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August 1, 2019

The Designed Destruction Of America - We Were Warned Of The '45 Communist Goals' That Would Destroy America Back In 1963

(Image Credit: LifeSite News - Drag Queen Story Hours)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Recently ANP received a lovely note and a wonderful compliment from a donor, which stated "I always leave an ANP article feeling I have a fully-formed picture of the topic at hand. And it is amazing how you discern the salient characteristics of news stories in ways others do not, in forming the headline topics and then developing them in complete, well-referenced ways." - BG

In the spirit of stepping out beyond the individual story and looking at the bigger picture, rather than the political distraction of the one side believes 'this' while the other believes 'that, there should be certain issues that go beyond the distraction of politics and delves into the decaying of the moral and economic fabric of America, not in a "people have lost their way" view, but one of, this decay is a deliberate, planned, long term goal of radicalized individuals to destroy America.


We'll start with the image at the top of this article from LifeSite News, from an article discussing how a Mayor of a Nevada town unsuccessfully tried to block a local library from hosting a "Drag Queen Story Hour" event.

Via the article:

When Sparks Mayor Ron Smith caught wind that Washoe County Public Library would be hosting one of the events – in which adult crossdressers read to children between the ages of three and eight, hold question-and-answer sessions, and pose for photos – he was outraged, the Reno Gazette Journal reports.

"It doesn't make any sense to me," he said. "It is absolutely ridiculous. Why would you have transgender people talking to kids?" Smith said he was concerned about reports of how drag queens have conducted themselves in similar events across the country, and insufficient background checks leading to children being placed near convicted sex offenders. Recently, an Oregon library deleted pictures of children lying on top of a drag queen.

There was a time when Drag Queens were known as entertainers in places like Las Vegas, bill as "adult" entertainment, so one has to wonder how they are now regularly scheduled to read to children in school, local libraries and even in "churches" that "embraces LGBTQ ideology."

While many of us have seen multiple stories about this controversial practice, until researching for this article, I was unaware of how many cities across the country, and even in other countries, as well as parents, are simply okay with letting little children sit in strange men's, dressed as women, laps to be read books.

Imagine that 20 years ago? People would be up in arms, yet now we see events set up all across America. Below is a list from the Drag Queen Story Hour website, which states before listing the states with  "chapters" that are organizing these events, "Drag Queen Story Hour events are happening all over the world at libraries, schools, bookstores, museums, summer camps, afterschool programs, and other community spaces! Each chapter is independently operated and funded. Click on the links below to connect with your local chapter."

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Here is a screen shot of the list:


It gets worse though. The reference in the cited LifeSite article to an Oregon school that deleted photos of children lying on top of a drag queen, also included images of children "fondling" the fake breast of said Drag Queens, and prancing about in feather boas

Pro-family activist Georgia Kijesky is on record as stating "The goal is to normalize abnormal, sexually deviant homosexual behavior by enticing children to first: question their sexuality. The more children see men dressing up as women, the more normal it will become."

It isn't just the Drag Queen Story Hours that are targeting children, but even Disney is pushing the LGBT agenda as they  featured their first gay couple in their 'Andi Mack' series finale, as reported on by The Daily Wire.

Recently Access Hollywood host joined Candace Owens for a PragerU video series and addressed the new fad of parents deciding to allow their children, as young as three, to choose their own "gender," calling the practice "dangerous," and was ripped to shreds on social media with claims that it made him "transphobic."

There are dozens of examples of children being targeted by the LGBT community, and the media pushing the LGBT agenda, while schools are now producing yet another generation of little communists that claim they are socialists, yet cannot even detail what socialism is, and the reason for this came by way of a warning in 1963, when Congressman Albert S. Herlong. Jr. from Florida read into the congressional record the list of 45 Communist Goals for America.

Herlong took the list from Cleon Skousen, researcher and author of "The Naked Communist."


WE WERE WARNED.........................

While readers can see the entire list at a variety of places, here, here, and here, the ones relevant to the issues we are seeing today and the policies that are being proposed by America's socialist politicians, are listed below.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States

16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack

20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, and policymaking positions.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press. 

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.     

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, and healthy."

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch." 

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state." 

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture--education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc 

33. Eliminate all laws or procedures, which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use ["] united force ["] to solve economic, political or social problems.  


Communist first infiltrated one of our political parties, while infiltrating higher education, all one has to do is look at what is happening in our colleges across the nation. They then churned out a generation of indoctrinated young men and women, and it is their children, as young as three years old, that are being indoctrinated, because the parents were conditioned to accept what was once unheard of, as normal.

We were warned. it was read into the congressional record in 1963, explaining exactly how communism would infiltrate America, all for the planned destruction of this great nation.

Collectively, we as a nation did not take those warnings seriously, and browsing headlines on almost any given day, we see those "communist goals" for America, have come to fruition.

If you only watch one of the videos below, make it the first one, where we are shown what occurred during after-hours, when adults were made to leave and the Drag Queens gave a performance for the "teen-only" event.  Mothers that protested the event, were then targeted by Antifa groups that posted their pictures and personal information (doxxed) on social media.

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