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August 30, 2017

More Alarming Evidence Emerges Something Huge Is Ahead And Only A 'Supernatural Intervention' By God Leading To A 'Great Awakening' May Be Able To Stop It

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the lead up over the past several years to September of 2017 and 'what lies beyond' has seen more than its fair share of momentous, heart-breaking and awe-inspiring stories, it feels to many as though 'the main events' are still ahead and we're rapidly closing in upon our fateful date with history.  

The sheer number of different possible 'breaking points' that Americans and the world now face might seem overwhelming to those closely paying attention. And as we've seen in the streets of America and upon college campuses, within the Halls of Congress and within mainstream media outlets nationwide, a massive breakdown in the 'perceptions of reality' is being suffered by many who are unable to accept the 'new reality' of President Donald Trump in office and are attempting to 'crumble America from within' according to this Washington Times story

From worries of 'civil war' breaking out in this nation to very real attempts to 'steal' the Trump presidency by members of Congress and the 'deep state' to new threats and missile launches coming from North Korea to fears of Russia invading Europe, tensions seem to many to be at an all-time high, the 'boiling point' approaching before the pot has no choice but to 'boil over'. As forecaster Martin Armstrong recently warned, the month of September appears to be a prime time for war.  

Armstrong has been accurately predicting global crisis since the 1970's and warns of a September 11th or 12th 'target date'. And as we read in the recent SQAlert republished below videos, it may take a supernatural intervention to prevent America from continuing to go down the road that we're now on. First, from Armstrong.:
We must be on guard for this is the prime period where a confrontation could emerge.

This time he fired a missile over Japan. True, he could hit South Korea and Japan before they could launch any counter-measure. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the “most serious and grave” threat to the country. There is no question he is doing this to show strength to retain control. There are always people within a government who would assassinate him if he appeared weak. Such is the fate of dictators.

We expect tensions to rise into the next target September 11/12th.


We also see approaching catastrophe within the potential financial calamity that 'Harvey' could bring to America with Houston's energy sector devastated with at least 25 tankers now sitting in the Gulf of Mexico, unable to unload their 17 million barrels of oil due to port closures. With a very real financial crisis that inevitably awaits a nation that spends what it doesn't have and has gotten into more than $19.75 trillion in debt, more than $61,328 in debt for every man, woman and child in America (sorry 'snowflakes' and California, ANP doesn't do 'preferred pronouns'), it's very clear there are no easy answers to the financial calamity that awaits us.

With some 'experts' warning that America is standing potentially on the edge of a 'Soviet-style-collapse', we really shouldn't be surprised knowing that the globalists have been hard at work financing the building of mosques around the world to the tune of more than $700 million of US taxpayer money while America goes ever more deeply into debt every passing moment with more than 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck

Yet while commotion swirls all around us like the winds from Harvey, within the hurricane's 'eye', all was still and calm and so despite our nations headfirst rush into madness and oncoming calamity, we can all find great strength and peace in Jesus and the words written within the Bible which warn us to prepare for danger ahead while allowing Him to do His work.

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. Proverbs 22:3

Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 1Timothy 5:8

Those who work their land will have abundant food but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty. Proverbs 28:19

This is the one about whom it is written: "I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you." Luke 7:27


And if the better part of 2 million+ Houston residents had seen the wisdom of preparation for such a 'possible future event' as many in Texas and Louisiana are now witnessing, they wouldn't have had to venture out of the house in 4+ feet of water only 2 days into this catastrophe in attempts to find food for their children. We pray for the people of Texas and Louisiana. 

With grocery stores emptying out of nearly all basic supplies and reports of a shipping embargo upon bringing new goods into the region until it becomes much safer to do so, what is happening now in Texas could be seen as a huge warning to all Americans to prepare for danger ahead as 'there but for the Amazing Grace of God' go we. As this story from SHTFPlan reports, we'd much rather be a year ahead of time in preparing for such an event than a single day too late. 

And while we can't blame the innocent people of Houston for paying attention to their mayor and the mainstream media there who called reports of potential Biblical flooding 'fake news' and decided against evacuating the city, we find it disturbing that Houston had countless warnings of what might happen should a major 'rain event' strike the area, including this May of 2015 story from Houstonia Magazine, that warned of the two major dams in the area:

The prospect of failure is truly terrifying. If either dam were to fail during or after a major storm, floodwaters rising from Buffalo Bayou could potentially submerge homes and businesses in the Memorial area, downtown, the Medical Center and beyond.



Another sign of tensions kicking up around the world to a 'nuclear level' comes in this new story from Zero Hedge reporting the US has just tested, successfully, a 'new' nuclear bomb, what is being called 'the most dangerous nuclear weapon ever produced'.  With one of the most recent tweets from President Trump seen screenshot above declaring that the time for talking is over, might we soon witness another global war as Armstrong warns?

While some say 'everything is ok', it's clear that its not with both sides now preparing for war while China has warned 'North Korea tensions have reached a tipping point' soon after NKorea's latest missile launch over Japan and threats of more to come. With South Korea recently holding a 'live fire drill' that simulated the destruction of North Korea's leadership while Russia has evacuated 1,500+ citizens of their's living near the border with North Korea, it's easy to understand why Armstrong has given a 'September window' for war less than 2 weeks away (though ANP always frowns upon putting dates on 'possible future events' that are out of our own control). 


Yet possibly most disturbing, as we read in this new story from Mint Press, a new bill within the US Senate targets not only 'Wikileaks' but Russia, the 'independent press' here in America and the 1st Amendment itself. As we've previously warned on ANP, if suddenly and without warning, Americans are unable to access websites such as the Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, Infowars and SHTFPlan, we'll know that we have fallen headfirst into tyranny and we may have arrived at a point in time when only the 2nd Amendment will be able to save the 1st. We pray that we never arrive at that moment in time. 

And as former Presidential candidate Ron Paul recently asked, will President Trump join Congress in declaring war upon Wikileaks (and the very same independent media that helped him get elected by publishing the truth about Hillary Clinton, her emails and all of the stories that the 'fake news' mainstream media refused to do) in their own 'vetting' of 'Hillary'? If so, 'America' has fallen and President Trump can officially initiate the deep state's own 'deep state 1st policy' for America.  

In this disturbing August 25th story over at the American Thinker they ask if the left knows about something huge coming soon to America that involves guns with increasing calls for 'gun control' after what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. As Jeremiah Johnson reported on August 28th over at SHTFPlan, a 'full-blown civil war' appears to be 'materializing' in America with the left attempting quite literally to 'erase history'.

Just another sign that America has reached a 'breaking point', as we see and hear in the 1st video below, every day we're witnessing more and more signs that something huge is ahead and while we may have no control over what 'that event' or 'events' might be, we can still prepare for whatever might be coming while praying every day for God's supernatural intervention and a 'great awakening' in America as described in the SQAlert below videos.

In the 2nd and final video below, a Vladimir Putin adviser joins Infowars to warn Americans and the world about the global government anti-Christ system which they have long been working towards bringing into America, a boot stamping upon a human face, forever. A warning also detailed in the SQAlert below videos in which we're told these evil people are unlikely to stop their agenda short of a supernatural intervention by God and a Great Awakening. Please pray for Donald Trump and our nation!

 I do not believe that these evil people are going to stop their agenda short of a supernatural intervention by God and a Great Awakening. Please pray for Donald Trump and our nation!

Hey Steve, I was just thinking today about what we are witnessing in our nation today. A top view from what we are now experiencing, I think more than ever this will be very applicable to the times we are now facing as a church and a nation. With the destruction of our historical monuments, being facilitated by means of racial talking points that the Globalist mainstream media have put in place, are just a distraction. The true targets are the founders, such as Washington and Jefferson, which are the creators of our nation, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, that outline contractually the Organic Law / Natural Law, where we get our rights from God not the (State) government.

They want the state to replace and be God. This Dialectic process is designed to take those rights and transition us into a Marxist dictatorship. This Dialectic process will not work in an absolute truth based philosophy, i.e. The inherent infallible Word of God, that was the original intention of our founding fathers. No God, No Liberty, only tyranny and bondage.

This is the same textbook methodology that has been conducted in every nation that has fallen to this radical Marxist transitional technique throughout history. As a professional investigator and researcher for 34 years, my compass is and has always been historical facts, and based on this, it doesn't look good for our nation. While so many are apathetic and waiting to be raptured and taken away, I think we need to be awakened to the Truth and Stand and expose this evil!

Remember, first they come after the statues and change the history, then they come after us. They then kill the traitors that sold their people out, because that can't be trusted. People, playing like this doesn't exist doesn't mean it's not real and it's going away. The next couple of months are going to be really interesting for our nation. I do not believe that these evil people are going to stop their agenda short of a supernatural intervention by God and a Great Awakening.

Please pray for Donald Trump and our nation!  Rick N

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