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January 14, 2018

Will The Greatest Scam Ever Perpetuated Against The American People Turn Into The Most Destructive 'Trojan Horse' In History?

The 'American Aristocracy' Proves 'Too Much Power For Too Long' Is A Threat To Freedom 


Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

Years ago I noticed a peculiar thing about Presidential appointments, especially to cabinet positions. A man with no military experience and no technical or military history education might be appointed Secretary of Defense. A person with no experience as an educator would become Secretary of Education, and someone who was not a medical doctor and who had never worked in a welfare or Social Security office would become Secretary of Health and Human Services, and so on.

Ambassadors are usually appointed as a reward for making campaign contributions, even if they have no prior experience in the State Department, know nothing about the country where they are posted, and do not speak the language. The same pattern holds true even for the Secretary of State. Stranger still, the same person might be made Secretary of Defense in one administration and, say, Secretary of State in another. And an individual might serve in a Republican administration and later work for a Demoncrap President.

Ideally, a Secretary of Defense would be a retired military officer and combat veteran with a degree in military history or a technical field. An ambassador would be someone with the requisite foreign language skills who had come up through the ranks of the State Department (if an honorable and loyal patriot could be found in that notoriously leftist agency), and the Secretary of State would be someone who had served as an ambassador. Yet, all too often, appointees have no background fitting them to the position; most of them are lawyers, and most of them have had their “tickets punched” at Hahvahd or Yale or some other Ivy League Institution.

There are exceptions of course. FDR’s Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, had served with the Rough Riders and later as an Army artillery officer in France in WWI. James Forrestal had been a WWI naval aviator, although he was never sent overseas (the training alone killed many aspiring pilots). He went on to become FDR’s Undersecretary of the Navy, then Secretary, and, after the war, America’s first Secretary of Defense…until his mysterious death. FDR’s Secretary of War, Henry Stimson, had been an artillery officer in France in WWI.

Secretaries of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Casper Weinberger, Melvin Laird, Elliot Richardson, Leon Panetta, Frank Carlucci, and Clark Clifford also had been in the military, and several of them had been in combat. But Robert McNamara had been given a direct commission in WWII and put in a safe stateside job; he had no real military training. Harold Brown was Secretary of the Air Force and then Secretary of Defense and never served in the military, although he at least had a PhD in physics from Columbia University.


As stated above, some of these people were appointed to several different cabinet positions. Henry Stimson had also been Secretary of War under President Taft, and was President Hoover’s Secretary of State, and both of them were Republicans. He was a Wall Street lawyer who went to both Hahvahd and Yale, where he was inducted into Skull and Bones, a.k.a. Illuminati Central. McNamara later became President of the World Bank.

Elliot Richardson, in addition to being Secretary of Defense, was also at various times a Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Attorney General, and Secretary of Commerce. Of course, he was from an old Boston blueblood family, was a thirty third degree Mason (that is the level only certain people achieve, and they are not innocent), and, of course, graduated from Hahvahd Law School. On the other hand, he was wounded on Utah Beach on D Day in WWII and decorated for his actions there. He stood up to Richard Nixon over the “Saturday night massacre,” resigning in protest, and was the only major public figure to ask for an investigation of the strange death of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro.

James Schlesinger was Secretary of Defense for Nixon and Secretary of Energy for Jimmy Peanuts (Carter). He was also Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, and, in another period, Director of the CIA. His degree was in economics and he had no prior intelligence experience. Leon Panetta, in addition to his time as Secretary of Defense, was Director of the CIA, White House Chief of Staff, and Director of the Office of Management and the Budget; he was a lawyer, although not from Hahvahd. Frank Carlucci was Secretary of Defense, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, and Deputy Director of the CIA. He had graduated from Hahvahd Business School.


It is as if high level appointees are almost always selected from a certain group in America regardless of their intelligence or lack of same, their education, or their experience. They are chosen from a ruling elite, a kind of Black Nobility. I suspect that if we were able to trace their bloodlines we would find that most of them are related to one another, at least through marriage, constituting a kind of hereditary aristocracy. But this cannot be proven.

But we need to look at one last example of someone chosen, apparently, because of his bloodline. If the people mentioned above were aristocrats, he is royalty. Hussein Obama, arguably the worst President in American history, is a complete mystery. We cannot even be certain what his real name is. The greatest and most dangerous scam ever perpetuated against the American people; the greatest 'trojan horse' in history?

He was allegedly born 8/4/61 at Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. But for a long time he refused to release his birth certificate; finally, he released the short form, which requires no proof at all; it can be based on a newspaper birth announcement (there is one for Hussein), which requires nothing more than someone calling the hospital and claiming that a child was born. 

Later, under considerable pressure, he released the long form, but it lists his father’s race as “African,” when at that time “Negro” would have been used. Hussein’s alleged half-brother says Hussein was born in Kenya, meaning he would not be eligible for the Presidency. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigators say that the birth certificate appears to have been assembled from several other documents, including the birth certificate of one Johanna Ah’Nee, born in Honolulu that month. The registration number is out of sequence compared to people born the next day.

The fact is that we don’t know for sure who (or what) his father was (or is); we cannot even be certain that his alleged mother, Ann Dunham, was really his mother. And we don’t know where he was born. In fact, his selective service card also appears to be forged, and his passport, medical, Illinois Bar, and school records have never been released.


Furthermore, although people remember him sitting in on classes at Occidental College, there is no evidence that he passed any courses. No one remembers him from Columbia, or from Hahvahd Law School, even though he was named Editor of the Hahvahd Law Review. None of his alleged students at the University of Chicago have ever appeared on any talk show or written any article about the experience.

In fact, we have no proof that he even graduated from high school. Some say that he is really the son of Frank Marshall Davis, a bisexual drug dealer, Black racist, and leftist with whom Hussein allegedly spent a lot of time in his teen years. If so, why not admit it? Why did he not let his critics claim that his citizenship was unproven, and then produce a verifiable Hawaiian birth certificate and discredit them? Why did he not release his records to prove what a brilliant student he was? In fact, he spent millions in legal fees fighting any release of anything.

And, above all, why did the DNC take a chance on a mystery man of unknown nationality? What if, despite their almost total control of the slimestream media, proof had surfaced that he had no real education, and, furthermore, was foreign born and ineligible to be President? Why take such a chance when there were plenty of young Black leftist men with real US birth certificates who had really had their tickets punched at Ivy League institutions? It appears that Hussein, a communist and almost certainly a Muslim and a homosexual, was someone (or something) very, very special.

William B Stoecker


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