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May 5, 2016

Experts Warn America Is 'Ready To Rumble' - 'Springs Have Been Wound Very, Very Tight' - Some Ask If Recent New Madrid Quake Is Another Sign Of 'End Times' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The bizarre story from the Daily Mail on Wednesday sounds almost like a Hollywood disaster movie; "The South Is SINKING!" the headline screams at us before dropping the bombshell: "Giant Chunks Of The Earth's Mantle Are Falling Off And Causing Quakes Across The Southeastern US - And More Are Coming" researchers warn.  

A story that the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday over at the Los Angeles Times tells us that the San Andreas fault is 'locked, loaded and ready to roll' with a big earthquake according to experts, this as our entire planet is being rocked by 'big ones' along the Ring of Fire. Yet, somehow and fortunately, the US has, at least 'so far', avoided the 'big one' that experts are warning is inevitable.


The massive crack in a mountain in nearby Altoona, Pennsylvania is causing concern as we learn in this story and the 5th video below. Just a few weeks ago, the crack that ran up the mountain side was only about a foot wide; according to experts at the scene, as of last week it had grown up to 10' wide and appeared to be at least 15' deep.

While there is cause for concern that this massive crack may be somehow tied to fracking in the area while chemicals linked to fracking has been found in the drinking water of some in Pennsylvania, it has not yet been determined if the massive fault opening up in the ground in Pa was caused by man or simply another act of God, especially considering what scientists are now learning about earthquakes in the interior of America as shared more below.

Every moment that America moves onward w/o a significant earthquake causing devastating damage is another moment we move closer to that big one. As we learn in the first video below from Rick Wiles of TruTV, experts are warning the 'US is ready to rumble' as 'the springs on the San Andreas system have been wound very, very tight'. Has our planet become a 'pressure cooker' almost ready to pop?  When it does, experts say the West coast won't be the only thing that 'goes' in America.

On Sunday May 1st, a 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck near middle America in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. According to Michael Snyder, the quake was felt all the way over in Miller, Missouri, more than 267 miles away, and could be a 'foreshock' of something much bigger to come. Snyder proceeds to tell us that the New Madrid, which covers parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi is not only 6 times larger than the San Andreas Fault Zone but is, in fact, about 30 years overdue for a major event, and because of the nature of the Earth's crust in that part of the country, a major earthquake would do significant damage all the way to the east coast.


For those who have never been in an earthquake before, the experience is one that is not easily forgotten and one cannot blame "Crosswalk" for putting out a story asking if the recent New Madrid quake may have been another sign of coming 'end times' considering everything else that we are now witnessing with massive Earth changes across the planet. Between volcanoes erupting worldwide and particularly along the 'Ring of Fire' and 'giant chunks of the Earth's mantle' reportedly falling off into 'inner Earth', we're truly living in amazing and memorable times.

As was pointed out in a recent blog entry by DutchSinse that was linked to by Steve Quayle in his hot news headlines, scientists are now beginning to learn alot more about the workings of planet Earth and now confirm that earthquakes in interior regions of the US are being caused in part by magma under our continent rising up from below to fill voids left by broken plates. We're also told how this is pushing earthquakes to the East.

The new findings conclude that the interior “edge” of the craton (plate) is breaking off into the Asthenosphere far below.  New magma is then rising below the North American plate, and PUSHING UP to fill the void left from the broken off pieces of the plate.

These new findings explain the upwelling pressure which has been displacing the fracking operations and dormant volcanoes all along the interior of the plate – causing noteworthy earthquakes as the pressure transfers upwards, and across the plate to the East.

I’ve talked about this at length, both topics have been covered in detail even recently : the interior craton moving from upwelling pressure, and the Asthenosphere causing the upwelling pressure to begin with.

The new study confirms chucks of the plate are breaking off below, being replaced by new upwelling magma.

The upwelling magma below the plate also explains the metamorphic rock forming at the bottom of some deep drilled frack wells on the WEST coast, AND this explains the plumes popping off from frack wells during times of seismic unrest along the edge of the craton.

This also explains the transfer of earthquakes across the edge of the craton now that it is proved there is upwelling magma replacing rock below the plate.


Above: Graphic showing the interior craton “edge” and the direction of displacement that occurs from BELOW, pushing to the East Southeast while the pressure rises towards the surface. The upwelling pressure causes earthquakes along the interior edge of the plate at the weak points in the crust. Many of the weak points are man made drilling + pumping operations, as well as ancient long extinct volcanic chambers nestled into the interior of the plate.

In this first video we hear from TruNews on the US ready to rumble while in the 2nd video, we learn more about what scientists are now saying about the San Andreas fault line being 'locked, loaded and ready to pop'. We get an update on the Earth's mantle breaking apart in the 3rd video while in the 4th video below, we learn about the recent New Madrid quake that has so many people so concerned. In the final video below, we learn about the mountain near Altoona, Pennsylvania that has recently made a lot of news as a massive crack continues to grow within it.

Will America soon be struck by a devastating earthquake? All we can do is to prepare ourselves for the worst, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, while doing the very best we can to make the world a better place all around us. 

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