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December 18, 2020

Most Shocking Thing I Have Ever Seen - Disgusting And Chilling Proof That Pro-Abortion Advocates Think Killing Babies Is Fun - This Has Nothing to Do With Healthcare Or 'Reproductive Rights'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In my 50-plus years I have seen a lot, much of which I wish I hadn't, but what we will be discussing below has got to be the most chilling, shocking and disgusting thing we have seen from pro-abortion feminists to date, and considering some of we have seen, that is saying something.

First off, my apologies in advance. While we will not be adding any images that are overly graphic, the topic and the video of this will be embedded.

You will be offended, you will be sickened, but you will see overwhelming proof that to liberals, abortion aka killing unborn babies, is considered entertainment.

Note: This so-called 'game' was released in 2018, but American media is just discovering it, and it is too horrible not to highlight to show the evil of the pro-abortion crowd. 


Abortion activist Florencia Rumpel from Argentina, has recently launched a new video game, named "Little Fetus Doom," which by the name could have meant a killer fetus, but the theme of the game is even more shocking that that would have been.

Via Breitbart, December 2020:

If a player succeeds in killing off the defenders of the fetus (pro-life women, Catholic priests, and police) and in terminating the “boss” fetus with a shotgun, the game displays the message “You defeated little fetus! Give this misoprostol to those in need so they can defeat it too!”

More, if you can stomach it:

“Doom Fetito is a deeply perverse form of activism,” Ms. Robinson said. “The game involves killing pro-life women before shooting to death an unborn baby with a shotgun at the end.”

“The ‘game’ openly encourages active hostility against pro-lifers – they are first beaten with fists before later being shot – as well as animosity between mothers and their unborn children,” she added. “Once the player has shot to death the unborn child with a shotgun, the game displays a message encouraging them to use the abortion drug misoprostol to ‘defeat’ unborn children in real life.”

After you kill the unborn baby, the games displays the message: ""You defeated little fetus! Give this misoprostol [abortion pill] to those in need so they can defeat it too!"

Breitbart did not embed the video trailer of the game, so we have below.

Warning: It is a video game, so there are no overly graphic imagining, but it is still highly offensive given the subject matter.

Make no mistake, this game is teaching those playing it that a fetus, an unborn baby, is the enemy to be killed!

I reiterate, this is the most chilling, shocking and disgusting "message" I have ever seen from feminists, and after years of watching them fight tooth and nail for unlimited abortion, even to the point of killing a child at the moment of birth, which liberal feminists have argued for previously.

For the sake of proving my assertions because liberals now claim that conservatives simply made up the argument that liberal feminists want the right to kill children up to the point of birth, as the mother is dilating, a video clip of lawmaker Kathy Tran admitting that her proposed bill would allow the killing of a baby at birth. 

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Liberals, including the media, have been attacking Christianity in one form or another for decades. Fighting to change the legal definition of marriage.  Persecuting Christians. The war on Christmas. Attacking Easter traditions, just to name a few off the top of my head, though there are many more examples.

In July 2019, in yet another form of attack against Christians, YouTube banned using word 'Christian' in targeted ads.

Via Premier Christian News, hat tip to Stefan for sending me this link.

Related: The War on Christianity

Because liberals again deny there is a war on Christianity, just a quick search on Google (deliberately used Google as they highlight articles that attack Christians), we see just these few from 2020 on the front page... but there are many more pages of examples.

If someone doubts the continued war against Christianity and family, with all the evidence of it out there, they are part of the problem.


We constantly hear from feminist pro-abortion activists that abortion is part of "reproductive rights." I call BS, killing an unborn baby has nothing to do with reproduction, and everything to do with avoiding personal responsibility for choices made.

The choice to have sex. 

Period. Full stop.

Ditto on feminists' claim that abortion is "healthcare," because unless the woman's life is in imminent danger, and abortion is more dangerous to a woman's health than birth is. 

They want to call it healthcare and reproductive rights because even they understand the optics of calling it what it is: "The killing of an unborn child," is enough to make any normal person turn away.

You hear feminists howl, about how "birth control" didn't work!!! 

Newsflash, everyone with a brain cell knows birth control is not 100% effective, so that is no excuse to abdicate personal responsibility from choosing to have sex, to kill the result of said choice.

The only time a woman can claim they are not responsible for a pregnancy is rape, and that is a topic for an entirely different article.


Barring rape victims, abortion is abdicating responsibility for their own choices and actions, and abortion has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare or "reproductive rights."

The very creation of a "game" called 'Little Fetus Doom' (in English), which celebrates the killing of those that would protect the unborn before taking a shotgun to murder a fetus, all in the name of pushing for legalizing Abortion in Argentina, proves without a doubt that to liberals, killing babies is considered entertainment.

Never before have I been as disgusted with pro-baby killing feminists as I am right this moment.

Video discussing this "game."

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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