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October 22, 2016

Something Huge Is Going Down, DDoS Attacks On October 21, 2016 Were Just The Beginning

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Yesterday's attack on the U.S. Internet came in three separate waves, started with the east coast, by wave two the west coast was being hit and by the thrid wave, pockets throught the U.S. from one end to another were showing bright red areas of outages.

While a hacking group called "New World Hackers," are claiming credit for the attacks, and Wikileaks are claiming the attacks came from their supporters, there are a number of †events that occurred yesterday and are still happening right now, †which indicates this massive DDos attack that caused such widespread outages at sites like Google, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and many others.... came from within.



We are going to begin with the†Norse live attack map, which tracks Internet attacks in real-time, showing attack origins, types, targets, who the "attacker" is, attacker IP, attacker GEO, and target GEO.†

The screen shot above was taken on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, by Stefan Stanford and the following screen shot was taken by reader Zeira, showing an error in attempting to access the Norse attack map on the same date.


It is noteworthy that the main Norse page was not down, only the live attack map page itself. The reason we note this is because that basically blinded those trying to see where the attacks against the U.S. internet were originating, leaving us with nothing more than the "official" word that Washington wishes to tell us after their so-called "investigation" is complete.

As we noted yesterday, the timing of this massive attack, just seven days after word was "leaked" that the U.S. was planning a major cyber attack against Russia, in retaliation for the Wikileaks hacked emails from the DNC and the Clinton campaign, is more than just coincidental.

I'll go on record as saying I believe the Obama administration will cast the blame on Russia and/or China for these attacks, but in watching the Norse live attack map right now because it is back up, we see that a large portion of attacks are coming from within the U.S., specifically the Microsoft Corportaion, as shown in the screen shot below.


We also observe the locations within the U.S. that are being attacked right now, are also the very same areas where the outage maps showed the most widespread outages yesterday, and to a lesser exent, today.

(Screen shot taken Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 11:25 am ET)

(Screenshot from October 21, 2016)

(Screenshot from October 22, 2016)


Yesterday, in the midst of the chaos, where many ANP readers were emailing us that the comment section wouldn't even load on the site, while others were busy commenting away, showing that only those in the areas being attacked, or running through servers in those areas, were suffering the effects of the DDoS attacks, one of our commenters stated "my Kindle did some weird automatic involuntary software upgrades this morning, shuffling the program icons around and shutting me out of everything for a bit. Some of my stuff didn't work right for a while after that. Now it seems o.k. Never did that before. That is Linux underneath. I wonder do some of our android devices (as well as other systems) that were online during this maybe have some unwanted modules on them now? Is my android a bot now?"

Great question and in a CNBC report, we found our answer from†DNS provider Dyn, the same company that was targeted, causing all the outages.


Dyn told CNBC Friday afternoon the attacks are "well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time."

A senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC News the current assessment is that this is a classic case of internet vandalism. The official said it does not appear at this point to be any kind of state-sponsored or directed attack. Impossible to say how long it will take to say who's responsible, the official added.

Dyn told CNBC that one of the sources of the attack is coming from devices known as the "Internet of Things" devices such as DVRs, Printers, and appliances connected to the internet.

The company said in a conference call Friday afternoon that the attack is being waged from devices infected with a malware code that was released on the web in recent weeks.

People should keep that in mind when all of a sudden the Obama administration claims they have found the source and it was a state sponsored attack, most likely blaming it on Russia in order to declare war with them as they have been pushing that narrative for months upon months and 'blaming Russia for nearly everything under the sun,†as Shepard Ambellas points out at Intellihub."

It also answers the commenter's question.... yes, it appears that our own reliance on the "Internet of Things" could very well have been used against us to attack us from within.

Related:†The Internet of Things is here, and it will revolve around the smartphone


ANP reached out to a trusted source regarding the attack on the U.S. Internet, and were told that "anything hooked or linked to the Internet can be slaved or phished." We would suggest that any devices in your homes that you are not actively using, should be disconnected from the Internet until you plan to be online.

The second point our source suggested we look into is how "our own intelligence agencies" have funded almost all billion dollar "hardware and software companies."

In 2013, Reuters reported "Former U.S. officials and intelligence sources say the collaboration between the tech industry and spy agencies is both broader and deeper than most people realize, dating back to the formative years of Silicon Valley itself."

It doesn't take much searching to prove our source's point as we see multiple past reports showing how the CIA has been funding a variety of "cutting edge" intelligence research firms, with other U.S. intelligence agencies investing billions in both hardware (infrastructure) and software technology firms,†

One example, as explained by Wikipedia, is In-Q-Tel:

Originally named Peleus and known as In-Q-It, In-Q-Tel was founded by Norm Augustine, a former CEO of Lockheed Martin and by Gilman Louie, who was In-Q-Tel's first CEO. In-Q-Telís mission is to identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge technologies that serve United States national security interests. Origins of the corporation can be traced to Dr. Ruth A. David, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1990s and promoted the importance of rapidly advancing information technology for the CIA. In-Q-Tel now engages with entrepreneurs, growth companies, researchers, and venture capitalists to deliver technologies that provide superior capabilities for the CIA, DIA, NGA, and the wider intelligence community. In-Q-Tel concentrates on three broad commercial technology areas: software, infrastructure and materials sciences.


Our bottom line is a question to readers..... What better way to get the citizens of the United States of America to back an all-out war with Russia, than to cut off Internet service and then blame Russia for doing it?

This was just the beginning folks, something huge is going down.

In the video below, Gonzaez Franco discusses the waves of attacks against the U.S. Internet that caused such widespread outages (note the DYN list he shows included Disqus, which is why many readers had issues with the comment section at ANP), but he notes the same thing we have, the timing of this happening as the left has continuously fearmongered about Russia, is very coincidental.

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