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June 6, 2017

As Scientists Work To Reverse Death And 'Program The Human Brain', A 'Future Of Unimaginable Horrors' Awaits Us - 'The Gates Of Hell Have Opened And There's No Closing Them Now'

- Does More Aggressive Animal Behavior Towards Humans Signify 'Possession'? 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at the Manchester Evening News in England they report armed police were recently called to a popular walking spot called 'The Bonk' after a walker was 'attacked' by a stampeding herd of cows, seriously injuring her, with one witness claiming she would have been killed if it wasn't for other walkers managing to fend the herd off. One of two bizarre incidents in Europe involving cows in recent days, the "moo-dunnit?" mystery in Switzerland didn't turn out quite so well for the cows, as 13 cows fell or jumped off a cliff, with only one surviving the 165' drop after they, too, mysterious stampeded. 

In a bizarre story over at the Observer on June 2nd, reporter Ken Kurson reported a giant swarm of mysterious bees recently shut down much of a busy block in Midtown Mahattan, turning 47th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison in New York city into a massive 'sting operation'. 
Reporting also that a similar swarm recently struck London, England (though no one was stung during that 'event'), the swarm of bees causing havoc in New York was just the latest bizarre mass-insect-attack upon people as only days earlier, what was being called 'an apocalyptic swarm of mosquitoes' struck La Guardia Airport, also in New York. The 2nd video below takes a look at a slew of mysterious bee attacks across California this year as one bee control worker says his workload has doubled this year over last. 


And while these strange events could very well be nothing more than just more 'strange events', as we've reported on ANP several times over the last month, such events appear to be happening more and more frequently in 2017. Joining vampire bats attacking 'en masse' and killing at least 1 while injuring 40 in Brazil, a mass crow attack upon a college in Ireland, a sea lion pullling a young girl into the water in Canada and a 'Great White' shark actually jumping INTO a boat in Australia as just some of the most recent instances of strange animal behavior and attacks upon human beings. 

As MT Taylor also reported on ANP back on May 26th, there are numerous Biblical references to events such as we have been witnessing recently, so maybe we really shouldn't be so surprised by what we've been watching. With these events also coming soon after a ban upon the creation of human/animal hybrids was lifted before Barack Obama got out of office as heard in the 1st video below and reported in this recent story from Futurism, the note Steve Quayle left while linking to that story sums up everything we're now watching and may soon witness in the future if these bizarre events are somehow related to each other: "The world is about to come face to face with real monsters!"  

And with the Drudge Report just today linking to stories with titles such as this: 

Could we soon REVERSE death? US company to start trials 'reawakening the dead' in Latin America 'in a few months' - and this is how they'll do it
and this:

A Hardware Update for the Human Brain: From Silicon Valley startups to the U.S. Department of Defense, scientists and engineers are hard at work on a brain-computer interface that could turn us into programmable, debuggable machine.

We see why Quayle's warnings from years ago are more important now than ever.

We also have to ask, what could possibly go wrong with scientists, or government workers, having the power to reverse death or officially turn us into 'programmable machines'? Allowing the totalitarians and globalists to do that would certainly complete a mission they set out upon a long time ago and have been trying to perfect for many years by giving them what they need to complete the process of quite literally turning us into their programmed slaves. 


Should we be concerned about the creation of 'chimeras' at a time when huge parts of the natural world around us is being killed off, perfectly exemplified by what we're now witnessing in the Pacific Ocean due to Fukushima's poisons and the mass animal deaths documented by ENENews and the End Times Prophecy Blog? Let's take a look at an excerpt from Steve Quayle's book "Xenogenesis: Changing Men Into Monsters", written many years ago, proving that Quayle has been way ahead of everybody else when warning of the dangers coming to America and the world.  

Xenogenesis is a new book by Steve Quayle which reveals a future of terror that will soon face human beings. Monsterous creations are being developed with secret technology in labs around the world. It is a Future of Unimaginable Horrors …created for our planet by unseen masters.

Xenogenesis is the production of an offspring entirely different from either of the parents, transformed though the addition of DNA from an alien or animal to the normal genetics of a human being. The results will be comic book super-heroes come to life, living creatures with mythical abilities unlike anything mankind has seen for thousands of years, and with inspired the ancient legends of gods and goddesses.

This horrifying future targets God’s original creation for corruption. Evil forces hope to use fallen angel technology to shift the balance of power from God and mankind to Satan and his followers; monsters will soon be presented as our saviours, with hollow promises of eternal life without the need of God or morality. This book offers hope. There is a way to avoid the dangers and ultimately save mankind…


As those who've been paying attention know, Hollywood always likes to give us a taste of things to come long before they arrive and like a scene out of the Star Wars movies 'Cantina', a gruesome mix of who-knows-what-they-might-think-up may await the human race in the coming years, creatures with the bodies of humans or hideous creatures with human heads, the fact that we've been so far pushed in a particular direction over the past 8+ years also shows us the way 'they' want us to go. 

As we've also been previously been reporting upon ANP, between Hollywood and elements within the mainstream media continuing to push the theme of 'cannibalism', we're getting more and more 'signs of the depraved times' we're now living in as also heard in the 3rd video below which takes a look at how many different video games of today share cannibalism themes. Are the younger generations in America being programmed into something we'd never want them to be? 

And just imagine, by looking at what America was being turned into, what may have happened should President Trump not have won in November and the globalists had been able to complete their mission of running roughshod over America and upon our nation's 'traditional values'. If we think that what's happening in European countries such as England right now is bad, we may not have seen anything yet had Hillary and her open borders been allowed to flourish here for 4 to 8 years. 

As Ray Gano over at Prophezine recently reported, as in the Days of Noah, between demonic attacks being launched upon God's people and God's people fighting off our own personal demons, it's clear the 'gates of hell' have opened and there is no closing them now. As Steve Quayle warned us 25 years ago on talk radio, though many people couldn't receive it then, they can't deny it now, demon possession is real and we're now watching it playing out in many different aspects and before our very eyes. 

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