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May 28, 2018

Will This New DARPA A.I. One Day Be Used To Hunt Down Resisters Of Global Govt? The UK's Descent Into That Tyranny Is Complete As They Coddle Islamic Grooming Gangs And Censor Truth While Dystopian-Sharia-Police-State Unfolds There


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at UKIP Daily that we were surprised to even find online after the 'ghosting' of many online stories in the UK after a judge ordered an Orwellian blackout upon any information related to Tommy Robinson's recent arrest and jailing in now openly-totalitarian England, the opening sentence speaks louder than words: 

One of the truly pernicious ways the MSM and government work is by suppressing news.

With America and the world recently plunged into a 'twilight zone' that Susan Duclos reported within this ANP story, the government of England's open censoring of the press there while protecting a Muslim child-grooming gang and coddling terrorists has proven to the world the depths to which the tyrannical British government has fallen. Yet the story of Tommy Robinson is also an open and very loud and clear warning to America.

Reminding us that should the Democrats had won the White House in 2016 leading to Hillary Clinton sitting in the Oval Office, America would have fallen to the same 'tyranny with a smile' that comes with the 'socialist' package that Hillary and the globalist democrats were trying to sell us, the sad story of Tommy Robinson truly is the canary in the coal mine.  

And as we see detailed within this ANP story, despite President Trump being in office, globalist projects are progressing full speed ahead as if the globalists have said "damn the 2016 election and the will of the American people".

With more indications that should the freedom-hating globalists get the White House back in 2020, they may be preparing to complete their 'new world order' and possibly 'hunt down' those who are opposed to their luciferian agenda, DARPA has developed all kinds of new 'seek and destroy' tech gadgets as we see in much more detail below.


As actor Charlton Heston once warned all free people, 'political correctness is tyranny with a smile' and as we see in recent events across the sea, the British people are now getting that tyrannical happy face from their government in spades.

Will the British people ever be able to get their country back from their now openly tyrannical government that has proven they support Islamic tyranny? It's not just a coincidence that the British people were 'castrated' long ago, losing their right to protect themselves and their families against criminals or corrupt tyrants when they were disarmed, giving the American people an endless list of reasons to love our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment in this nation. 

As this story over at Investment Watch Blog reports, the Orwellian circumstances surrounding the arrest of Robinson and the subsequent gag order issued by a judge proves the UK has fallen into a sort of sharia-law-like 1984-style dystopia where the truth is treason in that burgeoning empire of British lies.

And with British spies having concocted the Russian collusion 'fairy tail' and helped Hillary Clinton 'spin a Russian lie' while attempting to undermine President Trump, it's clear that all Russiagate roads lead back to London.  

While the completely clueless and dumbed down might call us Islamophobes or racists for speaking truth about the totalitarian nature of Islam and the government it has delivered to the UK, as Bradley Dean recently reported in this story over at News With Views, the word 'racist' itself was originally used to attack those who dissented against totalitarian, communist ideology. From that story: 

“Racist” is a made up word by Russian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky in 1927. It’s a word used to browbeat all dissenters of the communist ideology.

Over and over again today, we hear the use of words such as homophobia, Islamophobia, haters, bullies, racists, etc. all coming from those who don’t carry the shield to protect themselves in defense with the law on their side, but rather the spear to attack anyone and everyone that does not tolerate and comply with their lawlessness and treason.

First, it was the sodomites that were used as a political battering ram. Since the American people have now accepted that which God and American law have clearly condemned, you now have the Muslims (Judges 2:14) who are being used as a political battering ram. 

Seventeen years ago, I warned that the Muslims were on the heels of the sodomite communities in an attempt to upend America’s sovereignty (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:24).


With Islam absolutely being used as a political battering ram by the left, we remind you of the Islamic principle of 'taqiyya' which allows Muslims to deceive non-Muslims about their intentions or true beliefs to further Islamic jihad. With Christians slaughtered all around the world in majority Muslim nations and immigration being used as a weapon of war against Europeans and Americans, it's not a secret that many on the left would be happy to breed the white race and Western societies out of existence. 

With Americans clearly living in dangerous times for freedom and the US Constitution with an out of control and corrupt deep state attempting to overthrow the will of the American people after the 2016 election in order for them to complete their dismantlement of America and hasten the arrival of their totalitarian 'new world order', the pugnacious depths to which Barack Obama and his corrupt ilk fell to to spy upon President Trump was an attack upon freedom and ALL Americans. 

And as we remind you, during Obama's term in office, he specifically invited the Muslim brotherhood into the White House while providing funding and arms to the same terrorists who want to slaughter Christians and destroy America. Why is Barack Obama, who was truly the 'terrorist-in-chief' here in America for 8 years, still walking the planet a free man? 

As we see in this story, with President Trump a 'dividing line' here in America between those loyal to America and those who sold away their allegiance to our nation in an attempt to bring in a totalitarian, socio-Islamic 'new world order', should Democrats take back the White House in 2020, red-blooded Americans who support President Trump, the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendments and despise totalitarian government's will likely be the first to be 'rounded up' and thrown into communist-style re-education camps. 


In this May 25th story by Mac Slavo, he asks if the US government is now preparing for World War 3 by undertaking the building of secretive tunnels underneath our country, possibly stretching from the East coast to the West, after mysterious booms and strange lights have been seen and heard all over the country. With such events being noticed not just in certain geographic locations but seemingly everywhere, what really is now going on in the subterranean world? 

With these mysterious booms having gone viral, we find this new DARPA presentation quite interesting in that it details for us cutting edge new technology being unveiled, some of which can be used for the express purpose of real-time subterranean mapping and navigation. We thank Steve Quayle for bringing this information to our attention and as you can see by visiting the presentation yourself (we've excerpted with the photographs above and below), this new technology being unveiled by DARPA includes 'bat robots', autonomous subterranean vehicles and 'nano air vehicles' giving us a small hint of where this is all going.

Should the satanic globalists be successful at taking down America, will this technology one day be used to hunt down resisters of the 'new world order'? It's long been warned that many would die fighting against totalitarian global government, the 'new world order'. 


While we'll be taking another look at this new DARPA technology in an upcoming story on ANP, do all of these new technologies, many of them designed to be used underground, hint at why such mysterious booms have been happening across America? 

Certainly they show us that DARPA has been very busy creating new 'monsters' with 'artificial intelligence' and the potential of these products being used against law-abiding American citizens in an emerging totalitarian society is troubling. 


With the UK quite literally proving it has devolved into a Nazi or Soviet-style police state with the censoring of anything about Robinson from news media there while injustice was handed out against Robinson swiftly, (just like 'justice' is handed out in all totalitarian nations), what has happened to Tommy Robinson should provide the outrage that leads to real change in the UK for should it not, it could lead to either civil war or 'white genocide'. 

And with the latest moves by the UK to silence truth proving to Americans and the world that Islam as a political system is of a repugnant and totalitarian nature while the globalists continue to push their 'new world order' that doesn't value either truth nor freedom, what happens in the UK with Robinson and the continued attempts to censor this story should be looked at as more signs proving the totalitarian direction the globalists are trying to take us. 

If the globalists have their way, the 1st and 2nd Amendment's of the US Constitution will soon be dead in America, leading to even more Orwellian censorship, the total silencing of news outlets and Nazi-style purges and roundups.

In the first video below, our videographer talks with us about the Tommy Robinson arrest and imprisonment and the UK's continuing descent into total Islamic tyranny while in the 2nd video below, our videographer talks with us about the FBI's decision to investigate the numerous unexplained booms across America. In the final video, our videographer takes a look at some of DARPA's technology created for the US military, A.I. that we hope is never used in 'seek and destroy' missions against Americans.  

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