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April 14, 2017

If War Breaks Out, These Are North Korea's 'Aces In The Hole' - This Is Why Kim Jong Un And North Korea Pose A 'Nightmare Scenario' To America And The World


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Saturday April 15th is the 'Day of the Sun' in North Korea. The 105th anniversary since the birth of the founder of NKorea Kim II Sung, the 'Day of the Sun' has traditionally seen the North testing new weapons and this April 15th may be no different with current leader Kim Jong Un allegedly planning something huge that day.

The new story from Pravda is called "North Korea: Nuclear War To Start On The Day Of The Sun" within which they report upon comments recently made by a North Korean Foreign Ministry official: "We will take most severe countermeasures against the provocateurs to defend ourselves with the might of our weapons." According to Yevgeny Kim, an expert with the Center for Korean Studies at the Institute of the Far East, "I do not think that the Americans are crazy enough to attack North Korea, given the situation that has developed so far. The Northerners can answer. This is not Syria! They will certainly attack US ships and army bases. They have their own missiles for the purpose."

It's clear that what's happening now in North Korea is much different from Syria. Having already tested several nuclear weapons, NKorea poses an 'existential threat' to America while Syria did not. 

In this new story from the Daily Mail they report that according to a new poll, the majority of Americans feel 'uneasy' about President Trump's ability to handle 'the North Korean problem'. In fact within the story, Trump himself makes clear that NKorea, an issue that has bedeviled policy makers for decades, is "not as simple as people would think".

As Yevgeny Kim mentioned, Kim Jong Un and North Korea will answer any attacks upon them. And while Trump's recent visit with China's President Xi seems to have cemented China's cooperation with Trump and the US to 'deal with the North Korean problem', NKorea has several 'aces in the hole' that we may not be able to account for until it's too late. 

As Dr. Peter Vincent Pry has reported, all North Korea needs is ONE successful attack upon America and Kim could bring down our entire nation. If the two North Korean satellites allegedly capable of carrying miniaturized nuclear weapons capable of launching an EMP attack against America aren't enough, Kim's other aces in the hole are a large number of NKorean submarines that are apparently capable of 'disappearing without a trace' and 'sleeper agents of North Korean terror' already spread throughout the world, just waiting for the word to 'go live' so they can deliver biological terror. 


As we reported nearly two years ago on ANP back in August of 2015, 50 North Korean subs 'went off radar', spooking South Korea and Japan, with several of them unable to be located for several days. According to one national security expert, "We didn't know where they were at the time. One would hope that we would keep very close tabs on those that could launch the submarine-launched ballistic missiles [SLBMs]. All of that is very worrisome because that may very well have a nuclear weapon someday." Well that 'someday' has flown the coop as we all know that North Korea has nuclear weapons now. Might they be capable of launching nuclear weapons from their subs? 

While 'China flaunts their mighty missiles' on state TV, another clear message to North Korea along with the recent 'MOAB' mother-of-all-bombs that Trump recently had dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan, this April 10th story from the Daily Mail asked "Is There A Russian Or Chinese Submarine Off The Coast Of California" after unusual Naval Aircraft patrol searches sparked fears that something very strange was going on off of the West coast. 

This new story from The Express asked if Kim is planning a secret nuclear attack using a 'secret submarine', once again bringing up the danger posed by 50 submarines that simply 'disappeared' back in 2015.

Expert Joseph Bermudez, from website 38 North, said that although the secretive state's intentions are unclear, the images suggest that North Korea is now capable of deploying missiles larger than a KN-11 submarine-launched ballistic missile which was tested in August.

It is believed that dictator Kim Jong-un’s nuclear submarine system is inspired by the Golf-class submarines used by the Soviet Union before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

According to this November 2014 story from RT, such subs are capable of carrying missiles armed with nuclear warheads. In the first video below we hear a new warning about North Korea's 'hidden submarine threat'. 


Another NKorean 'ace in the hole' is outlined by Michael Snyder who asks in this new story over at End Of The American Dream, where will Americans go if NKorean agents of terror release biological agents in US cities? While North Korea is half the world away, Snyder's story reports agents of Kim's regime could still bring America to a total standstill in no time at all.

As we reported on ANP on April 12th, the NKorean regime recently sent out a series of coded messages to their spies around the world. Were those messages received by NKorean agents in America and if so, how would a few spies here in the US be able to shut America down? While the 2nd video below outlines NKorea's biological weapons threats, the scenario outlined by Snyder is chilling:

In the aftermath of a massive U.S. military strike on North Korea’s nuclear facilities, North Korean agents that have been embedded inside the United States for years quickly start going to work. In Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, small containers that had been covertly smuggled into the U.S. are opened and dropped on the ground in the middle of large groups of people.

At first nothing seems to happen, but pretty rapidly those that have been exposed start developing puffy white sores and blisters on their skin. When this hits the news, panic begins to spread as people realize that this appears to be a coordinated attack. Before too long, others that have been exposed to a different bioweapon start bleeding profusely from their eyes, ears, mouths and noses. People drop dead by the thousands, and a national health crisis is declared.

Economic activity comes to a complete halt as everyone becomes deathly afraid of leaving their own homes. Hospitals and other medical facilities are completely overwhelmed because they can only treat a small fraction of those that are dying. Because these weaponized diseases were designed to spread like wildfire, pretty soon nearly every community in America is affected.

The federal government attempts to intervene, but it is powerless to stop the spread of these pandemics. Thousands of dead bodies lie rotting in the streets of our major cities because there aren’t enough people willing to take the risk of burying them. And because virtually everyone is camping out at home, essential public services start to break down very rapidly and our society descends into a state of utter chaos.


As we have reported time and again on ANP, possibly the greatest danger that North Korea poses to America is its ability to deliver an electromagnetic pulse attack upon our nation, an attack that experts have warned will nearly instantly send America back to the dark ages and could easily lead to the deaths of 90% of Americans or more.

Nearly instantly wiping out the electricity for all America at once, experts warn one North Korean EMP would do more long-term damage to this nation than 10 nuclear bombs being detonated in large cities across our nation. Leaving an America without any power, no banking system, no public utilities, no public transportation system, and no electronic communications, we're happy to report that finally, the Pentagon is preparing to protect America from such a devastating attack after 8 years of Obama administration inactivity on America's achilles heal.

Yet, will it be too late? The Washington Examiner story reports the new defense mechanisms being developed by the Pentagon to protect our electric grid from a cyber attack or EMP won't be ready until the year 2020. 

According to this new Daily Caller story, Texas's power grid is completely vulnerable to an EMP from North Korea as well and such an attack could lead to total devastation. Reporting that the biggest obstacle to hardening our electrical grid has long been political and not technological, we see why hardening the grid by 2020 may be way too late. 

“The electric power grid is vulnerable to what legitimate experts classify as high impact threats,” state Sen. Bob Hall, a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 83, said while introducing the bill before the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce on Wednesday — the same day Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said relations between the U.S. and Russia are “at a low point.” An EMP attack, Hall said, would be the “most debilitating to critical infrastructure because it has the ability to disrupt, disable and irreparably destroy electronics over a wide geographic area.”

“For some, the threat posed by an EMP can be hard to conceptualize,” Hall added. “However, this threat is not science fiction and its consequences cannot be overstated.”

“Electricity is the third most important thing to sustaining life. The only two things more important to sustaining life are air and water,” added Hall, a former Air Force officer and engineer. “This bill would provide our state with a golden opportunity to ensure that when the lights go out in the rest of the country, they stay on in Texas.”

In the final video below, Prepper Recon is joined by Brad Harris from Full Spectrum Survival to talk about the EMP threat the Kim Jong Un and North Korea pose to America with solid action steps we should be taking to prepare for such a grave possibility that we dutifully pray never arrives upon American shores. 

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