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January 11, 2016

'Freaking Me Out' - Strange, Unexplained 'Trumpets' In January 2016 Across The World


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In the latest Jason A release we see multiple instances of strange and unexplained sounds, from mysterious "booms" that shake the ground and rattle houses in the US, to haunting sky "trumpets" in the UK, Hungary and throughout Morocco, which some, including Jason in text shown between clips, refer to as the "Trumpets of Revelation."

Explained at around the 2:49 minute mark, this worldwide phenomenon began  gaining attention in 2011 when videos started surfacing online of what sounded like "trumpets," with experts, to date, still puzzled as to their source nearly five years later as they continue to be captured across the world.

The January 2016 examples include news clips from Florida, Oklahoma and Indiana, all separate events where loud booms, some say sounded like "explosions" rattled homes and caused the earth to literally shake, with witnesses asking "what is going on?"

Following those clips, a man in the UK publishes a video where you can hear the haunting sounds apparently coming from the sky, while he notes a very "strange cloud formations," saying it was occurring every ten minutes in some cases and sometimes every half hour. Twice during this mans running commentary you could hear him assert  that these unexplained sounds were "freaking me out."

More from Hungary and news reports of "inexplicable" strange noises heard throughout Morocco, reported in multiple cities.

Perhaps the creepiest instance though comes at approximately the 9:10 minute mark where the original uploader in New Hampshire, wrote "On 1/7/16 at around 12-1 AM (EST) I heard these sounds outside. They seemed to be coming from the sky but I couldn't really tell. It was so loud I could hear it clearly from inside with the windows closed. Anybody ever heard anything like this?"

In the New Hampshire event, the mysterious sounds are not booms, explosions, nor trumpets and frankly the noise defies description.


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