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June 20, 2021

Surviving The 'Coming Churn' Will Require Adapting To The 'Changing Rules Of Survival': A Timeline Of The Coming Chaos

- The Churn can happen to anyone, at any time, without warning††

Story sent to ANP by Kalbo†

Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan.

What is The Churn?

Have you suddenly found yourself in a situation where your survival is threatened? Are you unable to rely on outside help? Does your continued survival depend upon your violating a law, a moral code, or ethics? Have the rules for survival changed? If so, then you are in The Churn.†

How does The Churn happen?†

The Churn can happen to anyone at any time, and without warning. The Donner Party was forced into cannibalism; as was the surviving soccer players on Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. The townsfolk of Skidmore, Missouri were forced to kill the town bully Ken McEloy.†

The Churn can happen suddenly and violently:

You and your family are driving in town, when suddenly a mob surrounds your car, smashing the windows, someone tries to grab your child from the back seat. Do you stay and wait for help; or stomp on the gas, running down anyone in the way?†

You wake up to a screaming alarm. The high rise hotel you are staying in is now on fire. You are on the 25th floor. Smoke fills the hallway and stairs. The other guests from lower floors are in the stairwell. They are old, feeble and some with walkers are blocking the stairs. You can feel the intense heat of the fire. The smoke is choking you and burning your eyes. Do you wait for an clear path around the slowpokes, or do you forcefully push by everyone that is in your way, even knocking some over?†

You are sitting in the last row of the airplane, when it belly lands in a field. You are unhurt. Flames and smoke start to fill up the cabin from the front. There is fire on one side of the aircraft. Several rows of seats have broken loose of the floor mounts, trapping some passengers in a pile of seats, luggage, and bodies. Do stay and help or do you exit quickly out the rear door?†

You are in your office at work. Shots ring out down the hall. You retrieve your pistol from your backpack. Shots continue. You hear calls for help. A co-worker runs bleeding in the hallway outside your office. Do you confront the shooter in the hallway, hide behind your desk, or dive out the window?†

You are driving your car on a two lane residential street. There are parked cars on both sides. There is an oncoming tractor-trailer in the opposing lane. A small child suddenly darts out from between two cars into your lane. There is not enough room for you to stop in time. Do you swerve into the oncoming tractor- trailer, or run the child over?†

The Churn can also be caused by a slow build up of circumstances that is beyond your control or knowledge:†

Your employer discovers embezzlement of company funds. Investigation reveals checks deposited into an account in your name and the money transferred to an off-shore account. You have no knowledge of this, and are innocent. You are fired and arrested. You sell your home for legal fees and bail. A co-worker, who has a salary similar to yours, buys a $3 million dollar home and takes trips to Las Vegas. You encounter the co-worker at the supermarket. He laughs in your face. You realize that he is the embezzler, but you have no evidence to prove it. Your wife leaves suspecting you of a double life with a mistress. You know you will be going to prison, where you will be punked or killed. What will you do?†

You are married. Your wife is a CPA and insists on handling all the mail, money and paying the bills. This is fine with you. You have direct deposit of your salary check and do not worry about money. One day, you arrive home to discover that your wife has left for parts unknown, and has moved everything out of the house. Your clothes are in a pile on the floor. There is a foreclosure auction notice on the front door. You discover that you are in debt for over $2 million dollars in unsecured loans, $1 million in unpaid income taxes, and have no remaining assets of value. What will you do?†

You are a soldier, special forces. Your assigned mission is a deep penetration patrol in a South American country to assassinate a drug lord. The target is a 3 day walk from the drop point. On the second day, your team is discovered by a local farmer. You capture and tie-up the farmer so he cannot raise the alarm. You cannot bring him along on your mission, nor can you leave him there. What do you do?†

The Churn of 2021-2023†

It is no secret to readers of this website that we are entering a period of great change in the world. It is also known to us that the general events were planned long ago and tweaked to fit the present ongoing crisis. The de-population agenda has been put into practice and is underway.†

Those that took the mRNA kill shot will soon start dropping like flies. The greatest die off will be in the developed countries, such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, etc. China and Russia will not be so affected, because their vaccines were either Vero-cell cultures, or outright fakes and placebos.†

Undeveloped countries in Africa will be little affected due to not having the general population inoculated with either the Vero-Cell or mRNA. Those countries are mostly rural, communication is poor, and healthcare facilities are few and far between. Influenza has never been a real health problem there, and the government has no money for mass vaccinations. Likely only the elite and upper class in African countries will be vaxed.†

The fate of populations in South America, Pacific Islands, and SE Asia still depends upon their acceptance or refusal of the mRNA kill shots. As more of the vax is manufactured, and the developed countries achieve their 70% vax goal, the vax will be sent or sold to the under-developed countries.†

Timeline of The Churn†

First, there will be an increase in deaths. Slowly, then rapidly. The deaths will be blamed on heart disease, liver failure, complications of diabetes, and stroke. When it is discovered that young people are dying from "old age" diseases, the deaths will then be blamed on the variants of the Covid virus.†

Second, as the totality of the deaths is known, especially among the young and middle-aged, the mRNA vax will be suspected. There will be rumors of a government or Illuminati plot for world depopulation. The Main Stream Media will not report the truth.†

Third, shortages in all items will seem moderate, then become severe as manufacturing slows and timely transportation of goods becomes unreliable. Westerners that are accustomed to eating food that traveled 1500-7000 miles to their table, will be sorely disappointed. Shoes, tires, tools, milk, alcohol, cigarettes, and electronics will only be available on the black market.†

Fourth, with the birth rate falling to near zero, it is discovered that those that took the mRNA shot have been rendered sterile. The few infants that are born are infected with the mRNA vax and do not live long. Children entering puberty will suffer from strange afflictions and syndromes.†

Fifth, Government offices will be barricaded and guarded by soldiers. The public is finally convinced that the mRNA vax was either a gross miscalculation or was purposely meant as a kill shot for de-population. Anger rages throughout the public. People fearing they are about to die in the coming weeks or months, seek to settle old scores and grudges. Without fear of prison, there is no effective legal system.†

Next, most of Washington DC will become a military fortress. Politicians, fearing attack, will stay within the barriers. Residents of DC will be evicted from their homes for security and housing. Hotels will be taken over for official use.†

Meanwhile, the elite, the wealthy and the prepared will flee to secret hideaways, and foreign countries. New Zealand will be a favorite at first, but will later close the borders. South America will also be popular. The empty homes of the elite will be looted and burned by angry citizens.†

Consequently, the internet will be heavily censored, banning almost all "www" web sites, and further censoring all social media.†

In order to mitigate the shortages, the governments will attempt to control manufacturing and distribution. This only further exacerbates the shortages of goods and food. A black market will emerge, stocked with goods stolen from shipments and warehouses.†

Train Robbery once again becomes popular and trendy.†

Cities will not be getting reliable shipments of food and fuel, forcing the population to fight for dwindling supplies.

Gangs will stake out territory, defend it from interlopers, and search out all food and weapon resources within their territory.†

The exodus from the cities will impact first the suburbs, which will be heavily looted and burned. As food supplies are depleted in the cities and suburbs, the mobs and gangs will migrate to the rural areas.†

Will you survive The Churn of 2021-2023?

Law Enforcement has ceased, there are shortages of food and fuel, the cities are in flames, people are seeking safety in the rural areas, criminals are running free, you have a house on a few acres with a garden, cow, and chickens.†

You probably think you are prepared for The Churn. With your year supply of rice and Spam; 2000 rounds of ammo, seeds, solar panels, generator, fuel and water storage. But, what will you do in these upcoming situations?†

You have a quarter acre of vegetables planted, and it is growing well, nearly ready for harvest. Your dog starts barking. You discover several people stealing your crops. You yell, they fire at you.†

You discover your chicken coop lock has been broken, all the chickens are gone.†

Your cow has been killed and the hindquarters removed. The carcass left to rot.†

A family of 4 comes to your rural home and asks for some food and shelter. You don't want to give up any supplies that you need, and you know that if you give them food, they will keep coming back. Turn them away, and you risk them stealing your crops, and livestock. Take them in as additional manpower, and you risk being killed by them. You don't know if they have other refugees with them, or if they have a hidden weapon.†

You are working in the garden when a shot is fired, and a bullet nearly hits you. You cannot see where it came from. Another shot is fired.†

A middle aged man comes to your home and asks for food and shelter. Let him join your household and he could make an excellent helping hand and ally. He could also steal all your stuff and kill you. Turn him away, and he may wait for a chance to kill you and take over your stuff.†

You are sleeping at night. Suddenly the window breaks. You find a note on a rock demanding that you exit the house and surrender it to the gang outside or they will set the house on fire.†

A 14 year old girl comes to your home and asks for help. She is dirty, and hungry. She offers to "do anything". She could make a good ally as well, or she could be a trojan horse for a gang waiting in the woods.†

You are in The Churn. The answer to all the above situations is the same. The rules for survival have changed. You must do what it takes to survive, even if that means killing someone on your doorstep. You will be violating either the law, morality, or ethics when dealing with each situation, but you must, or you will become a casualty.†

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