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June 28, 2016

With Warnings Of 'FEMA Invoking Emergency Draconian Measures' In Our Future, Can America Stave Off The 'Coming Food Apocalypse'?

'Current Trends Could Result In Wholesale Collapse Of Industrial Civilization' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story at Vice's Motherboard that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday confirms what ANP has been reporting on for nearly the past two years - preparation is taking place at the very highest levels of government for an unprecedented crisis that will likely feature massive social unrest, skyrocketting food prices of up to 395% or more and total system failure according to one study. According to another, less optimistic study also shared in the Vice story, 'current trends could result in the wholesale collapse of industrial civilization'. You can hear more about that story in the 1st video below. 

It's not a coincidence that Steve Quayle just warned us of this Vice story on his website: "IF YOU DON'T TAKE THIS SERIOUS, YOU'RE SOONER THAN LATER DEAD". That's the bottom line. Just to show it isn't just the alternative media reporting on our society's worsening conditions, a highly related new story from Fox News Travel tells us that many of the rich know what may be coming as they're happily dishing out $1,420 a night to take courses to learn how to 'survive the coming apocalypse'. 

In the country of Venezuela, now in total economic freefall with mass starvation widespread, they're now putting armed guards on food trucks; is that another sign of what's to come for America? As we learn in the Vice story, in November of 2015, a simulated 'game' took place attended by 65 officials from the US, Europe, Africa, India, Brazil and other 'key players' who took part in a simulation called 'Food Chain Reaction'. The 'key players' detailed below tells us who was 'playing the game'. We should be concerned. 

Simulating a prolonged food shortage between the years 2020 to 2030 that completely rocks the world, triggered by severe weather events, population growth, rapid urbanization, social unrest, and massive shortages of supplies, we see the apocalyptic scenario we have long warned of being played out in a game by government as if they've been writing the story all along. We also get confirmation that the US 'national security industry' is preparing for this as well, helping to confirm that what we've been watching all around us unfolding daily can be trusted. "They know something bad is coming." 

While this Vice story gives us a great look at what we're up against as humanity - it also should be the wake up call that America and the world need to 'stave off the apocalypse'. As we're also told, if these studies come to pass, nothing will be able to stop FEMA from imposing 'draconian emergency measures' to 'maintain order amidst anger and hunger.'


Ever since the start of this great nation and long before it was born, we have growning our own food. With rapid urbanization and many losing touch with much of what makes us human, we don't anymore and as we've reported time and again on ANP, our entire system runs day to day...a few disruptions and it can and will quickly come grinding to a halt. 

Whatever happened to everybody taking a bit of time and growing their own foods, our own gardens, even if indoors? What about learning other survival techniques such as learning what 'foods' we can eat that grow wild out in nature, or on our lawns, every day? Whatever happened to 'don't just give someone a fish, teach them HOW to fish?' 

It's only 2016! 2020 is still almost 4 years away! In the 'garden photos' you'll see within this story, you'll see crops that Susan Duclos and I planted less than 2 months ago. Some of them are already being eaten with others on the way before too much longer while others will be ready a bit further down the road. Why should Americans be starving in 2020 when it's only 2016? If every family in America began planting their own gardens, even if indoors, wouldn't we be able to stave off this food crisis that we're being warned about now or will growing our own food soon become illegal everywhere in America, too? 

While I read this Vice story and shook my head thinking, this is clearly what they've been planning for all along, I'm thrown for a huge loss at how easily we could stave this all off. Or is it simply that all of this is part of the 'depopulation agenda' and the last thing the globalists want is for people around the world to learn how to grow their own food? Not to mention, once one grows their own fresh, organic food, Monsanto's poisons no longer have to play a role in our lives.


One look at the 'players' in this 'game' might help to tell the story that we're not getting from Vice. Among the participants in these 'games' included representatives from the US Department of State, the World Bank, big agriculture's Cargill as well as CNA's Corp for Public Research which ran the 'games'. CNA provides 'scientific research services' for the Department of Homeland Security as well as FEMA. Was the game 'rigged'? FEMA Camps, anyone? From the story:

Although the scenario was not produced as a forecast, it was designed to provide a plausible framework to test the resilience of the national security system from the perspective of the US government, private industry, and civil society.

CNA Corporation is a government contractor established in 1942 to provide scientific research for the US Navy and Marine Corps. Its CEO, Dr. Katherine A. W. McGrady, is a scientific analyst to the US military’s Chief of Naval Operations and the Vice Chief of Naval Operations.

Four different organizations commissioned CNA Corp to conduct the exercise: the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Center for American Progress, giant food corporation Cargill, which controls a quarter of US grain exports, and Mars Inc., the global sweet manufacturer.


We have frequently reported on ANP that government can and has used food as a weapon against the people in countries throughout history and while we'd love to believe that government here would never do such a thing and would only do 'good things' for those whom they 'serve', it's clear that kind of thinking is living a pipe dream. While we'd love to see this government prove us wrong, we're not going to hold our breaths waiting. 

However, if government truly cared for the welfare of the people, they'd be urging every person across the country to take a gardening course and survival courses; they'd be urging Americans to prepare for what they themselves believe lies ahead for us. Imagine if every home in America had their own garden and every American knew what wild growing herbs and plants they could eat and grow easily that provide nutritional content to help one survive - we could quickly ward off the coming food apocalypse and according to their 'games', we've still got 3+ years to do it!

Knowing that massive shortages of food may be coming a few years down the road from now is a HUGE hint to us - GET READY NOW! GROW YOUR OWN FOOD! LEARN SURVIVAL STRATEGIES! Will anyone listen? We strongly doubt it as long as people are tuned into their gadgets and more concerned about bathroom rights than surviving catastrophe.

Thus, we totally understand why government is preparing all across the spectrum for what they simulate could be some of the worst of all times for America. No wonder the website forecasts a drop in US population of over 240+ million by 2025 if this is what they know is coming. In fact, if government knows this is coming, we can understand the massive preparation for martial law that we see nationwide as shared in the 2nd video below. 

As Steve Quayle told us, if we don't take this kind of warning from a FEMA contractor seriously, we've got no-one to blame but ourselves - there's literally nothing that can help us once this all comes crashing down, short of living the remainder of our lives in FEMA camps. Venezuela should have been a wake up call to us all and while we know that most Americans don't believe that a Venezuela-like-situation could happen here at home, this FEMA contractor game is a blunt warning that it could happen here, too, and they're getting ready for it, right now. So should we. Planting a small garden is a great start!

Between the possibilities of civil unrest and the breakdown of society that would result, we as individuals have the power within us to provide for our families and loved ones by getting ready for the worst now. While there's no way that we can know for sure just how far off this is, every move that we make today helps us get ready for the tomorrow that we pray never comes. We urge readers to take this information from a FEMA government contractor and share it with others, far and wide. The time to prepare for this potential catastrophe is now - and if the masses of society come together and prepare for what might never come, the gift of teaching somebody how to grow their own food will be a gift that keeps on giving.  

The photographs below are just a couple of our 1st garden. We'll be happy for whatever we get to eat out of it this year and chalk it up as a learning experience. As of right now, we've got corn, carrots, beets, broccoli, beans, squash, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, celery, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries and lots and lots of tomato plants.

We always welcome our readers sharing their own experiences to help those who may be new to all of this, gardening, survival techniques, wild edibles, anything that's on your minds, the floor is yours. 



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