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December 10, 2020

Something Is Coming On A Spiritual Level That Feels 'Surreal' With The Battle Between Good And Evil Intensifying Across America And The Planet 

- Here Are Some Tips To Help With The Anxiety

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have been noticing something unusual on online forums and internet chatter, even in our own comment section for the past little while. An expressed feeling of something coming, a tenseness within, that a shoe (or anvil) is about to drop on our heads, that "something" is getting ready to happen, yet no real specific direction to which it is coming from.

There is a lot going on .

The election lawsuits and court cases, the pandemic and lockdowns, the upcoming vaccines that many want nothing to do with, especially since researchers and medical professionals have had less than a year to test it.

Huge joblessness from state governors forcing businesses closures because of the "pandemic," while overreaching with unconstitutional mandates. 

Hunger where we see thousands upon thousands of people lining up at stores, food banks for those that have lost their jobs and free food giveaways just to feed themselves and their families.

So very much going on at one time all across America, yet none of these are described as the cause for this uneasiness that something is coming, and we can feel it in the air.... can you?

The feeling has been described as "anxiousness," with others calling it a "very bad feeling," and the people agreeing and commenting about it, are all generally level-headed, not prone to exaggeration nor drama, which makes this something even more worth noting and discussing at length, hence an entire article about it.

It is not the thought for conservatives that after all is said and done, the courts will not interfere and Joe Biden will be inaugurated, because deep down everyone knows that if we made it through eight years of a radical liberal like Obama, Biden will just be a bump in the road, doing things that the next Republican President has to undo.


The quote above also came from one of our readers on Thursday morning, and it is an apt description for what others have been talking about.

With everything going on, the first thought is that all of it together it is enough to cause anxiety in a few people, but this seems to be a collective feeling, not only with ANP readers, but as I researched I see that in some form or fashion, others are also mentioning it.

Don't get me wrong, people that have lost their jobs due to the lockdowns forced on states by their governors, will definitely make them anxious, as is the pandemic for people that know someone with COVID-19. The same goes for the election chaos and lawsuits, but collectively people feel it is a spiritual battle, as we wait for good to overcome evil, for lack of a better way to phrase it.

Perhaps the attacks against religion, governors disallowing church worship while allowing bars to be open,  as Christian persecution becomes more prevalent every day, is starting to wear some down.

Whatever the reason, the chatter about it is increasing.  

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There are a number of ways to deal with this type of spiritual anxiety, starting with the most important, take it to God in prayer.

Before moving along, I would like to mention that Steve Quayle is running Zoom  morning prayers for Q-File members, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In a time where most liberal states are attempting to shut prayer in a house of worship down, many may want to sign up, and join in those morning prayers, even those not feeling the type of anxiety described by a number of our readers.

For the record, we do not make any money for those subscribing to Q-Files,  we are just mentioning it because we feel prayer, especially now, is critical to mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Other ways to deal with the anxiety, because if one continues to stay anxious even before the other shoe drops, so to speak, will help more in the long run because it will be much harder to deal with the consequences of whatever ends up happening if one is already spiritually weakened.

Researching anxiety and how to handle it, there are a number of websites that offer some good suggestions, that can be used no matter the cause of anxiety, such as practicing deep breathing while trying to just clear your mind.

Other suggestions include, but are not limited to;

• Taking a nice long walk, just enjoy the scenery and think about just what is happening with you, not focusing on what could happen.

• Set up a daily or weekly call with a friend or family, only to discuss family or non-stressful topics.

• Keep busy with hand and mind: Needlework, puzzles, crossword puzzles (they have them online), scrabble or other board games, and it you live alone, then online games are available for free at a variety of websites.

• Medication or breathing exercises.

Notice we are not recommending a mental health professional (unless you are feeling suicidal, then yeah, go!), because most of them are not willing to treat the "spirit" and look for reasons that are not spiritual.

• Discuss it with friends or family, let it out, take away its power to make you feel anxious, even if you aren't sure why you are so racked with nerves.

Aromatherapy works wonders. Essential oil mixtures can be very calming, and it is also fun to play with the different scents to find which works the best on the anxiety.

• Nice, long, luxurious baths. Add some sea salt, it is amazing how relaxing it can be.

• Physical exertion. Some exercise, or some yard work. 

• Music. Relaxing or not, listening to your favorite music, or singing along, is very soothing.

• Reading. A good, interesting book of fiction, is a great way to simply shut off your anxiety and just jump into another world.

• Movies. Same as with reading, awesome way to bury yourself in a fictional world and just be, without having to "think" about stress.

Believe it or not, the more you focus on your stress, the more stressed you become.

PipeLiners are encouraged to list ideas of what they do to de-stress, to help each other, as they do with everything else.


Good versus evil.

There is a spiritual battle happening right now, and many, especially those that are very in tune with themselves spiritually, are feeling it.

Something is coming on a spiritual level and it truly does feel surreal.

Are you experiencing the same feeling of anxiety? If so, you are not alone, which in and of itself, should make you feel a little better.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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