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October 27, 2017

10 Impossible Things We Are Expected To Believe - Through The Looking Glass - The Globalists Warped Perspective Of Their Hideous Reality Proves We Live In A Land Of Luciferian Inversion

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when the US and the West in general had some semblance of sanity, before the evil madness of the elites had spread to much of the general population. People understood that homosexuality was abnormal and unhealthy, that babies were human beings, that murder of human beings is evil, and that a person’s sex is determined before birth.

Now we are in a land ruled by Luciferian inversion where evil is seen as good and good as evil (I believe we were warned about this long ago), where sexual perverts are seen as morally superior to the rest of us, where it is acceptable to butcher babies up to the time of birth and sell their body parts, where Islamic terrorists are portrayed as noble souls while Christians and observant Jews are portrayed as bigots.

Anyone objecting to Islamic terrorism and the importation of more Muslims is said to be “Islamophobic,” and “Islamophobia” is portrayed as “racism.” Never mind that Islam is a belief system and not a race; mere facts are irrelevant these days. In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, Alice goes through a mirror into a strange world where everything is inverted. We have apparently done the same, but that mirror is far behind us now; the normal world we left behind is but a distant memory; and Alice is nowhere in sight.


When Alice was in Looking Glass Land she met many strange characters, including a queen who remarked: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” A significant percentage of the American sheeple seem to share her sentiment. For example, here are six impossible things we are expected to believe (and many people do believe).

1. We can spend our way out of debt. No one should worry about deficit spending, the expanding national debt (now over $20 trillion), the increasing private debt, or the unfunded liabilities like Medicare. No, we can continue to fritter away billions on welfare and foreign aid, waste and corruption, and the bill will never come due.

2. Many associates of the Demonic Duo (the Clintons) have killed themselves, died in plane crashes, or been murdered by persons unknown, and the Clintons could not possibly have had anything to do with it. Vince Foster went to a park nowhere near or between his home and the WH where he worked, and shot himself with an unregistered gun he was not known to have owned. The gun was still in his hand (in suicides it usually is dropped), and he had crossed muddy ground without getting any mud on his shoes. His body was covered by carpet fibers, consistent with the report of one witness who claimed to have seen two men in the park carrying something large and heavy wrapped in a carpet.

Nothing to see here folks; move along. Mary Mahoney, a former WH intern who had claimed an affair with Slick Willy, was shot dead along with several co-workers in a coffee shop where she worked after leaving the WH, and there was no robbery, but only paranoids would suspect a hit ordered by the Demonic Duo. Former Treasury Secretary Ron Brown was threatening to testify against the Clintons. He and many others died in an unexplained plane crash and he had what appeared to be a bullet hole in his head, and his lawyer, shortly after this, survived an assassination attempt, but this is nothing but a series of coincidences, and the same is true of all the other deaths in the wake of the Clintons.


3. In all the history of steel-framed buildings none ever collapsed completely due to fire until 9/11 when three of them in one small area did so, and they managed to collapse at near free-fall speed straight down in their own footprints, a feat normally achievable only through carefully planned controlled demolition.

4. On the same day, an untrained Muslim terrorist skillfully flew a plane directly into the side of the Pentagon without hitting the pavement or flying over the building, and the airliner was invisible to the many surveillance cameras in the area. Its wings and engines did no damage to the Pentagon and vanished into thin air. Actually, the entire plane, passengers, and crew disappeared off the face of the Earth after hitting the building. Sounds reasonable to me.

5. The Earth’s atmosphere contains only four parts in 10,000 of the dreaded plant food, CO2, and much of that is produced naturally. If the CO2 doubled, it would still make up less than one thousandth of our atmosphere. Also, methane and water vapor are greenhouse gases. The most accurate measurement of Earth’s overall surface and atmospheric temperature comes from satellites, which have shown no warming in 18 years.

Organizations promoting the idea that manmade CO2 will lead to disastrous climate change have repeatedly been caught falsifying data. Nevertheless, we must believe that even a small increase in CO2 will cause the seas to rise and flood Gory Al’s beachfront property, and, furthermore, all the wittle poly bears will surely perish (never mind that their population has actually increased in recent years). We must immediately deindustrialize and live like medieval serfs (and all leftists should cease exhaling).


6. Homosexuality and lesbianism are perfectly natural because people are born that way…it’s all in the genes. Never mind that, in accordance with Darwinian natural selection (another article of faith with leftists) such a trait would soon be bred out of existence, since perverts produce very few children. Never mind that studies have repeatedly shown that sexual perversion usually begins with a childhood sexual experience, usually with an older child or an adult.

7. Sex, however, is whatever a person chooses to be. Contrary to what both chromosomes and countless millennia of human experience show, people are not born male or female, and, anyway, the sexes are exactly the same. Women can be Army rangers or USMC infantry officers, and, any day now, we will be told that men can become pregnant and receive free abortions. The schools need to encourage children to be suitably mutilated and dosed with appropriate hormones (and many schools appear to be doing exactly that).

8. On 10/1/17 a man with no known military training, no record of mental illness, and no known association with Islam or any terrorist group (in short, a man with no known motive) smuggled a huge assortment of weapons and ammunition into his hotel room at Mandalay Bay without being noticed by anyone or taped by the hall and elevator surveillance cameras. Full auto fire with assault rifles is very inaccurate, and Paddock’s weapons used the even more inaccurate “bump stock” to achieve full auto fire; nevertheless, he was able to hit over 500 people at a range of over 400 yards.

The many people who claimed that they saw and heard multiple shooters are all mistaken. The many reports of gunfire at other hotels in the area are all false. The fact that the police radically changed the whole timeline of events days after the shooting means nothing. The fact that these same police took well over an hour to enter Paddock’s room means nothing. He acted alone, just like Lee Harvey Oswald and all the others.

9. We must always trust the slimestream media and the government, because they never, never lie.

10. We must surrender all our guns, because the police will protect us, just like they did in Las Vegas.

There. That’s six impossible things. Some people may imagine that they counted ten, but remember…here in looking glass land, ten equals six.

Believe it.

William B. Stoecker

The views expressed by story contributors to All News Pipeline are their own and do not always align completely with those of ANP.

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