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June 21, 2018

President Trump Ravages The 'Dark Cabal Of The Deep State' After Dark And Dangerous Period Of US History Revealed In IG Report

- And Just Imagine This Horrifying Alternative Reality


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Soon after last Thursday's release of the bombshell IG Report that the mainstream media is doing their very best to cover up with non-stop coverage of the illegal immigrant crisis in America, President Trump correctly stated that the IG Report not only totally destroyed corrupt former FBI head James Comey but that it also revealed "a dark and dangerous period in U.S. history".

Calling Comey "the ringleader in the whole den of thieves", this 'dark cabal of the deep state' that has stained the criminal justice system and sold away their allegiance to 'country' to get Hillary Clinton into office by any means necessary proved corruption existed at the very highest levels of our DOJ and FBI. Yet as this June 16th story over at Zero Hedge pointed out, according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, "good FBI agents" tipped off Congress about the mass corruption under Comey.††

And with that actually helping just a bit to restore our faith that what is supposed to be our nation's most pre-eminent law enforcement agency may indeed one day come through and hold those responsible for that corruption accountable for their actions, a tidal wave of information continues to come out after the release of the IG Report including the news that†over 300 bribes were paid to FBI agents by journalists, Peter Strzok was recently†escorted from FBI headquarters†and the exposure of two more anti-Trump lovebirds.

But if you think that any of this would be front page news had Hillary Clinton won the election and her sitting in the Oval Office right now, you'd be terribly mistaken with the 'Clinton body count' allegedly growing to this day and the 'corrupt deep state's' witch hunt against President Trump continuing despite no evidence yet found of 'Russian collusion'. What amounts to Hillary-voting sore losers leftover within the FBI and DOJ, throwing themselves a pity party.

And while the IG report allegedly concluded 'no bias', as Texas Representative Louie Gohmert and Fox News' Cal Thomas recently stated, nobody who read it really believe there was no bias in the IG report, and would be more likely to believe that pigs can fly. And ANP saw this coming all the way back in October of 2016 when we published a story titled "It's Happening Before Our Very Eyes!' - We Arrive At America's Most Dangerous Days As 'The Evil Minion Of Satan' Loses The Info War While Trump Dominates Like A Silverback Gorilla"†the day after Trump trounced Hillary during the 2nd presidential debate.

In that story we reported upon Hillary Clinton once claiming "we're losing the information war" and warned then that America's most dangerous days were likely ahead, fully believing then that Hillary, Obama and the globalists had no intention of giving up power should Trump had somehow miraculously won the election. And the 'witch hunt' continues.† †


As a member of the independent media, I was once asked by someone who has long gotten their news from the mainstream media how I was so sure that there was no 'Russian collusion' between President Trump and some shadowy members of the Russian government and my answer was swift. Because All News Pipeline has been accused of being a 'Russian propaganda outlet' d
espite the fact that my family has been in America for over 200 years with one member fighting against tyrants from Great Britain in the Revolutionary war.

The Washington Post had run a story just weeks after the 2016 election in which they claimed 'experts' had determined that numerous 'Russian propaganda outlets' had been running 'fake news' prior to the election, news that helped to get President Trump elected they claim. And 'the list' the Washington Post referenced within their story put out by the shadowy group 'Prop or Not' of alleged 'Russian propaganda outlets' included the Drudge Report, Paul Craig Roberts (former Ronald Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary), End of the American Dream, Natural News, Health Nut News, Investment Watch Blog, SHTFPlan, Zero Hedge, Infowars and Washington's Blog (yes, dedicated to George Washington and America) among them.†

With ANP being included on that list absolutely a 'badge of honor' to us, if you noticed that all of those websites listed (and many, many more) are PRO-America and ANTI-government corruption, ANTI-Hillary Clinton and ANTI-globalism, you're not the only one. Yet the corrupt cabal's 'witch hunt' against President Trump goes on but as we see detailed within this ANP story, President Trump and 'awakened America' are now striking back at the corrupt deep state cabal created under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and hard.†


And while some Americans are understandably still unhappy with the seemingly slow pace at which President Trump is 'draining the swamp', in the must-watch first video below from Lionel of Lionel Nation, he proves to us of just how amazingly fortunate we are in America that President Trump was voted into office with a reminder of how things could have been. Just imagine what America and the world would look like right this very instant had Hillary Clinton won and it was her making critical life or death decisions for America!

As a major funder and very good friend of Hillary, certainly Harvey Weinstein would still be raping Helly-wood 'starlets' and if anybody thinks that the NXIVM sex cult linked to Bill and Hillary would have been exposed had Hillary won, you'd likely have been greatly disappointed. And the closing of the website 'BackPage' which had been linked to a huge percentage of child trafficking cases in America would surely have never happened had Hillary won.†

And while the bat-s*** crazy mainstream media continues to push the children in 'fema camps' narrative despite the fact that those parents took a huge chance by illegally attempting to enter our country, does anyone doubt that had Hillary won, we'd probably have completely open borders by now, and a permanent Democratic voting block to ensure that the corrupted deep state cabal could continue to attempt to take down America and remake it in their satanic image as they've been doing for many decades running.†


With President Trump likely the only thing stopping the US from going to war with Russia with the globalists continually pushing for war in Syria, imagine what the world might look like right now from the standpoint of perpetual war had Hillary won. As even former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein once said, Hillary has never met a war she didn't like with Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon said "if Hillary had won, we'd be at war". And a nuclear war at that according to Jill Stein.†

And while Democrats and the mainstream media attempted to sabotage the amazing job that President Trump has done in getting a potential world-ending nuclear war with North Korea looking more and more like something that will never, ever happen, it's quite clear that had Hillary won in 2016, it would have been 'same old same old' with North Korea with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying before the election if Hillary won, WW3 would be at hand.†

And how quickly would the entire FBI/DOJ scandal been flushed down the memory hole had Hillary won? In fact, had Hillary won, we would have NEVER 'officially' found out about the absolute treachery taking place at the very highest levels of our nation's most pre-eminent law enforcement body and the DOJ. Yet we may be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in Trump's America.†

As Susan Duclos reported on ANP back on May 29th, any real investigation into 'Russian collusion' will find that all roads from Russia lead directly back to the evil witch herself, Hillary Clinton. And with several more IG Reports expected to be released in the coming weeks and months, we expect that either the truth will finally come out or 'the Republic' will be destroyed forever.†


We also should remember that back on January 22nd, author Jerome Corsi published a story over at Infowars within which he detailed a treasonous 16-year plan between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to overthrow the United States government via 2 successive 8 year terms that would end with a completely overhauled Constitution, a nullification of the 2nd Amendment and the complete opening of our borders to illegal immigrants.†

While the mainstream media hasn't published any stories detailing this plan and would surely call it some deranged conspiracy theory, we've seen the outcome of 8 years of Obama with most goals for that period already realized with only President Trump standing between their completion because they truly believed Hillary would never lose.†

Yet with the illegal immigration fiasco we see today and very real moves made to not only do away with the 2nd Amendment in America but the 1st as well, as Lionel tells us in this first video, America truly dodged a major bullet with the election of President Trump. And with Hillary Clinton allegedly saying prior to the election "if that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses", we're still waiting for that fateful day. In the 2nd and final video below we hear what President Trump has to think about the IG Report and the corruption within a certain faction of the deep state.†

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