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April 30, 2021

There Is Something Very Sinister About The New  'Triple Mutant' COVID Strain More Deadly And Resistant To Vaccines, And Coming To America 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We all saw how quickly the initial COVID-19 coronavirus spread globally, so in this day and age of air travel, it is easy to imagine how quickly the "mutant strains" can rip from one nation to the next.

Pundits and CDC officials have acted as if COVID-19 was worse than the plague, yet the death rate is far lower than originally predicted (and even those numbers are not completely accurate), so, all of a sudden and very "coincidentally," we see talk of double mutant strains, and now, triple mutant strains of COVID in India, dubbed as "more deadly and resistant to existing vaccines."

Depopulation proponents must be thrilled.

They want us scared and hiding in our homes. Common sense precautions, meaning your own informed decisions on what is or is not best for you and your families, is really all that is needed.


Many may remember when the first reports came out of Wuhan, China about the COVID-19 virus that originated there. 

People simply dropping in the streets, men in hazmat suits forcing citizens into vans and taking them away,  the Chinese authorities padlocking people in their homes, and just dropping food off.

Well now we are seeing reports from India regarding their double and now triple mutant strains, which are far more deadly than any other strain.

Via Forbes on April 24, 2021:

• India's Ministry of Health and Welfare reported a staggering 346,786 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, shattering the record for most infections by any country in a single 24-hour span.

• Fortis Healthcare suspended new admissions to its hospitals in Delhi, according to Reuters, which also reported families have been forced to tend to the ill in the streets and hospital hallways.

• Moolchand Hospital in New Delhi tweeted Saturday morning it had "less than 2 hours of oxygen" for 135 Covid patients, many on life support.

• According to the New York Times, crematoriums in Kanpur are so backed up that corpses are being burned in the city's parks.

• Outside of a crematorium in Lucknow, bodies were being incinerated on sidewalks, according to an Associated Press report.


The Sun reported on April 23 that Britain had finally imposed a travel ban "adding India to the UK's official coronavirus travel red list."

A little like closing the barn door after all the animals escaped, because now the double and triple strains have traveled.

After all the "double mutant" strain has already been detected in the UK, according to MSN News.

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Mass cremation sites in India 



While hard to get any accurate information from the Chinese government about the origins of the original COVID-19 strain, it is believed by many; 1) It came from the lab in Wuhan, and; 2) It was manmade and "accidentally" escaped.

Depopulation proponents are likely disappointed that the death rate of those infected did not meet the projections of the medical community, which is why the media mostly reports more on the numbers infected, rather than the death rate because that would discount the preferred media "narrative," and undermine the complete control some states are still pushing for with their lockdowns.

Does anyone else think that it is very strange that as some states are reopening, lifting their outdoor mask requirements and opening schools,  yet another strain, dubbed more deadly, appears on the scene in India?

Scientists found two triple-mutant varieties in patient samples in four states: Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, and Chhattisgarh. Researchers in the country have dubbed it the "Bengal strain" and say it has the potential to be even more infectious than the double-mutant variant.

This is because three COVID variants have merged to form a new, possibly deadlier variant.

The Times of India spoke to Vinod Scaria, a researcher at the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in India, who said the triple-mutant was also an "immune escape variant" — a strain that helps the virus attach to human cells and hide from the immune system.

Doesn't it also seem a little strange that these mutant strains are only beginning in certain countries, and not happening uniformly all over the globe?

Not being a scientist or medical researcher, I am going to ask, not assert, whether these mutations could very well be manmade just as the original Wuhan COVID was?

Also it would be remiss of me to not point out that if these new mutant strains are so much more deadly and resistant to the vaccines, which have not had near enough time to be properly tested for adverse side-effects (like strokes), then the medical community should be waiting and taking more time to properly test the vaccines already being used and pushed unto the public.



Right back where it all started, China, is being "rocked," as Newsweek describes it, with yet another outbreak of the "double mutant" COVID strain.

The "double mutant" coronavirus strain that was found in India has now been detected in China, the country's chief epidemiologist has said in a major announcement ahead of this weekend's public holiday.

The India double or triple mutant strains have jumped the borders, are now in multiple countries, and should only be a matter of time before it is everywhere as COVID was.


Newsflash for American states' leaders: If any of think for one second that Americans will go back into full lockdown mode when the new strains cross our shores, they should think again.

While there will always be some sheep allows the media to do their thinking for them, we have noted a massive increase in dissatisfaction with the way states have handled the pandemic, even from moderate Democrats, which some of us weren't sure even existed anymore.   

With that said, many Americans are smart enough to take the precautions they think is necessary according to the information available to them.

Americans are smarter that our leaders think, and will do what is best for them and their families without the government overstepping yet again and committing further violations of our constitutional rights.


These new mutations are coming, will likely continue to come as long as COVID-19 exists, and since it has already jumped the borders, it will not take long before it is here, in America.

My advice would be to stock back up on hand sanitizers since we all saw how fast the stocks were decimated the last time around.

Be safe and stay free folks!

 Across the world, leaders are once again "tightening" restrictions as countries, and protests are spreading like wildfire. London, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Canada, just to name a few, are seeing  mass lockdown protests and clashing with authorities.

It will be no different here if  the Biden regime and/or state leaders dare to try to lock us all down again.

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