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May 15, 2015

Jade Helm: Training To Kill Mom And Take Over Our Towns


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media and US Government can fruitlessly continue to lie through their teeth about what the true nature of 'Jade Helm' and the countless other military exercises taking place across America at this very moment are really all about, the pictures above and below showing US Marine drills in Gulfport, Mississippi should quiet the babbling of the endless trolls who hit the ANP comment boards saying American troops would never fire upon American citizens. These pictures prove they are practicing for just that. Let's get more specific, they're training for anyone, including Mom, and they're quite clearly coming for the guns.

The story from William Arkin at Gawker's Phase Zero called "You Should Be Angry About Jade Helm Even If You're Not Crazy" tells us quickly that the bullet holes fired into this suburban soccer mom weren't fired by ISIS terrorists prepping their next shopping mall assault or even the local police department training for a deranged shooter with a vendetta against the local school but the holes in Mom were put there by US Marines, now taking shots at Mom during 'realistic military training', RMT. If this behavior by our public servants putting bullet holes in Mom doesn't prove to you what this preparation across America is really all about surely nothing will. The targets our Marines are shooting at aren't members of ISIS...the targets are our Mom's. If they can acclimate US public servants to kill Mom, they can acclimate them to kill anyone.

While this story is purposely harsh, this story is not against our brave men and women in uniform. This story is highly against those in charge at high levels, those who are telling our public servants what they have to do. Why didn't these Marines ask why they were training to kill Mom? This surely shows that they'll just do what they're told to do. That's really where we need to begin this story. Why are these US Marines training to kill Mom? You can ask your Congressional Representatives that very question here. All News Pipeline would certainly like to know their answers.

All News Pipeline was recently sent an email from a man who recently had a very interesting experience with the US military in his own small town in Oregon. He shared with us that as he watched a military convoy riding through the town of Tillamook, he went up to one of them to ask what they were doing. Laughing, the public servant told him they were there to 'take over the town'. Our source, being the persistent type, called him on his 'bluff' until he got the response he was waiting for as he was told they were just on their way to nearby Camp Rilea. Our source finished by telling us that they were clearly miles off track and military visits of such are a rarity in his small town. 'Something strange is going on'. Pictures of this military convoy are at the bottom of the story.

All across America something strange is going on. For an America once protected from military on our streets by posse comitatus, those protections are no longer there. We know what their end game is - a world government and a world without war. To get there they have to turn their eyes on the next target who might possibly prevent them from accomplishing their goals of a world that is disarmed, American citizens, and Mom. The videos below the 'marines going after Mom' pictures include two brand new ones from Infowars on the martial law preparations now going on across America as well as the 3rd video, a warning to all US patriots. In the 4th video, American Contractor gives us more on the US Marines shooting at Mom.








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