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May 27, 2021

'There Is A Perfect Storm Forming' Experts Warn As The National Media Ignores The Big Picture On The Growing List Of Shortages That Are Expected To Get Worse, Not Better

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By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While the number of people learning to "prep" by stockpiling, food, water, medical supplies and other basic necessities is increasing, especially during the economy-killing pandemic lockdowns, there are still shortages occurring now and much more on the horizon.

The establishment media is periodically reporting on these current and upcoming shortages, but by and large they are completely ignoring the bigger picture of what is coming, in favor of playing politics, media activism, and pushing Democrat propaganda.

Everything from items served in cans, to chicken to imported food products are all still suffering shortages, which are getting worse, not better, due to the ongoing supply chain shortages in other areas.

For example, the electronic "chip" shortages causes other down the line, such as long delays and rising prices for appliances, cars, computers, etc..... you get the point.

Add in the drought towards the west, and the February freezes and we are looking at shortages and price spikes that will rival 2020, and may even be worse since the shortages are causing trickle up and down shortages in other areas.

Multiple different websites are reporting supply issues and further expected shortages, so we will start with items folks should be stocking up on now, that maybe should be gotten from a local store, if needed, now rather than later when either the supply is gone, or the prices are so high it is frightening.


Gas, lumber,  furniture, cars... those type of products are all seeing delays and price hikes, and getting an appliance could take weeks, if not months in some places, due to issues obtaining the parts to manufacture those appliances.

Other items may still be available in your local stores, and if not, they are still available for delivery, although some are already seeing price hikes.

Those include items like diapers, tampons, canned goods (soda, beer, soups), chicken and pork products, cooking oils, and imported foods like cheese, coffee, and olive oil, corn, to name just a few.

When I write things will get worse, not better, it is because on top of the pandemic shortages the lockdowns created, we have conditions here and around the globe that are all contributing factors.

According to reports we are looking at a logistical nightmare:

For anyone who thinks it’s all going to end in a few months, consider the somewhat obscure U.S. economic indicator known as the Logistics Managers’ Index. The gauge is built on a monthly survey of corporate supply chiefs that asks where they see inventory, transportation and warehouse expenses — the three key components of managing supply chains — now and in 12 months. The current index is at its second-highest level in records dating back to 2016, and the future gauge shows little respite a year from now. The index has proven unnervingly accurate in the past, matching up with actual costs about 90% of the time.

As an example of this trickle down effect, Axios reports on spiking corn prices and the reason for it.

Key quotes below:

• The price of corn is surging at a record pace. Prices have risen by 16% so far this month, the largest monthly gain since May 2019, and have risen every month since July, unleashing a 43.7% gain so far this year, per FactSet.

• As commodities like lumber and copper see prices sky higher and global food prices continue to soar, the price of corn is especially important because it is a major input for everything from gasoline to meat to industrial products like wallboard and insulation used in houses.

• Major corn and soy producers like Brazil and Argentina have been experiencing labor shortages as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and unseasonably bad weather has hurt crop yields, resulting in a shortage of supply at precisely the same time as the spike in demand.

The kicker is that American crops may not be able to fill the void.

The big picture: If American crops aren't able to fill the void, prices could well jump further out of control, Shelby Myers, an economist at the American Farm Bureau, tells Axios.

U.S. farmers are in a prime position to benefit from the situation but cold weather in the Midwest that has been followed by drought conditions is making planting an uncertain proposition.

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At this point we are recommending to stock up on freeze dried corn, with a long shelf life. A handful can be used at a time to add to soups, stews, or use as a side dish.

(Note- We are sticking to the foods and other items recently reported to be seeing shortages, price increases, or predicted to see one or both in the near and foreseeable future.

Nutristore Freeze Dried Corn | 40 Servings | 15.5 oz | 25 Year Shelf Life

Augason Farms Freeze Dried Sweet Corn 1 lb No. 10 Can (23 servings per can)

Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Sweet Corn, 1 Emergency Food Storage, 23 Total Servings of Freeze-Dried Vegetables with a 20-30 Year Shelf-Life

With the continued can shortages, prices are hiking, selections are being limited and it may be a good idea to get your favorites now, rather than when it will cost and arm and a leg, and that is if it is still in stock.

Canned Foods

Canned Drinks

The chicken and pork product issues do not appear to have a quick end in site either, and it is reportedly not just chicken "wings," or hot dogs and bacon, but other chicken and pork products as well.

Pierce Chicken Fully Cooked Gourmet Seasoned Breaded Chicken Wings, 7.5 Pound -- 2 per case.

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Kraft Frozen Oscar Mayer Beef Frank - Hot Dog, 10 Pound

Once again, the best bet may be to get the freeze dried emergency survival foods to use for special dishes, because the fresh chicken and pork products above, will only last so long even if frozen, and it certainly isn't the 20-25 years that freeze dried foods last.

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply, Freeze Dried Meat Variety, 15-Year Shelf Life, 60 Servings

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Evidently imported foods are also seeing problems, as explained by Business Insider:

Imported goods including coffee, cheese, seafood, and olive oil are facing months of shipping delays.

Dozens of mega-containers ships are waiting to dock off the coast of Los Angeles. The site accounts for about one-third of US imports, and the backlog is causing ships to wait weeks to dock and unload.

Some companies are already seeing the impact on their shelves. In March, Costco said its supplies of cheese, seafood, and olive oil were running low. 

General Mills said it has been forced to raise prices due to the delays increased shipping costs.  Coca-Cola also raised prices to combat the supply-chain crunch. Neither company specified which products would be affected.

Coffee has also been hit by delays, Bloomberg reported in March. Peet's and JM Smucker, the brands behind Folgers and Dunkin' coffee, have said they're facing rising costs. Reuters reported that in February, port delays pushed coffee prices to their highest point in more than a year.

Imported Cheeses

Olive Oil


Some are also reporting that shelf stable foods including canned foods, dried pasta, beans and boxes of macaroni and cheese, could also start seeing shortages as manufactures are trying to "catch up from the massive and unexpected demand in 2020."

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As the media ignores the long-term bigger picture, many of their audience will also forget the lessons they should have learned during the lockdowns, and as prices rise faster, the runs on certain items will leave options limited or shelves empty, as we saw with toilet paper, meats and cleaning supplies when the pandemic first hit. 

As always: Better to be prepared and not need it, than to need it and not be prepared.

Stay safe and stay free.

As explained in the local news clip below: "There is a perfect storm forming," that could make these shortages "a reality for quite some time."

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