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November 29, 2017

'There's Some Crazy Stuff Coming Down, Chaos Is On The Calendar' - Why Are Military Contractors Preparing To Deploy Within America?

- Another Sign Emerges Something Huge May Be Coming Accompanied By Mass Social Unrest

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the only video below from Mike Adams the Health Ranger, we learn that military contractors here in the US have been told to prepare for a domestic deployment here in America with expectations for 'mass social unrest' sometime ahead in the future. Just the latest sign that something huge may be ahead for this fractured nation, we take a look within this ANP story at his must-listen video and break down numerous different reasons why military contractors may be preparing to be deployed within America.

As Adams explains to us, just after disastrous hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and took down their power grid, thousands of military personnel and contractors were deployed there to help keep the peace and guard the infrastructure as it was being rebuilt and from what he's been told by those same sources, for some reason, a much larger deployment is expected here in the states.

Adams goes through numerous different situations that could be the reason for the deployment and immediately hits on a great point, if they KNOW that 'something is coming' and they are expecting 'mass social unrest' to be a result, wouldn't that mean that whatever is coming is something that has been planned, or at least something that is 'destined' to happen?


While taking us through a series of past 'false flag events' that have ended up with US presidents having much higher approval ratings than they did before them, he also tells us that he believes that any kind of 'false flag attack' upon America which might be coming would likely be carried out without President Trump's approval and be 'an event' orchestrated by elements of the 'deep state'.

Also telling us that the reason they'll be using military contractors rather than the military is due to 'Posse Comitatus' (which is supposed to prevent the use of the military on US soil), he then asks what kind of an 'attack' would cause massive social unrest to be spread across numerous US cities?

He then answers that question with what he believes one likely scenario could be: a massive grid down scenario that shut down not only ATM's but prevented food stamps from being used. Imagine how quickly things would spiral totally out of control in major cities across America should suddenly and without warning, millions of people have no access to food and other basic necessities.

Quotes from Mike Adams from the video:

"If you're evil, if you're trying to run a false flag, all you have to do is stage a grid-down attack on a major US city or region, take down the power grid and all chaos is going to break loose. And you have to set it up so you can blame the right enemy or terrorist group and a lot of people have to die obviously because that's the way they run these things to have a big emotional impact like 3,000+ died on 9/11. So they're going to have to do something bigger."


As Adams continues, he believes another likely possibility that would necessitate military contractors to be deployed upon US soil would be a nuclear attack on a big city such as Los Angeles, an attack that might be carried out by 'enemies of America within' or globalists but could quickly and easily be blamed upon Kim Jong Un and North Korea because they continue to make such threats.

The fact that just Tuesday, North Korea fired off another ballistic missile that landed just off of the coast of Japan, shows us just how close we could be coming to such a situation. And not surprising in the least bit, Hillary Clinton recently claimed that the US and China should back off of North Korea, urging President Trump to follow the same policy of appeasement that has allowed the 'hermit kingdom' to reach the point that they are at now with experts saying an EMP attack from them upon America is a threat to the very existence of the US. From Adams:

"What a convenient narrative. They get two things in one. You know, more bang for their false flag buck. They get to declare a national emergency. They get to take over the country and turn it into a 'direct police state'. They get to eliminate a lot of their political enemies and at the same time, they blame Kim Jong Un, justifying an attack on North Korea which they want to do anyway. You talk about a perfect, full house flush."


With 'ISIS' now threatening terror upon New York sometime during the Christmas season as shared in this new story from PJ Media while 'events' continue to 'heat up' on the domestic front with antifa still planning upon attempting to take down President Trump (despite an absolutely dismal failure on November 4th), the possibilities of WHY private contractors may be preparing to deploy domestically are numerous. As it's long been warned, America is nearing the breaking point.

While one very interesting comment left on Adams' video claimed "I'm thinking those 2000+ sealed indictments are about to be served", the top ranked comment on the video with 105 current upvotes was "I sense another large false flag on its way, hope they keep innocent people out of it".This next comment was a response to that one: "I agree with an enormous 'FALSE FLAG' on the way! In fact, IMO , it may be so bad, that Martial Law will be in order! Wow, just my opinion, but it's not looking very good. Please keep EYES WIDE OPEN. #PREPAREFORSAFETY"

And while a North Korean nuclear or EMP attack upon our nation would absolutely necessitate an 'all hands on deck' situation in America, with one Russian diplomat recently warning we could soon witness an 'apocalyptic scenario' on the Korean peninsula, should war break out with North Korea we remind you that they warned long ago that such a war would be brought home to US soil.

As the Daily Mail reported back in December of 2014, declassified documents prove North Korea had at least 5 commando units in America back in the 1990's, prepared to attack nuclear power plants and US cities in case the US launched an attack against them. With North Korea's biological and chemical weapons programs some of the most deadly programs in the world and Barack Obama's totally open borders of the past 8 years, how many more such units are now on US soil, prepared to do Americans harm?


We'd also be remiss if we neglected to mention the possibility of 2018 being the year that the globalists bring in their new system and allow America to come crashing down with the January 9th of 1988 cover of globalist-mouthpiece 'The Economist' predicting that the year 2018 would be the year a 'world currency' is brought into usage.

With the US moving towards globalism for most of the past several decades and now Barack Obama re-emerging on the world stage as shared in this new story from Forbes, is it out of the picture that the globalists will choose the next year+ to bring the economy in America crashing down? Even President Trump mentioned that possibility prior to the election and as Mac Slavo reported in this story over at SHTFPlan, the globalists could use Trump as the scapegoat of the next crash.

While there are many different possibilities about what might be coming which would necessitate private military contractors to deploy across US cities, Adams concludes with these strong words of advice.:

"So watch out folks, we're heading for some dangerous times...cause some crazy stuff is coming down. There is chaos on the calendar. It's already set in stone but we just don't know when because we don't have the calendar that the high level operatives have but because of politics, it's going to happen well before 2020. So mark your calendar for the next two years is the very likely window for this kind of thing to happen."

And while we here at ANP refuse to put dates upon future events that are out of our control, knowing the track record of Adams and his military contractor sources, we should all prepare for any and every possible scenario in the days, weeks and months ahead for should no 'worst case scenario' unfold, our preparations will still be ready for when one does.


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