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June 29, 2021 

'We Are Now A Beleaguered Worldwide Minority Threatened With Genocide, Fighting Against The Stuff Of Which Evil Is Made'

- Although America And Liberty Are Under Fire, 'With God, All Things Are Possible'

By Christopher Langan for All News Pipeline 

(ANP: In the final part of this story (part 1 can be found here), we've asked Christopher Langan what he feels it will take from Americans to get America through this period with our country and Constitution intact. Adding that we sure feel like 'they'd' love to 'do away' with them both of them, along with the Rights of Americans, we also told Chris that as bad as things are, we strongly agree with his thoughts expressed in the only video at the bottom of this story titled "With God, ALL things are possible!" His answers to us make up the rest of this story.)

Americans are in a last-ditch battle for freedom, human dignity, and the right of self-determination. To fight this battle, we will need courage, resolve, and clarity. We cannot cower in fear of the government, but must hold it to account for everything it does. 

We must resist government threats and constant media and academic indoctrination designed to weaken and distract us from our duty to hold the government and its officials accountable. And we must clearly understand what we, our children and descendants, and the entire world have to lose if we allow the US government to go on ignoring the Constitution and oppressing citizens, especially those of us in the increasingly despised and persecuted White majority. 

Although we are still a majority in the US, we are a beleaguered worldwide minority threatened with genocide, and can no longer take anything good for granted. 

Americans will also require knowledge of the principles on which the United States and its Constitution are founded. Constitutional principles include popular sovereignty, which is captured by the phrase “We the people” and asserts the inalienable rights of citizens; organizational principles including republicanism and federalism designed to ensure representative government and national cohesion; and safeguards including limited government, separation of powers, checks and balances, and judicial review. 

All of these principles are under constant attack by the US government either directly or by legal redefinition, which means that the Constitution and America itself are under constant attack by those entrusted to serve and protect them. 

None of these principles is being more viciously attacked than popular sovereignty. 

The mere fact that our rights are enumerated in the Constitution means nothing to those who want to take them away from us. When it comes to individual rights, it’s strictly use them or lose them. 

We will require knowledge of not just our principles, but our enemies. The enemies of America constantly use our principles against us, especially when it is made easy for them; thus, their constant use of the American legal and political systems to execute and justify their attacks on America. 

But we can no longer allow our own system to be used as a weapon or a shield by those who hate us. America is for American citizens only, not our enemies. 

The ongoing attacks against us originated largely with foreign interests which not only hold us in contempt, but have the wealth to buy and control governments and to train and fund domestic subversives. 

It is up to us to repel these foreign interests and their domestic agents and unassimilable migrants, reclaim our economy and money supply, restore Constitutional values and social equilibrium, and show the world that despite the past infestation of our government by traitors and political prostitutes, it is no longer for sale. 

Interference with the Constitution makes criminals of the government and its enforcers; to keep them honest, we must become politically active on the national, state, and local levels, working to reverse and prevent government abuse, irresponsibility, and treachery. 

We will also require faith. Legality is properly founded on morality, and morality is founded on natural law and the nature of reality itself, understood as God. 

We must strengthen our connection to God through prayer, meditation, and study. We must strive for moral excellence, following the Golden Rule - the real one, as opposed to the one favored by the rich and powerful (“Those with the gold rule”), and only with those who reciprocate and share our values - and we must never mistake earthly power for divine authorization. 

Not all politicians serve or even believe in God; conversely, God is no mere politician or respecter of politicians. The idea that political power has somehow been divinely distributed to those meant to have it is a dangerous absurdity; though often preached by organized religion, it is the stuff of which evil is made. 

Last but not least, we cannot blame everything on the government and those who control it or are manipulated by it, but must accept our fair share of responsibility for our plight. 

We did not have to let it come to this, and should have applied the brakes long ago. Instead, many of us immersed ourselves in hedonistic materialism, enjoying television, sports, and pharmaceuticals while neither knowing nor caring where we were, where we were headed, or what was happening to our nation. 

Like hamsters on a treadmill, most of us fixated on economic success and followed monetary crumb-trails sprinkled around us like mouse bait, chasing dreams of petty avarice. 

Alternating between wage slavery, televised sports, and computer games, we fell victim to Bernaysian psychology and uncritically drank in the flood of political correctness and toxic indoctrination nefariously loosed against us. This was a luxury we could not and cannot afford, and to further pursue it would be to invite misery and extinction upon ourselves. 

Team Satan is playing for all the marbles, having targeted us with bioweapons disguised as “vaccines”, economic destruction by means of recurrent lockdowns, demonization by means of political correctness and Critical Race Theory, and demographic genocide by means of open borders and mass Third World immigration. 

If we want to pull this mess out of the fire for God, mankind, and the future of America, we need to play for all the marbles too. If we lose, we probably won’t get another chance. 

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© 2021 Christopher M. Langan; All rights reserved.

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