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March 31, 2019

The Coup Attempt Failed: Where Do We Go From Here? The Mainstream Media Is Absolutely Complicit In Treason - They MUST Be Held Accountable! 

This Treasonous Attempt To Overthrow The Will Of The American People Must Be Dealt With Firmly

By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

(ANP: In the only video at the bottom of this story, Judge Jeanine returned to Fox News to blast those who've committed treason against America.)

Some have called it the start of the banana republic. Some have called it a socialist Leninist coup. Whatever it is called, the antics of the Democratic party can aptly be named a progressive socialist attempt at a coup d’etat. Once again we have the start of a revolutionary revolt based on nothing more than the collection of political power. They don't believe in the platitudes that they espouse and count on the citizens not recognizing that the policies that the progressive socialists need to implement are the same that Lenin first proposed on the Soviet people on his way to his socialist paradise.

They continue to flash the morality that they think they have as superior to any other and continue to separate every class from one another. It has been shown that the classism that they continue to force on the American people is being used for nothing more than to increase violence on those that disagree and increasingly depending on the government.

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We have had representatives talk of her enemies floating in the rivers, the blood spreading in the streets or even the socialism that they have forced upon the Democrat party. Lists have been made as in the time of the Bolshevik revolution that were known as enemy lists. They will ignore any opportunities of moderation, compromise or even talking to those who oppose them. They will brook no dissent. From border security to the environment, to infanticide, and many other subjects, no objection will be allowed. Violence is part of the plan as well, although right now they gang up on young children, women and the aged. These are nothing more than the brown-shirts of another era in which the rule of law was subjected to totalitarian impulses.

The Media is complicit in this coup, not recognizing that they would be the first to lose the ability to express any deviance from the accepted party line. We have seen the results of the massive indoctrination replacing the educational system that has done well for our country for almost 200 years. Critical thinking is no longer allowed, our children are being indoctrinated in many different areas. American history is being put forth as an opportunity to speak of subjects such as transgenderism, Islamic propaganda, abortion and many other of the Leninist philosophy.

Our education system has been helpful in setting forth an army of millennial socialists.A large portion of the American people have been indoctrinated to believe the ideals that we have stood for, the values we have always shared no matter what your station in life and the freedom and liberties that brave men and women have always fought for is outdated. Our children are coming out of college believing that our challenges in thyis country are because we have too much freedom.

Those who have not lived through the socialism that pervades the world do not recognize the implementation of the socialist will. Those under the age of 30 have never lived in a world where the government is operating for the sole reason of consolidating the power of the socialist regime. The promises that they are given sound good to them and they don’t have the critical thinking or experience to look further. They want what the progressive socialists offer and don’t understand that the cost would be too high. It has been said before, what the government agrees to give you, the government can agree to take away.


It has to be understood that the media and academic indoctrination taking place, the violence of those that dissent is in line with the progressive agenda. The depth of their hatred is incomprehensible to those with an almost religious belief in the rule of law. The incoherence of the ideas they spew to the populous proves one thing above any other. That the progressive socialist agenda cannot win based on the merit of their arguments.

Anyone who questions the authority that they have given themselves is met with verbal violence, being called a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe or whatever they think they can scream to end the argument. They think they are morally superior and that only the ideas that they formulate in their fevered minds can be valid. They work hard to limit on every level those who disagree with them. Our country deserves a government focused on the fight against tyranny, to work for the rights the American people have that have been slowly eroded from the society we deserve.

Christians have been called Religious extremists by none other than the U.S. Army, calling the Christian community the number one extremist threat to America. Members of the armed forces have been threatened with prison for talking about their faith or sharing the gospel. It is informative that not only the Army but even the institutions teaching our children are allowed to discuss Islam freely and openly. The media is complicit by not mentioning the countless people in this country murdered, raped, or assaulted by those that wish to do our country harm. The progressive socialists continue to spread the falsehood that most of the violence is coming from the right, ignoring the daily violence done by those who should not be here to American citizens. By the FBI numbers given to the media have been 23,871 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11. Interestingly enough, NO NUMBERS ARE AVAILABLE FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE ON RIGHT WING ATTACKS.

Also not mentioned in the numbers that CAIR and others do not mention is murderers like the two police officers by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a member of Black Guerilla Family a socialist black nationalist group.


Barton Gellman a contributing editor to TIME Magazine has made a case that those with a strong support system in relation to the 2nd Amendment and those who consider themselves patriots and adherents to the rule of law be classified as right-wing extremists. The article claimed that patriots and 2nd Amendment supporters are extremist and a threat to law enforcement.

Our federal government, initiated by Obama, has forced the American people to accept an influx of refugees and aliens from Islamic countries. The Hamas tied Council on American-Islamic Relations has been vocal about bringing more. They have continually called for the adoption of Sharia Law on a local and state level. The Islamic tradition of Taqiyya continues to be used in the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal in the destruction of our culture and way of life has now infiltrated the past administrations in positions needed to further the goals the Muslim Brotherhood had set. They now infiltrate our schools, or Congress and even law enforcement including the FBI and CIA.

It was CAIR who forced the sharia-compliant information in the Army manual stated above. It has been forced on those in the military so much that it is no longer permissible to tell families at military funerals "God Bless You" as promulgated to the troops and their families from the Veterans Affairs. In 2020, it will be up to the people in this country who will uphold the values of this great country.

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