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March 23, 2019

New Zealand's Descent Into An Islamic State Is A Huge Warning To America With The 'Thought Police' Now Out In Full Force

- The Global Totalitarians Love America's Snowflake Generation 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this recent story over at Campus Reform that the Drudge Report had linked to on Thursday, Jon Street and Cabot Phillips visited Marymount University in Virginia to ask students about their thoughts on free speech and what kind of speech they believe 'crosses a line' that should never be crossed and as we'll see in a video of those meetings in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, what many students believe should be 'prohibited speech' in 2019 is vastly different from speech that is fully protected by the US Constitution. 

As the top rated comment on the Campus Reform story wisely pointed out, "the Chinese communist party has been waiting very patiently for this generation of snowflakes to take charge of the country". And while thankfully they haven't yet completely 'taken charge of America', and as the Campus Reform story also points out, a new Executive Order to be signed by President Trump to mandate freedom of speech upon college campuses for Conservatives if the colleges are receiving federal money hints at an 'equaling of the playing field', the all-out war for the future of not only America but 'freedom' for all future generations continues to rage on.

With President Trump also warning big tech and the media to stop censoring or he may take federal action showing that he is finally getting involved in what we've been reporting upon for much of the past 2+ years on ANP, we pray that it's not too late because as this story over at the Washington Examiner reports, with Facebook recently blocking the posts of Dan Scavino, President Trump's own social media chief, Trump's re-election in 2020 may depend upon stopping the censors in their tracks. 

Yet even while President Trump is trying to level the free speech playing field here in America, as we learn in this very important new story by Mike Adams over at Natural News, the globalists are now launching an all-out assault upon his independent video outlet, Brighteon. After what is looking more and more to be a horrific false flag in New Zealand, which one resident of New Zealand has recently warned the globalists are using to turn his country into an Islamic State as we'll explore more below, the globalists are threatening to shoot the messenger.

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With liberal-socialists attempting to regain control of America by 'any means necessary' perfectly seen in the long-running deep state coup attempt against POTUS led by Robert Mueller, while they've also been attempting to regain control of the 'national narrative' here in America which they've lost with President Trump's presidency and a slow but steady 'great awakening', we see they're instead 'going global' in their last-ditch desperate attempt to regain control of the narrative. 

And as we've seen them do over and over again the past two years, they're doing that through beyond-Orwellian censorship all across the internet as we read from Mike Adams in his emergency alert story. In the 2nd video at the bottom of this story from the Hagmann Report, we hear more about the globalists war upon truth and the censorship we're still seeing from 'big tech' and the left but first, from Mike Adams' crucial story.:

This is an emergency alert concerning, the free speech video platform alternative to YouTube.

The Brighteon platform is now under extreme threat by upstream infrastructure providers over users posting footage of the New Zealand Christchurch shooting. We are being threatened to remove all the videos or face complete annihilation online, starting with being de-platformed from infrastructure providers, followed by legal action from none other than the nation of Australia (not even New Zealand itself, but Australia and it’s “Office of the eSafety Commissioner.”)

We anticipated this exact scenario many months ago, and we have been feverishly building alternative internal infrastructure to eliminate any dependencies on upstream infrastructure providers, to the extent that such a configuration is possible. However, we are still several months away from completion of that build out phase. Sadly, over the next few hours we are being forced — essential “at gunpoint” (the irony being completely lost of the fascists who now control the ‘net) — to delete all videos containing footage of the New Zealand shooting.

If we refuse to take this action, then ALL the videos on Brighteon will essentially be de-platformed, and none of them will be viewable by the public. The entire website will be annihilated.

Make no mistake: We are facing extreme online fascism, censorship and authoritarian speech police who are exploiting the New Zealand operation to roll out a totalitarian police state across the ‘net.


When did the left go from a free speech supporting group to fascists attempting to stifle debate any opportunity they get? With liberals happy to support free speech as long as it is speech that they agree with while turning into sniveling snowflakes when any discussion that might be a bit controversial comes up, we can see in what's happening now in New Zealand the 'big picture' if we look closely enough and listen to the words of warning of those who live there. 

The extremely important extended excerpt below comes to us from this new story over at Life Site News titled "Troubling signs New Zealand shooting is being used to turn my country into Islamic State"

I live in New Zealand. I’ve become alarmed at developments in my country since the shootings last Friday. What I see unfolding seems so disproportionate to the magnitude of the crime. It seems like I’ve woken up and all of a sudden live in an Islamic State.

Here are some highlights of what’s unfolding:

The thought police are out in full force and people are being scrutinized for "hate speech". Green ribbons are being worn as a symbol against hate.

Mosques and many of the prayer rooms continue to be protected by armed police (police aren't usually armed in my country).

Vigils are being held all over the place in solidarity with the victims. These seem to have morphed into what amounts to support for the Islamic religion. Catholic Bishop Dunn held one last Sunday afternoon in the Ponsonby church. After prayers there, they processed over to the mosque, which is on the opposite side of the road and prayed and met there.

Whitcoulls, one of our book stores, probably the oldest, has removed Jordan Peterson's book "12 Rules for Life" from its shelves because he was photographed with a member of the public wearing an anti-Islamic t-shirt while he was in New Zealand recently. Apparently, that's being construed as him having something to do with the madman's agenda.

On Tuesday a Muslim prayer was said in Parliament. Just recently all Christian prayer in Parliament was removed.

On Friday March 22 at 1:30pm New Zealand will be called to prayer...Islamic prayer that is. And we will be expected to keep 2 minutes silence after they read the Muslim prayer acknowledging Allah as "great" and Muhammad as his "prophet." The call to prayer will be broadcasted on national radio stations and TV as well.

Cardinal Dew will go to the local mosque (Kilbirnie) as well on Friday to stand outside during their prayers as an act of solidarity. The Catholic bishops here have been very sympathetic and playing out their "inter-faith role" with great enthusiasm.

Catholic school students have been praying inside mosques. It seems like we’re living in a different world all of a sudden.

It seems that showing our great respect for those who were killed has somehow been manipulated into showing affirmation of the Islamic religion.

New Zealand is now putty in the Islamists’ hands.

The shooting on Friday was terrible. But what has now unfolded is something else entirely and may just be the beginning of something very terrible for New Zealand.

Certainly, on a spiritual level, our crisis has become even deeper.

Please keep New Zealand in your prayers.


With Democrats here in America led by California Senator Dianne Feinstein now calling upon the US to follow the lead of New Zealand and pass laws that follow their gun ban example showing us the way they'll push the country in the days ahead, and even Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently saying that Democrats and the GOP can come together for a gun confiscation law as Breitbart reported in this recent story, it's clear the globalists will continue to use what happened in New Zealand to push America further towards censorship and used in their gun grab agenda.

And whether or not the Christchurch massacre was an elaborately planned military operation carried out by operatives of the '5-eyes intelligence apparatus' to push an agenda or a mass shooting by a nutcase, as Mike Adams also pointed out within his story, there were far too many oddities surrounding the massacre video to not question it. Including brass disappearing in mid-air, like 'magical ammo', I had also noticed something odd while watching it, the apparent lack of urgency by the shooter himself, who returned over and over again to methodically empty his gun again and again and again into the helpless victims. 

And then the shooter even returned to his vehicle to get another gun, just to return once again to the mosque to shoot up the already dead victims again, spending over 30 minutes in total according to this NY Times story

And as this March 18th story by Matt Agorist over at Activist Post pointed out, all the while that this ongoing massacre was taking place, New Zealand police were holding a drill nearby. That's right, once again, while a 'global terror event' was taking place, a 'drill' was going on very close by that simulated just such a scenario. How many times have we heard of 'drills' happening at the same time as past 'terror attacks'? Over and over and over again. From the Activist Post story.:

It took police officers in New Zealand 36 minutes to catch the terrorist who murdered 50 people in two Christchurch mosques last week. Dramatic footage shows that just two officers—only one of whom had a gun—apprehend the suspect after his bloody rampage. We are now learning that this response time would have been longer, but police happened to be conducting a drill nearby practicing for a similar attack.

In what can be described as an extremely strange “coincidence,” Chris Cahill, a detective inspector who is president of a local labor union for police officers, explained that officers were involved in a drill near the city center when the shooting broke out.

According to the NY Times,

The police said a special armed tactical unit arrived at Al Noor Mosque four minutes after the first officers, or 10 minutes after the initial emergency call.

Mr. Cahill said it normally would have taken longer, with team members summoned to a police station to suit up. On Friday, though, they happened to be in a training session in the city center and wearing their gear, he said.

“Any police force in the world — to get to the scene in six minutes, a specialist team there in 10 — that would be a success,” Mr. Cahill said.

Police in New Zealand don’t typically carry firearms, much less dress in tactical gear, so officers holding a drill with all their tactical equipment and weapons at the ready was a helpful coincidence indeed.

For those who may be unaware, the significance of the drill is important due to the fact that most terror attacks in recent history have coincided with drills very similar to the actual terrorism that unfolds.


When we look at everything else going on in the world and specifically New Zealand, and add in the fact that 'big tech' and global government's are going all out in their attempts to censor the video, it's easy to understand why there are still so many questions surrounding what happened there with 'false flag terrorism' clearly the globalists 'go to' to get their agenda's pushed through when all else fails. 

And as Mike Adams also pointed out in his story, while those pushing to remove all of the New Zealand shooting videos from the internet claim it's due to the violent nature of the video and the potential of people carrying out copy cat shootings, what about the violent nature of TV and movies all across the world being pushed into our faces daily by Hollywood or the violence we watched over and over and over again on TV on 9/11 of the Twin Towers crashing to the ground?

And while some people immediately 'tune out' if they hear the words 'false flag', just because an event might be some kind of a 'false flag' doesn't mean that very real and innocent people didn't die while the event was carried out. 

With New Zealand looking like a 'multi-purpose globalist false flag' to censor the internet, bring more gun control and gun confiscation to the US as Ammoland reported in this recent story as well as to bring in an Islamic state into New Zealand, and the globalists absolutely desperate with President Trump in the US, Brexit in the UK and the 'yellow vests' in France pushing them even further, we hope that everybody is prepared for anything and everything in the days ahead as 'big tech' ramps up their censorship efforts while the left is sure to lose their minds in the days ahead as the Russian collusion investigation finally comes to its long awaited end

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