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February 27, 2016

Preparing For The End Times - A Look Into The Eyes Of Evil And What Could Be America's Last Days - If The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul, Our Nation Is In Deep Trouble


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!" - Isaiah 5:20-21

Despite the absolute, indisputable and unarguable fact that Planned Parenthood was completely exposed in 2015 for trafficking the organs of a huge number of babies they were responsible for ending the lives of, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the film-makers who uncovered these absolutely despicable crimes being committed by Planned Parenthood, were charged with felonies. Meanwhile, as payment for their crimes, Planned Parenthood was given $500 million more of the American taxpayers money by Congress to continue ending the lives of babies and illegally traffic baby organs. 

The rapidly decaying state of the country and the world we're now living in is clearly seen in the sad story above and several  other recent incidents outlined below that show the world we live in is being manipulated by those who have very bad intentions for America and Americans. As Donna Wasson tells us at News With Views.:

How backwards and upside down American society has become. How utterly reprobate and rebellious. How unrepentant. How sorry the ones who practice evil will soon be. If the stench of this country's sins and arrogance disgusts the righteous, it must be blistering the nostrils of our Holy God! Surely His cup of indignation is just about to overflow. 

In the first incident, despite the absolute fact that Ross Douthat is considered the columnist for 'moral values and religion' for the NY Times, he recently joked about leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump being 'assassinated' as the way to get Trump out of the race. How in God's name can a man who claims to be writing columns about 'religion' and 'moral values' be tweeting about the assassination of someone who may be our next President?

Is Douthat the 'moral values' columnist for Satan himself? Take a look into the eyes of evil! As Steve Quayle mentioned when linking to the Planned Parenthood case last year, THE EYES ARE THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL. If the NY Times is allowing a man to write stories about 'religion and moral values' who is tweeting about assassinating a presidential candidate, the NY Times has 'assassinated itself' as a credible news source. We challenge the NY Times to do the right thing. "Douthat, you're fired!" Much more below helps prove the sad path we're on in America. 


Soon after Judge Antonin Scalia was found dead, our very own President and many of the nations governors did something that should prove to anyone paying attention which 'side of the fence' they're on. With Obama cracking jokes about the death of Scalia while many of the nations governors laughed, is this more proof that 'something other than we've been led to believe' is in charge in America and the world? Is laughing at this death proof they have no souls? 

Why would anyone crack jokes about the death of a Judge (or anyone else) anytime much less so soon after their passing? According to those who believe in the so-called 'laws of karma', evil always destroys itself in the end. With baby-murder now sanctioned by government while the so-called 'leader of the free world' cracks jokes about what might have been the assassination of a sitting Supreme Court judge, we have to ask, is this why so many fully believe America is doomed? Certainly, as long as evil is permitted to lead the way in America and the world, America and the world are rapidly on their way towards a well-deserved date with self-destruction as further warned in the videos below.  

Evil may be likened to fire. The nature of fire is to destroy everything that lies in its path, but although the power of evil is as great as the power of fire, yet evil is also as weak as fire. For as fire does not endure, so evil does not last. As fire destroys itself, so evil is its own destruction.


With the persecution of Christian's across the world never at a higher level than now and the globalists preparing to bring in the 'end game' for America, we see prophetic signs of the end times all around us as shared in the 1st two videos below. 

Telling us of the extremely sad story of 13 Bald Eagles found dead recently in Maryland, were those mass deaths of our national bird another sign that America is being prepared to go the way of the dinosaurs? The signs that we are now witnessing all across the country and the world as seen in these videos help prove to us that time is running out on freedom and America. Is all hopeless now? 

As we reported on Friday, the globalists may now be participating in a full-scale 'culling' of the world's population in an attempt to eliminate the useless eaters. World War 3 and nuclear annihilation may have never been closer after the US fired a nuclear ICBM and warned "we are prepared to use nuclear weapons". Each and every day we get closer to a still unnamed event that has governments across the world preparing and America has been turned into a nation that many believe has long gone astray. Are we closing in on 'the end'? 

As Laurie Roth tells us in this linked story from News With Views, we shouldn't give up on freedom and America just yet. Despite what we face ahead of us, there has been a massive awakening. Though many believe that evil leads the way now, we're also seeing signs that won't last evil consumes itself....a massive 'tsunami' is taking its place.: 

Trump instead and from the start dove into the most forbidden issues and roared. This has stunned and given Americans much hope all over the landscape…African American, Hispanic, females, GOP, DEMOCRATS, Independents, young and old.

Trump, though far from perfect and far from saying everything perfectly has a patriot’s heart, entrepreneur’s spirit, and fabulous ideas for the country, its healing and growth. He is proud to be a Christian and last I checked Christians aren’t perfect, just saved and know the truth. Some of us actually speak it.

No matter where this election cycle goes, Americans have been in a real rage for many years now and are more than sick of being lied to, betrayed and not represented. Americans are simply done watching their jobs evaporate and country disappear before their eyes. Obama and his leftist minions have talked hope and change forever and brought despair and destruction. Now, on the waves of rage, real patriotism and faith comes the American Tsunami back at the White House and led by Donald Trump.


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