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November 16, 2020

Left-Wing Monsters Are Loose And Out Of Control - Liberals Weaponize Antifa/BLM Violence For Post-Election Madness As 'The Battle For America' Rages On

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For four straight years Democrats, liberals online and the media (yes, redundant, I know!), have incited, encouraged, attempted to justify and defended Antifa groups and Black Lives Matter (BLM) violence.

As the media and Democrats scream at the top of their lungs that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, as the Trump campaign is challenging multiple states in court for a variety of issues including voter fraud, these Antifa/BLM groups are showing, very clearly as multiple videos below will show, that they have no intention of ending their violence, just because Biden supposedly won.


Supporters of President Trump took to the streets of peacefully protest the "steal" during the "Million MAGA March," in D.C.

Then Antifa anarchists showed up.

Because they were massively outnumbered they were having to hide behind the police at first for protection, the same group they often attack, firebomb, and verbally attack

As the image above shows, these brave souls cowering behind the police also brought a sign saying "Punch a MAGA in the Face."

As the MAGA marchers marched, chanting slogans like "stop the fraud," and other election-related, Trump supportive slogans, Antifa bided their time, waiting for the majority of marchers to leave, before cowardly attacking women with children, older gentlemen, and outdoor diners.

Who did they attack and harass? 

National File answers that question: (Quite a few short Twitter video clips at that link)

UPDATE: As the days events ended and families began exiting the event locations, violent cowards associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa have singled out children, the elderly, women, and young couples walking alone for robberies and violent assaults. No instances of attacks on groups of able-bodied adult men have been reported.

Par for the course for Antifa as we have seen time and time again. 

The cowards either attack as a mob, rather than any one-on-one, or they harass and attack woman and children and families just out for the evening.

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Case in point: Townhall writer Julio Rosas published multiple videos to Twitter on November 14th, showing in his words "Antifa and BLM members attack people who are eating dinner near BLM Plaza. They threw projectiles and a large firework.

Other videos show the police attempting to calm things down and ending up in shoving matches with the Antifa groups terrorizing diners, and more video of the anarchists attacking outside diners.

At approximately the 1:35 minute march in the video below, we see the diners being harassed, the fireworks thrown at them, along with a a scene showing an older man knocked off his bike, trying to get up as someone pours liquid on him.

Here are some key points from Forbes:

• The two sides began to skirmish as night fell, with counter protesters aggravating marchers by trying to take their MAGA hats, signs and banners, and the president’s advocates periodically approaching the Black Lives Matter plaza where the opposition was gathering. 

• Photos and videos shared to social media show violent fist fights, projectiles being thrown, and people beating each other with sticks and clubs.

There were a number of injuries, someone stabbed and officers hurt.

Again, this is standard for any event that Antifa/BLM attend. Violence follows them where ever they go, and they cause it knowingly, willingly and deliberately.

Andy Ngo tweeted a 35 second video he describes in the following manner: "A close-up angle of BLM rioters knocking a man unconscious who was leaving the #MillionMAGAMarch in DC earlier today. They also steal his phone when he’s on the ground."

More short videos showing the left-wing violence over at PJ Media

Note: There are dozens of short videos we are discussing, so we are linking to some, and some of the most egregious we are embedding. There are simply too many to embed in one piece.

As can be seen below, Trump supporters were rowdy, chanting and basically having a great time, without any of the vandalism, arson, destruction, attacks against others that is generally seen at liberal protests..... until Antifa/BLM shows up.

This is a pattern we at ANP, and many other Independent News outlets, have documented over the past few years as we have watched this type of domestic terrorism escalate exponentially.

Related: Brutal sucker punch and more videos.


The point here is that anyone who thought that the Antifa-BLM violence that Democrats/Media have incited and defended, would end when they wanted it to stop... thought wrong. 

Seriously wrong.

When you create a monster and let them get as out-of-control as Antifa/BLM has gotten, there is no controlling them at a later date. 

Just read Frankenstein!!!

Antifa and BLM are the liberals' Frankenstein's Monsters and those monsters do not care who they attack, they just keep escalating those attacks against anyone that dares disagree with them.

As liberals pent years encourage, protecting and defending Antifa, as Antifa did their bidding, used as the Democrat's paramilitary arm, now Antifa is turning on their creators.

Another case in point shown in the image below from Portland, Oregon. Violence compliments of Antifa.


As Trump campaign court challenges regarding the 2020 presidential election move forward, as the media run with the "Biden has already won" narrative, not only are Antifa and BLM groups still escalating their violence, but they are now attacking their own creators along with the rest of the nation.

That is called ironic justice.

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