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November 12, 2017

As Saudi 'Purge' Expands And Chaos Grips Middle East, We're Ticking Down To Something Huge On The Horizon With All The Ducks Now Being Lined Up In A Row

- Is THIS The Tip Of The Iceberg That Takes Down Hillary Clinton?   

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new, viral story by Chris Martenson over at Peak Prosperity that was republished on Zero Hedge titled "If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesn't Worry You, You're Not Paying Attention", he tells us the dramatic geo-political realignment we're now witnessing in the Middle East is upending many, many decades of established strategic relationships that stretched across the entire world with its tentacles reaching firmly into Washington DC and US politics. 

Warning in his story that so much is currently in flux in the Middle East that nearly anything can happen next, he says that the tectonic change we're witnessing now happening at blazing speed is receiving very little attention from the mainstream media here in America, thus proving how big a deal that this really is. While also warning that the gigantic waves of change now rolling across the Middle East will definitely come crashing down upon American shores in numerous ways that are likely to be enormous though still unpredictable. 

And while Martenson warns that the ongoing purge we're now witnessing in Saudi Arabia will likely impact the price of oil and the global markets as some of the richest men in the world are arrested for corruption, the tectonic shaking that we're witnessing coming from Saudi Arabia could easily spark a new Middle East war with the opposing sides already being drawn as shared in this story and the first video below from South Front. 

 Martenson also warns us that Russia and China could quickly be drawn in to any conflict that flares up between Saudi Arabia and Iran and their numerous allies yet as we've previously reported on ANP, what could be the  most important aspect of this 'purge' are its ties directly back to Washington DC and US presidents dating back to Richard Nixon. As Martenson tells us in his story, a 40+ year old secret was kept that has finally seen the light of day. 

Let’s talk about the most seminal moment in recent Saudi history: the key oil-for-money-and-protection deal struck between the Nixon administration and King Faisal back in the early 1970’s.

This pivotal agreement allowed KSA to secretly recycle its surplus petrodollars back into US Treasuries while receiving US military protection in exchange. The secret was kept for 41 years, only recently revealed in 2016 due to a Bloomberg FOIA request. 

Note that this is yet another secret world-shaping deal successfully kept out of the media for over four decades. Yes Virginia, conspiracies do happen. Secrets can be (and are routinely) kept by hundreds, even thousands, of people over long stretches of time.


With the Saudi purge now expanding with the arrest of Saudi 'Deep State' Prince Bandar also showing that what's happening in Saudi Arabia goes all the way back to the Bush days and before, we have to wonder if Americans such as Bush or Hillary Clinton have been proven corrupt in the massive records and assets seizures that have been happening there and if the 'Saudi connection' will eventually bring down the corrupt political house of cards here in America. 

With a very clear war declared upon Hollywood corruption and nasty news-men as Susan Duclos has previously reported here on ANP, the icing on the cake would be to see the likes of Hillary finally get the justice she deserves as Americans finally get truth on numerous conspiracies, scandals and tragedies that have haunted our nation for many years.  

As we hear in the 3rd video below, the Saudi Arabia connection to Hillary Clinton involves tens of millions of dollars and stretches back many, many years. Is Saudi Arabia the tip of the iceberg that will finally lead to #LockHerUp? 


As has been previously reported, one of the recently 'purged' Saudi prince's had directly bankrolled Hillary Clinton with Saudi Arabia donating tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation with Hillary proving weapons deals. Highlighted by the arrest of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a billionaire who also owned significant stakes in Citigroup and Twitter and who called Donald Trump a 'disgrace to America' prior to the 2016 election, we think it likely not just a coincidence that the long-floating ship of Hillary may have sprung a massive and terminal leak. 

With numerous Democrats now turning against Hillary being led most recently by Donna Brazile we have to ask, what do they know that we don't know??? The fact that Brazile has come out so strongly in support of finding the murderer of Seth Rich and actually stated she keeps the blinds closed to avoid snipers while refering to Rich as a 'child of hers' and a 'great patriot' shows she knows his murder wasn't simply a random robbery (where they never took anything!). And what about the fact that award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh revealed he'd seen proof that Seth Rich had contacted Wikileaks? 

And when we add in the sudden closing of the Podesta group as further indictments loom actually giving us another huge hint of the direction that this may be headed, we're not the least bit surprised that Hillary is once again in talks with the Russians to buy more anti-Trump disinformation as she'll try almost anything in her power to take him down before he returns the favor for the American people. 


In the 2nd video below from former Congressman Ron Paul's youtube channel we're warned that all of the ducks are also now lining up in a row for a brand new Middle East war that could have devastating consequences with the Middle East long known as the worlds powder keg and such a war having the capacity of drawing numerous other nations into it. 

With the Middle East also supplying over 12% of the oil that Americans use regularly and Saudi Arabia itself possessing 22% of the world's oil reserves, it's easy to understand why such a war would immediately have global consequences.


In closing, according to famed FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, special counsel Robert Mueller covered up numerous Islamic terror groups and could never be an impartial investigator into 'Russia collusion'. Warning that Mueller had previously issued a gag order against her and her investigations into Islamic terror groups that have sprung up all across America, why would Mueller provide cover to terrorists and is blood on his hands? 

As we hear in the final video below, there are numerous signs that the 'Saudi purge' now ongoing may be tied to the recent 'Las Vegas massacre' including the fact that Clinton crony Prince Alwaleed himself owned the upper floors of the Mandalay Bay resort! Just a coincidence that one of the biggest mass shooting in US history happened with Clinton's terrorist-supporting crony owning parts of the hotel, who then happens to be rounded up in the Saudi purge? 

It's quite obvious that we are now witnessing history unfolding before our eyes with absolutely huge details playing out behind the scenes including hundreds of still sealed indictments and as Martenson tells us in his viral story, what's happening there in Saudi Arabia now, thousands of miles away from the US, is something that we should all be paying close attention to, especially since the msm is seemingly ignoring much of it, and for good reason, as it reaches all the way back to Washington DC and Hillary Clinton. 

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