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May 27, 2022

They Want Us Dead, Let's Call A Spade A Spade: Baby Killing Democrats Cry Crocodile Tears Over School Shootings While Promoting Abortion And Deadly Gun Free Zones

- They Are The Party Of Death And Destruction

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While Stefan delved into the dots that do not connect with the Ulvade school shooting which cost 19 children and two adults deaths, it is the aftermath to which I would like to focus on. The manufactured outrage by liberals, contradictory messaging, the claims to be devastated by the tragic deaths, all the while promoting abortion (killing unborn babies), and "gun free zones" which leave students and school staff exposed like fish in a barrel to be picked off one by one.

Every single time there is a mass shooting, the same scene plays out over and over again.  Democrat politicians scream and yell about "gun control," as if guns aim themselves and there are no fingers of crazed and evil people pulling the triggers.

The majority of mass shootings occur in gun free zones, where law abiding citizens, legal gun owners, security guards, and teachers, are all unarmed, while criminals that do not abide by the law can just walk in the door and open fire on innocents that have been left with no way, and no one to protect them.

In 2018, Crime Research Org. produced a pie chart that should open the eyes of anyone on the fence about "gun control".

Suggesting armed security for schools across the country, or arming teachers that wish to get training to protect themselves and their students, and liberals all scream about how conservatives care more about guns than children.

This from the party of death that is right now busy fighting tooth and nail for the "right" to murder unborn babies in the womb, up until the moment of birth, with some even going further and saying it is the mother's "right" even after birth.

The latest published abortion statistics from the American Life League are heartbreaking:

Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2018: 61.8 million+

186 abortions per 1,000 live births (according to the Centers for Disease Control)

U.S. Abortions in 2017: ~862,320 (Guttmacher Institute)

Abortions per day: 2362+ (GI)

Abortions per hour: 98+ (GI)

1 abortion every 37 seconds (GI)

13.5 abortions / 1000 women aged 15-44 in 2017 (GI)

Those numbers only represent medical and surgical abortions, and does not include those that use abortifacients (drugs that induce or cause abortions):

Since 1965, an average of 11 million women have used abortifacient methods of birth control in the United States at any given time. Using formulas based on the way the birth control pill works, pharmacy experts project that about 14 million chemical abortions occur in the United States each year, providing a projected total of well in excess of 610 million chemical abortions between 1965 and 2009.

When conducting research on abortion statistics, you may also encounter two different sets of numbers. One set is from the Centers for Disease Control, and the other is from the Guttmacher Institute—the “independent research arm” of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The Guttmacher Institute totals are actually the more accurate since the Institute conducts private research on abortion providers throughout the country and because not all states are required to report to the CDC. In fact, California and New York, where high numbers of abortions occur, are not included in CDC figures.

The "official" numbers bandied about, while tragic in and itself, is not even close to accurate and are much higher.

There is only one party that is collectively fighting for the right of life for the most innocent, babies, and it certainly isn't the party of abortion, and gun free zones.

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We know liberal democrats are huge "climate change" pushers, and believe there are too many people, therefore encourage any given policy that would limit the amount of births, and lives, but for some reason it seems verboten to call a spade a spade.

They may claim that the depopulation agenda is a "conspiracy theory," theory, yet almost even policy they support harms Americans, especially children and unborn babies.

Tell me, which sign below would make a killer think twice about shooting up an establishment, and which would seems like an "open season" sign blaring?


Lets look at just a few examples of why I see them as the "party of death and destruction."

• They encourage gender studies, transgender surgeries on minors, and other LGBT agenda items, despite the fact that LGBT community members are the most likely to think about, try, or actively commit suicide.  

Researchers found that 53% of those who seriously considered suicide in the past year were transgender and nonbinary youth, and that 33% were cisgender young people. Fourteen percent of LGBTQ youth attempted suicide last year, including nearly one in five transgender and nonbinary youth, as well as nearly one in 10 cisgender youth. 

Yet we see liberals up in arms, so to speak, about state laws that prevent teachers or third party entities from discussing sexual and gender related issues in children up to the third grade (8-9 years old).

Pushing an agenda that causes children to want to kill themselves, and insisting on starting that push when they are in elementary school.

• Antifa/BLM rioting: Liberals, whether in the media or in the democrat party, are firm supporters of Antifa and BLM, yet the majority of "riots," arsonists burning down towns during protests, attacks against law enforcement, vandalism and destruction, all come during Antifa/BLM associated "protests" aka riots.

Democrat politicians, liberal celebrities, and media pundits publicly called for protests, riots and violence:

• The Biden regime's policies are now harming almost every American family, with gas prices so high people are being forced to choose between gas and food, especially those with long commutes. Baby formula shortages for Americans families while the regime is busy stockpiling formula for illegals on the border and their children.

• The lockdowns: Under the guise of the COVID pandemic, liberal state leaders shut down their states, causing businesses to close, forcing the suspension of operations for businesses they deem "non-essential," closed schools, which caused a domino effect on our food supply chain, which caused shortages that we are still seeing today.

• The defund the police campaign.

• Abortion, redistribution of wealth (socialism), destructive climate change initiatives, open borders allowing not only illegal aliens and terrorists in to the country but also drug smuggling, gun free zones, taxes, taxes and more taxes, foreign energy dependence, killing the Keystone Pipeline, support of censorship of any idea or opinion they do not agree with.....and so much more.

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Those are just  some of the ways that democrats have become the party of death and destruction, yet they claim conservatives don't care about the children after 19 were tragically murdered by a sick, twisted and evil 18 year old.

It is time to stop avoiding the truth by treating it as isn't. 

They want anyone that gets in the way of their "transforming" America, dead. 

They want our ability to be self-sufficient and energy independent, dead.

They want out trusted institutions, dead.

They want law and order, dead.

They want the children dead. 


They want us dead.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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