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June 26, 2021

Shocking, Disturbing And Disgusting - Abortion Book Created For Children UNDER 13 Years Old To 'Normalize' Killing Babies As Biden Nominee Calls Children An 'Environmental Hazard'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Two LGBT, self-identified  'queer' women, wrote and illustrated a book specifically for children under the age of 13, to teach them about abortion. 

According to their kickstarter campaign page, at least 546 people have pledge and donated more than $23,000 to help them fund the project, and be able to donate these books to libraries and abortion clinics throughout America.

The direct quote in what they are hoping to accomplish with teaching children under the age of 13 about killing babies in the womb, is shocking, disturbing and disgusting in the eyes of anyone that believes life is precious.

We believe in building a world for kids and adults where abortion is normalized as another outcome of pregnancy, just like miscarriage and birth. Having this book in the children’s section of libraries next to all of the books about pregnancy is one of the ways we hope to do that.

The book is called "What's an Abortion, Anyway" listed as a "Children's book about abortion.

The author is Carly Manes, describes herself as "(she/her) is a white, queer, Jewish full-spectrum doula from New York. She has always believed that young people deserve transparency when it comes to information about their sexual health and bodies. Carly has been a practicing abortion doula for over six years, supporting more than 2,000 individuals during their in-clinic procedures. She loves the beach, chicken tenders, and her communities. She lives with her partner Mo and their playful pitbull Mickey."4

The illustrator is 'Mar' describes herself as "(they/them) is a brown genderqueer cultural worker and full-spectrum doula. Under the name Emulsify, they create art that helps them heal, learn, advocate, and imagine new worlds. They believe all art is powerful and political. M lives in Brooklyn with their wife and spends a lot of time creating while snuggling their pups. Through their work, M has made incredible friendships, learned from brilliant peers, and found their home."

First lets begin with the deliberate misrepresentation of the term "doula" by both women.

According to Web MD and other sites that define doula, there are three types of doulas and not one of them is described as an "abortion doula." as is listed under Carly Manes bio.

Those three roles are as follows:

Labor or birth doulas provide continuous care during labor.

Antepartum doulas support women who are put on bed rest to prevent preterm labor. They help with household tasks and childcare.

Postpartum doulas support the new mom during the first few weeks after birth. They help with care and feeding of the baby and household tasks.

Doulas are there to help bring a child into the world, not terminate their lives while still in the womb.

Secondly, most children under 13 do not have a true concept of death, murder, never mind the emotional maturity to understand the controversy and differences between the pro-life and pro-abortion stances, and from seeing their media kit, campaign images and video about the book and its concept, they avoid addressing the pro-life arguments against abortion. 

I'm not even sure what is more disturbing, the creation of the book at all, or that more than 500 people donated/pledged to help create it, knowing it is for children under the age of 13.

Did I mention that this is for children UNDER THE AGE OF 13?????

Another creepy aspect to this book is the claim that "people of all genders have abortions."

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We have warned multiple times that the "gay mafia" or the LGBT community were deliberately targeting our nation's children. From Netflix, to children's networks like  Nickelodeon  and Disney, and more, all pushing the gay agenda, to schools teaching children about sex, anal sex, masturbation while still in elementary school.

Confusing children with talk of dozens of "genders," while refusing to acknowledge basic biology which negates the whole "gender fluidity" arguments.

Encouraging children too young and immature to understand the consequences to become transgenders to the point of medical intervention to literally change their bodies in an irreversible manner, whether surgically or a regimen of drugs to alter their growth.

The irrefutable truth via dozens of studies, which shows that transgender kids have a much higher rate of suicides, attempted suicides and thoughts of suicide, than any other teen groups, and the national average, doesn't seem to faze those pushing the LBGT agenda on the most vulnerable in our society.


Trying to "normalize" abortion, teaching young children that abortion is "health care," while attempting to confuse them about their gender, as they pushing body altering surgeries and drugs on kids, which in turn makes it less likely that many of them will be able to naturally have children of their own, is all part of the depopulation agenda on the left.

In fact, the man that occupies the White House, Joe Biden, nominated Tracy Stone-Manning to be director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who just happened to refer to children as an "environmental hazard," at one point.

Stone-Manning also advocated "for slowing U.S. population growth in her 1992 graduate thesis," Breitbart News reported on June 24, 2021.

Stone-Manning called for an advertising campaign to lessen procreation among Americans, ostensibly towards “environmental” ends. She produced a sample poster deriding a shirtless child as an “environmental hazard.”

Her political advertisement asked in its header, “Can you spot the environmental hazard in this photo?” It included the following response:

That’s right, it’s the cute baby. Americans believe that overpopulation is only a problem somewhere else in the world. But it’s a problem here too.”

The earth is only so big, and we can tap into it only so often. In America, we tap in often and hard.

We breed more than any other industrialized nation. At the same time, we suck up one-third of the world’s energy.

On average, each of us gobbles the same energy as 3 Japanese, 13 Chinese, and 499 Ethiopians. When we overpopulate, the earth notices it more. Stop at two. It could be the best thing you do for the planet.

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From one end of the spectrum to the other, liberals/Democrats are targeting children, as are their allies in the LGBT community, and Hollywood.

Schools are pushing gender fluidity, as well as claiming people can be "gender neutral," bypassing and ignoring basic human biology by telling children they can "identify" as anything they want,

Now we see they have gone even lower, and are now wanting to teach children how and why babies should be murdered in the womb.


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