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May 15, 2016

Is The Federal Government Bringing Together All Agencies For Martial Law Implementation? Exercise Manuals Emphasize 'REAL WORLD EMERGENCY, THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE'!

Collapse Will Be Sudden - Bloodbath Not Over - Worst Is Yet To Come


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Videos, photographs and story leads continue to flow into from readers across the country that continue to suggest that government is preparing for a massive event in America. While the event(s) that preparation is taking place for are still unknown, a lead recently emailed to ANP by a well-trusted source proves to us that government is now intentionally distinguishing their ongoing 'exercises' from 'real world emergencies' with this very specific language EMPHASIZED IN BOLD by government themselves. We've also highlighted the bold text red to help their warning stand out.:

On May 16 and 17, the Forest Service will be participating in the Department of Homeland Security’s Eagle Horizon 2016 Exercise. Eagle Horizon is an annual integrated continuity exercise for all Federal executive branch departments and agencies, including the Forest Service, as required by the National Continuity Policy.  It allows the executive branch to implement and test integrated, overlapping national continuity efforts to ensure the preservation of our federal government and the continuing performance of essential functions.  

We want you to be aware of the Exercise in the event you hear conversations that may sound alarming.   To ensure individuals know that conversations are part of the Exercise, all participants have been instructed to begin communication with “EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE”.  If a real-world event happens and we have to suspend the Exercise, participants  will begin conversations with “REAL WORLD EMERGENCY, THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE” at the beginning of all communications.  We have a robust Exercise planned for Forest Service to test our preparedness to respond to the Mission Essential Functions, Primary Mission Essential Functions and support functions in a real-world event.  Individuals who will be participating in the Exercise have been informed of their roles and needed actions.  If you have any questions, please contact (redacted).

We also see other agencies using the exact same terminology as seen in the screenshots below taken from the Washington Military Department in preparation for Cascadia Rising 2016, the massive earthquake preparation event that we have been reporting upon on ANP. Why are several govt agencies suddenly using this same terminology? Is this more proof that something huge is about to happen? What might happen to make martial law in America necessary?

As we learn in these linked stories and the videos below from Gerald Celente, Infowars and the X-22Report, there are a large number of 'nuclear options' that might necessitate martial law including total economic bloodbath, World War 3, a terrorist attack upon America, a cyber attack upon the US banking system (which are ongoing by Anonymous now) or a massive 'natural event' that takes out parts of California, the West coast or the New Madrid fault line being just a few. 

Screenshot_from_2016-05-14_104047.jpg  Screenshot_from_2016-05-13_124158.jpg

Why the change in the language that will be used during these exercises? Has government learned the same lessons that 'truthers' have learned about 9/11 and the various exercises that were being held that day that suddenly 'went live' or is this more proof that they're preparing for upcoming 'exercises' to 'turn live' and bring catastrophe to America? As Susan Duclos told me when she learned of this, it's almost as if they know that eventually, these drills will turn live.

As Susan proved to us on Saturday, government's all across the planet are woefully unprepared for 'the next terror attack' after a hoax showed just how unprepared the Cannes Film Festival was, despite being in nearly a complete 'police-state lockdown'. With the Obama administration admitting thousands of potential terrorists into the country, how long will it be until the next terror attack happens here and will govt use it to crack down upon the American people? 

As our trusted source warned us, the fact that federal agencies such as the US Postal Service, the Social Security Administration, NOAA, the USDA, the EPA, the FDA, and the VA have all joined such agencies as the Department of Homeland Security in becoming so heavily armed they could shoot every American five times is another sign that all of these agencies may be being brought together for martial law implementation in America.

The story from All Self-Sustained that Steve Quayle linked to today is called "9 Rules To Survive Martial Law: Detailed Guide!" and in it we're told rule #1 is, 'never trust the government unless they say they are going to kill you'. Why is it that government is SO distrusted in America and is there anything at all that they can do to regain the trust of Americans? According to Gallup, trust in government is at nearly an all-time low; is it simply a coincidence that Donald Trump is thriving at a time when Americans trust in government is so low

As Gerald Celente tells us in the 1st video below, the 'retail bloodbath' that has begun in America was not as unpredictable as the msm pundits and talking heads are making it seem to be. Celente gives us a series of reasons why the worst is yet to come and like a recent warning from Gregory Mannarino, expects the middle class to take another huge hit. "As retail declines, so does the economy." In the 2nd video below from the X22Report we learn why the final 'end game collapse' will come suddenly, possibly as soon as this summer, and we're told that, like the tragedy of 9/11, nobody is going to be prepared for it.

The movie that just came out on Friday called "Amerigeddon" shows us an America under martial law after an EMP takes down our power grid. Is there a reason that this movie is 'banned in Hollywood' as reported recently by SHTFPlan? As we're told in the final video below, the review of "Amerigeddon" by Infowars, this movie outlines the greatest threat to the safety, security and liberty of all Americans across the country: government, which has forgotten they are merely SERVANTS TO the American people, not dictators over.

Having said that, we're also well aware that 'every day Americans' serve our country in various capacities every day within government, putting their own lives on the line for all of us. We thank all of you who are reading, and all of those who are not, gracefully for your service to this country, a country that, only with great spiritual rebirth, will be great again. 


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