'll close with this excerpt from the story from West Hawaii Today.:

Today’s Volcano Watch begins with a question: Can you guess when the next slow slip event will happen on Kilauea Volcano’s South Flank? As a hint, the last one was in October 2015, and before then, events occurred in May 2012, February 2010, and June 2007. If this seems like a pattern, you’re right.

Motion of Kilauea’s south flank is recorded by the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s GPS monitoring network. These instruments show that the south flank moves steadily seaward about 2.3 inches every year, which is attributed to a phenomenon called “fault creep.”

During a slow earthquake, the south flank surges seaward by an additional amount, usually about 1.2 inches. This additional motion occurs over two to three days, and is about the same amount that would happen in a regular magnitude-6 earthquake.

Kilauea slow slip events tend to occur evenly in time; in particular, events after 2005 have occurred every two and a half years, give or take three months. They are also caused by slip on the same section of the fault every time and tend to be about the same size.

In fact, Kilauea slow slip events are examples of so-called “characteristic” earthquakes — a series of several earthquakes of similar magnitude and location, which indicates that they are breaking the exact same part of the fault again and again. According to the “characteristic earthquake hypothesis,” this series should continue into the future, allowing scientists to forecast the time, location and size of a future earthquake.

Because the most recent slow slip event on Kilauea happened in October 2015, and the events have a recurrence time of two and half years (give or take three months), we can forecast that the next one might occur between now and August. But remember, there won’t be any shaking or other effect that could be easily felt by individuals.

What will happen when 'the big one' strikes the West coast? As the next 2 videos point out, much of the West coast of America will burn as massive devastation, death and destruction are unleashed, followed by epidemic and disease. 

In our final video from videographer MrMBB333 he points out to us a bizarre anomaly that was picked up from the East coast to the West coast recently on seismographs, traveling nearly 3,000 miles though NOT earthquake energy but something 'different'. More evidence of something very, very strange going on with our planet Earth? We hope that everybody is prepared with these recent 'wake up calls' giving us a look at a potentially tumultuous and ominous future. 

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