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February 7, 2020

This Is Totally Insane: 'Slash Republicans Throats' Howls A Liberal College Student As Media, Radical Dems, And HollyWhores Freak Out Over Trump Being Acquitted


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

It is hard to say which group of liberals took President Trump's success with his State Of The Union speech, being acquitted by the Senate, the great economic news that has been reported, exposing Nancy Pelosi as the petulant child at the SOTU address, as representative of the Democrat party which she leads, worse.

Celebrities went nuts on social media, the liberal establishment media lost their minds on public television, whining, moaning and complaining, a college-age student quite literally screeched for President Trump's throat to be cut, then asserted that all Republicans should have their throats cut, while Democrat politicians are left with absolutely nothing, except a failed impeachment, and a public relations nightmare after the debacle and chaos in the Democrat caucuses in Iowa, and a Speaker of the House that has humiliated some members of the Democrat party so badly they are calling for her to resign.

The two very short videos, one 46 seconds and one 19 seconds, perfect represents the total insanity we are seeing from liberals across the spectrum and why.

LANGUAGE ALERT for the second video but there is truly no way to accurately describe this level of insanity without seeing it.

The Acquittal: 

Liberals' React To The Acquittal:


Cher, Bette Midler, Alyssa Milano, Rosie O'Donnell, and others all went completely nuts on social media.

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I have to admit, president Trump pinning that fake "Time" magazine cover, in the midst of all the recent news, just to troll and trigger liberals, is like him telling them jump and them screaming "how high?"

It works every, single time. Trump deliberately says something outrage, Dem politicians, Hollywhores, and the liberal media all freak out, then Trump moves along, nominates more judges, hails the economic successes. gives victory speeches, and they loose it all over again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Over at Media Research Center aka NewsBusters,they have compiled the "heartbroken" media addition, where the liberal establishment media,  the very same people that knew, and had previously reported that Democrats did not have the two-third votes that they needed to convict and remove President Trump from office, suffered a meltdown, on-air, after the expected acquittal.


The video compilation is just 1:30 long but manages to capture the bias, desperation, and unhinged commentary from supposed "journalists."

Via NewsBusters:

As the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump drew to a close, the liberal media’s interest gave way to disappointment. Television journalists gorged themselves on sour grapes, complaining at length that trial was “a sham,” the vote was “rigged,” and the outcome meant nothing aside from confirming the “guilt” of Senate Republicans.

Special coverage panels assessing the damage done by Trump's acquittal concluded that the Constitution was in grave danger (as were democracy, the Senate, and indeed the nation). Bitter CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin announced: “He is gonna do this again, he said he will do it again, and the idea that there is some chastening here is absurd.” Even before the official acquittal, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell complained that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had unilaterally “rewritten” the Constitution to prohibit a Republican President from being “impeached in an election year.”

Here are some of the reactions from heartbroken TV journalists during the trial’s final days:


Over the last three years we have seen Trump Derangement Syndrome cause some serious mental issues, just look at the second video of this article. There is no way anyone in their right minds can watch that bit of insanity and claim these people are in any way, shape or form, "normal."

They aren't, and with Democrats terrified that President trump will be reelected in November, one can only imagine the meltdowns that are still coming.

Maybe these unhinged liberals should take a page from the vegans who are now fighting depression by walking "cabbage" on leashes

Yeah, you read that right.


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