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June 28, 2016

Americans In The Bullseye - U.S. Government Locked And Loaded As They Prepare For Massive Civil Uprising


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over the years Americans that have been paying attention have noted some very disturbing behavior on the part of the U.S. government, from giving military battlefield assets to state and local law enforcement agencies across the nation, to stockpiling ammunition. We have noted the Obama administration targeting conservatives, veterans, Christians, preppers, survivalists and others as "dangerous," and "extremists," and potential "domestic terrorists."

We have seen military exercises such as Jade Helm 15 where military training exercises were conducted throughout America with certain states listed as "hostile," where hundreds of videos and images were shared on the Internet of military assets being pre-positioned all across the country, with videos of them "rounding up" Americans hitting YouTube,  yet when the exercise was over, just a handful of images showed the assets being returned to the point of origin.

Just this week it was noted that multiple witnesses have seen UN convoys traveling both North and South throughout the U.S., without any official explanation offered.

Via Activist Post:

For the past day or so, military convoys have been witnessed traveling both North and South, with lines of equipment ranging from Humvees, troop transport trucks, and tankers to military personnel following the convoy in civilian vehicles. Interestingly enough, many of the soldiers traveling in the convoy were seen wearing helmets, an unusual procedure for a simple convoy. In addition, the convoys were carrying what appeared to be construction equipment.

Although the troop movement may indeed have been a routine convoy and the United Nations vehicles may also have been a routine shipment from a manufacturing facility or even a simple and benign transport, the controversy brewing in the United States elections and the potential for civil unrest, the dangers of economic collapse, and the potential conflict with Russia are all potentials for use of United Nations “peace keepers” inside the United States as many have posited in the past as well as for some type of “martial law” scenario.


Now that everyday Americans have been targeted as "enemies," and military assets are pre-positioned and law enforcement already have military weapons and munitions, we see that from 2006 to 2014, federal goverment agencies that have "no military responsibilities" have accrued 1.48 billion in military equipment, amassing stockpiles of "of pistols, shotguns, and semiautomatic rifles, along with ample supplies of ammunition, liquid explosives, gun scopes, and suppressors. In its cache as well are night-vision goggles, gas cannons, plus armored vests, drones, and surveillance equipment." (Source)

While the official OpenTheBooks report covers FY2006 to FY2014, on the Introduction page, we see an example of the type of increase in these disturbing trends that has occurred since 2008:

Regulatory enforcement within administrative agencies now carries the might of military-style equipment and weapons. For example, the Food and Drug Administration includes 183 armed ‘special agents,’ a 50 percent increase over the ten years from 1998-2008. At Health and Human Services (HHS), ‘Special Office of Inspector General Agents’ are now trained with sophisticated weaponry by the same contractors who train our military special forces troops.

The graph below shows that each year between 2009 and 2014, during Obama's term,  more has been spent on guns, ammunition and military style equipment for federal agengies (outside the Department of Defense) than in the three years preceding his term of office.


The following points are made in the "Key Findings" portion of the report:

Administrative agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Small Business Administration (SBA), Smithsonian Institution, Social Security Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Mint, Department of Education, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and many other agencies purchased guns, ammo, and military-style equipment.

Since 2004, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchased 1.7 billion bullets including 453 million hollow-point bullets. As of 1/1/2014, DHS estimated its bullet inventory-reserve at 22-months, or 160 million rounds

Read the full OpenThebooks report(PDF). - H/T Gary.

Via Boston Globe:

Incredibly, there are now fewer US Marines than there are officers at federal administrative agencies with the authority to carry weapons and make arrests. The soaring growth of this federal arsenal alarms Adam Andrzejewski, the head of American Transparency’s, which researched and assembled the new report. "Just who," he asks, "are the feds planning to battle?"


One possible answer comes in the form of a flashback to 2013, when law enforcement agencies were using targets of armed pregnant women, children and the elderly.


How about another reminder from 2015, reported here at ANP, where military drills in Gulfport, Mississippi had targets of "Mom."




Whatever "event" is being planned for, a variety of actions taken by the U.S. government over the last 7 years, along with the militarization of local and state law enforcement, as well as federal government agencies that have nothing to do with law enforcement, with the targeting and labeling of large segments of the American populace as potential "domestic terrorists," in conjunction with the constant push for "gun control and the disarming of Americans, among other things listed above, some might come to the logical conclusion that the U.S. government is actively preparing for war against its own citizens and they are locked and loaded and just waiting for the one "event" that will spark a massive civil uprising.

(Link associated with the video here)

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