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July 29, 2017

'Insidious Plot' To Overthrow America Reveals A 'Tsunami' Is Coming And The 'Dark State' Rats Are Getting Off The Sinking Ship

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media and much of the 'lunatic left' scream 'Russia', one of the greatest challenges facing President Trump in the days, weeks, months and years ahead will be to restore faith to the American people that the justice system in this country does indeed apply to everybody, not just to the 'little people'.

As youtube videographer Ron Johnson lays out perfectly in the opening paragraph seen below from his video as heard in the last video at the bottom of this story, when Obama's DOJ and FBI failed to follow through on taking down Hillary Clinton despite having evidence against her that would have sent 'Joe-average-everyday-normal' to prison for many years, a very strong message was sent to the American people: "For those with enough money and power, there is no law at all"

And it has suddenly become very clear that the House Judiciary Committee understands the dire nature behind this warning as they're now demanding the special counsel investigate Comey, Lynch and Clinton as shared in this brand new Zero Hedge story. And like 'Ravenwood' in the classic TV series "Jericho", as long as there are those who feel they are above the law in America, who feel they can quite literally 'get away with murder', there is no 'justice' in this broken land. 

"When thousands of people were screaming 'lock her up', they weren't asking. It wasn't a joke. Nobody was laughing. It was every day Americans tired of a justice system that only applies to the 'little people'. Tired of a 'ruling class' immune to justice. And when Donald J. Trump famously said on that debate stage that if he were in charge of law and order in this country, Hillary would be in jail, that was an implied promise. A promise of a return to law and order, something our society desperately needs if we expect our citizens to respect the ruling authority of our government. People look at the 'ruling class' and say to themselves, "well, if the laws don't apply to them, why should I follow them?" Which is a perfectly good question by the way and it is especially dangerous when we're talking about a justice system whose moral authority has been so eroded that for people with enough money and power, there is no law at matter what the crime." Ron Johnson. 


With the Democratic party now seen by the American people as the faces and brains (or rather the lack thereof) of Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer and ironically John McCain, its easy for patriots to see that the crimes of treason long committed by those who long ago sold out America far outweight any 'Russia narrative' the loony left is pushing.

With the msm also continuing to destroy any credibility they hoped to have left by completely ignoring the massive crimes that were committed by the previous administration against the American people, while babbling about Russia until they're blue in the face, we'd like to ask them all why they're continuing to ignore these 4 bombshell stories Susan Duclos has just reported upon in her new story on ANP. We're happy to answer for them; because those 4 bombshell stories PROVE the msm is simply 'running cover' for the 'crooks in high places' who think of themselves as far above the law.

Yet as 'Ravenwood' found out in "Jericho", they aren't above God's law, which may be the only 'moral authority' we have left if President Trump isn't able to restore the American people's faith in the rule of law here in America.  

Proving to us that the mainstream media lies just as much as many of Americas brain dead politicians and for many of the same reasons, for those who haven't seen the viral video below from the Anonymous Official youtube channel, Hillary Clinton quite literally lies to us for 12 minutes straight in a video seen nearly a million times. Knowing she believes that Americans are this stupid, is there any reason Americans should believe even one word that comes spewing out of her noxious pie-hole? Much more below video includes a look at why elitist America-haters would rather take our entire country down than 'face the music'. 

With Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic party and mainstream media propaganda apparatus so in denial now that they continually return to the 'Russia narrative' despite there being much more 'dirt' in their own backyards, the dangers that America now faces are growing every day. As we reported back on July 25th on ANP, the chances of a massive 'false flag' event being carried out sometime in the near future increase every day that the justice system moves closer to taking down the corrupt members of the 'dark state' establishment and the 'Clinton crime family'.  

While Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne himself warns of an 'event' that will be used to 'take down' President Trump as heard in the next video below from Rick Wiles and TruNews, we also see moves being made by deep-state America-hating operatives on both the economic and global war fronts that could quickly send America into a tailspin.

As Pastor Howard-Browne tells Rick Wiles in this next video, "there is an insidious plot to harm the President and seize back control of the nation under Dark State rule." With the 'dark state' consisting of deep state operatives put into place by globalists and America-hating Barack Obama and Clinton, such a coup would completely overthrow the will of the American people and America voter and quite literally return the control of America back to America-hating globalists.

As we hear, such a plot would also PROVE to the American people that we are all just slaves. 


As was reported at the beginning of this story, should the 'rule of law' not apply to Hillary Clinton or 'the elite', it doesn't apply to anybody and if Clinton and the ultra-rich via their corrupt politicial connections continue to get away with crimes that would have landed the average American in jail, Americans will have 100% proof that the rule of law no longer applies here. With Americans being locked away en masse for smoking a plant that's been upon this planet for much longer than our broken laws while global elitists quite literally get away with murder, we wish President Trump the greatest of luck in fixing this well-broken system as America was ONLY the greatest nation in the world when the rule of law applied equally to everyone.

We also think it NOT just a coincidence that the downfall of America has coincided with when our politicians, our PUBLIC SERVANTS, can quite literally getting away with murder as seen in the ever-expanding 'Clinton body count' with names tied to the DNC and former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz continuing to be added to the list well into 2017.

With the mainstream media neglecting to dedicate one minute of air time to all of the people who've mysteriously died who had ties to the Clintons and now the DNC, it's clear they'll continue to play the role of 'propaganda machine for the beast'. 


With massive amounts of information now out in the world about the dark states plans to 'take down' President Trump possibly getting in the way of their plans to do so, two main other options remain on the table for them as mentioned above - bringing down the economy on President Trump's watch or getting us into a global nuclear war. 

And as we read in this story Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan and hear in the 2nd video below, the 'elites' are now fleeing the United States as well as getting out of many different countries in Europe. Do they know something that we don't know? As Slavo reports, as the globalist-planned 'financial calamity' draws closer, the rats are jumping off the sinking ship. Reporting that if we could catch one of these 'elitists' in a moment of candor, they'd tell us "that the party is almost over", we've long warned that when finally the SHTF, we pray you're ready for it because the government isn't coming to 'save us'. 

With satanic members of Congress continuing to push for a world war 3 with Russia that Russia has promised would come to US soil if war did indeed break out while North Korea once again fires an ICBM into the sea soon after threatening once again to nuke America, we see why Trump's America faces great danger, from 'enemies of America within' and those on the outside.


As Michael Snyder reports in this new story over at End of the American Dream, "16 Facts Prove That America Is In Deep, Deep Trouble". The fact alone that tens of millions of Americans would vote for a war criminal with the blood of Americans on her hands shows how hopelessly far gone many Americans already are. And while there is very little to nothing that we can do to stop the tsunami that's coming, we must do our very best to prepare for the deadly aftermath.

In closing, for those who are unaware, while Americans are killing themselves because they can't afford health care and  US Veterans were long being neglected by 'the system' under Barack and Hillary, traitors to America in Congress had spent more than $770 million on building and refurbishing mosques overseas while importing a countless number of possible 'trojan horse terrorists' into this country according to the DHS, putting all Americans in possible danger. Treason?

Why are those who've sold out America and the American people continually voted into office and still being given a green light to create more laws to continue their 'take down' of America? Politicians simply love the 'dumbing down of America'. Until there is a wholesale 'draining of the swamp' and they are nearly ALL voted out, America will get what we deserve and if you haven't noticed yet, unless President Trump can help turn the page, there's a tsunami coming.

For President Trump to completely restore Americans faith in the system, he may have to take them all down.  

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