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June 3, 2021

This Is NOT A Walking Dead Movie Set But Once Lovely Venice Beach, California Now Looking Like A Mad Max Scene During A Zombie Apocalypse Thanks To Liberal Politics

- Big Cities In America Becoming Gigantic Cesspits And Homeless Wastelands Under Biden And Democrats

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Over the past several years, numerous stories have been published on ANP about the rising scourge of violence and homelessness in liberal run cities all across America and as we see in the video we've embedded directly below, things are quickly getting worse under Democrats, not better. 

As Breitbart had reported in this new story, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva,  homicides in the county under Democrats are up 95% this year over 2020, with his department saying they'll be issuing even more concealed carry permits to let citizens to defend themselves in that liberal state gone to pieces. 

Yet as Susan Duclos had reported in this May 26th ANP story, "who didn't know that this was going to happen with cities that have defunded the police all across America seeing violent crime spikes" with the Covid fiasco causing massive job losses and homelessness and now, warnings of a hot, violent summer ahead. As we see in the video below originally from this story over at Vid Max, California's once beautiful Venice Beach has turned into a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie.  

Residents in Los Angeles' coastal Venice neighborhood are calling for action over homeless encampments in the area that have been connected to a string of crimes, including shootings, fights, fires and drug use. 

The city as a whole is grappling with a homeless crisis that has only gotten worse in recent years. Over five years, the homeless population has increased by half, according to a January report released by the Luskin Center for History and Policy at the University of California in Los Angeles. 

In Venice, some of the more violent incidents alarming residents and business owners include an April 28 shooting in which a man was shot but survived. No suspects have been identified, the Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News. Another includes a Monday explosion inside an encampment that caused a fire. 

The incidents are the latest of several chaotic events that have prompted concern from residents over the expansion of homeless encampments along the city's famous boardwalk – Ocean Front Walk – and elsewhere in a neighborhood known for its beach and canals, which draw visitors from all over the region. 

Thousands of people flock to Venice each day to enjoy themselves on Venice beach and the boardwalk, a promenade filled with shops, restaurants, art vendors, side-show acts and street performers. During the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 200 tents have been erected on the boardwalk, according to a letter signed by hundreds of residents to city and county officials this week.

As Mike Adams had reported in this June 1st story over at Natural News titled "The cultural collapse of America accelerates as Democrat-run cities are plunged into crime, corruption and FILTH", it's not just Venice Beach, California that appears to be in full-on collapse mode in 2021 but NY City as well, just another leftist run city descending into a 'gigantic sheet sandwich' to borrow the words of one commenter. 

And as we see and hear from some locals in the videos at the bottom of this story, things are getting much worse, and not better at all, with leftists running the show and completely neglecting the people who helped get them elected. Should we expect anything else from politicians? From this Natural News story before we continue.

The quote of the day comes from a Greenwich Village resident commenting on the “drug den” infestation of heroin-addicted lunatics who have taken over the progressive Manhattan area, turning it into a trashed-out insanity zone. Here’s the quote: “We may be liberal but this has gone too far!” 

Another neighbor offered up a similarly entertaining quote about the situation, lamenting, “The zombies are now near the fountain…” 

This is all documented in this NY Post story that describes the rapid collapse of liberal areas in America’s Democrat-run cities. Thanks to truly insane, stupid policies on the part of Democrats — such as legalizing shoplifting and defunding police — once-great cities across America are now collapsing into filthy crapholes (San Franshitsco, anyone?). 

This is all part of the accelerating cultural and civil collapse now plaguing America, and it’s only getting worse under “progressive” programs like Universal Basic Income — i.e. paying people to stay home and not contribute anything useful to society.

And as the commenters on that original VidMax story pointed out, Californians are absolutely 'reaping what they've sown' in allowing liberal politicians like Gavin Newsome to run the state. Some of those comments. 

You reap what you sow. Californians have allowed their state and cities to deteriorate and now get to endure the results. Every single person in California deserves what they get for allowing their state and cities to become 'sheet holes'. There should be no sympathy for a population that allowed such filth and chaos to run amok. It's a California 'sheet sandwich', let them eat it. By the way, I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in the roughest city, Stockton and still have relatives and friends there.  

Doesn’t get much better than paying mortgage in a million dollar house on the Venice boardwalk and having homeless people in your front yard kicking your door in. Liberal utopia! 

What a slum.... once a world renown beach is now a slum

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And now, following the city's decision to NOT enforce codes that forbid camping on the sidewalks, a new government proposal there to build free apartments for the homeless is raising even more alarms. 

With any 'free stuff' handed out by the city eventually having to be paid for by the taxpayers, that once beautiful beach town's homeless and violence problem has made it unsafe for grandkids to visit according to this recent ABC 7 story in Los Angeles which reports that between the fires, shootings, chaos and violence visiting the area nearly every day and night, long time residents are afraid for their futures. 

And with many of those residents moving away from where they grew up as we'd reported on ANP back on May 26th in this story titled "The 'Great Bugout' Gets Kicked Into High Gear As Americans Get Out Of The Urban Hellscapes In Huge Numbers While 'Democrats Destroy Every City They Rule Over'", tent cities are becoming 'the new norm' in Joe Biden's America

And with crime, poverty and violence and Democrat control of cities/areas going hand in hand, why do 'the masses' in those large city areas continue to vote for them? As The Burning Platform had asked in this May 26th story titled "What Is Your Plan As Major U.S. Cities Devolve Into Lawless Wastelands Dominated By Violent Criminals?", those who are stuck in such cities in any major SHTF scenario may be 's' out of luck. From this story originally written by Michael Snyder over at The End of the American Dream. 

Our cities are filled with extreme violence, and the blood of the innocent flows in our streets, and yet most Americans still seem to be in denial about what is happening. This isn’t just a momentary spike in violent crime that we are witnessing. The increase in violent crime that we experienced in 2020 was unprecedented, and things have been even worse in 2021. If you are not familiar with those numbers, here is a reminder… 

Police and public reported data details that from January through March of 2021, the homicide rate rose by 28% from the same period last year in 20 major cities across the country. Homicides had already previously risen by 30% in 2020. 

Everyone should be able to agree that we are very rapidly going in the wrong direction. 

But many on the left assured us that things would “return to normal” and the violence in the streets would subside once Joe Biden was in the White House. Obviously, that hasn’t happened. 

In fact, the violence in New York City over the weekend made headlines all over the nation… 

New York City is officially back: almost 30 people were shot in New York City this past weekend – and that number was only up until about 2PM on Sunday. 29 victims in total had been struck by gunfire by early evening Sunday, according to the New York Post, with one reported fatality. 

“These kids are having running gun battles and innocents are getting shot,” one veteran NYPD officer told the Post. 

Do you remember when New York City was one of the safest big cities in the United States? 

Those days are now gone, and violent criminals are having a field day as the Big Apple slowly but surely descends into madness.

So with liberal run cities all across America now experiencing the same kind of 'madness and chaos' that New York city and Venice Beach, California are experiencing, each of the videos below take a look at the exploding scourge of homelessness and violence due largely to liberal politics and the covid scamdemic as large parts of America under Joe Biden and Democrats are transformed into wastelands.

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