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June 30, 2021

If Americans Knew The Truths About What Have Long Been Called 'Conspiracy Theories', US Politicians And The Deep State Would Be Facing Long Overdue And Well Deserved Reckonings 

- They Don't Want You To Know There Is Truth Behind Almost Every 'Conspiracy Theory' 

By Kalbo for ANP

Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan. Follow the Money. Don’t fall for the Narrative. Determine Who Benefits. Resistance is Always Greater When You are over The Target. To Reveal Your Controller, Discover Who You Cannot Criticize. 

(ANP: This story is one segment of a multi-part series on 'the truth behind what are called conspiracy theories' by Kalbo.)

The term "Conspiracy Theory" is used as by those in power to malign and denigrate any questioning of their criminal activity. It is the equivalent of shutting down debate by calling the opposition party a racist. When a person is caught cheating on their spouse, or on a work assignment, they often try to conceal their guilt with rage at or ridicule of the revealer. To discover the truth of anything, search where you receive the most resistance.... you are now over the target. 

Below are secrets, crimes, and coverups that have been dismissed as Conspiracy Theories. I offer up a counter theory to each event, supported by facts revealed slowly over time by those involved, declassified documents, suppressed or deleted witness statements, and little known or hidden evidence. 

Conspiracy Theories Debunked 

JFK Assassination/coup: JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on Nov 22, 1963. He was shot in the head and neck. 

Official Version: Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, acting alone. He then fled, killed Officer JD Tippit, and hid in a theatre, where he was arrested. He was subsequently killed by Jack Rubenstein (Ruby) as he was being transferred to another jail. Jack Ruby did this due to his anger over the killing of JFK. 

The Truth: Oswald was working for the CIA as a low level operative. He had been assigned to Anti- Castro movements as his cover. JFK was leery of the power of the CIA and had expressed his desire to "break it up into a thousand little pieces". JFK had just recently fired Allen Dulles, the CIA chief, over the botched Bay of Pigs Cuban invasion. LBJ was Vice President, and hated the Kennedys. JFK hated LBJ since LBJ had muscled his way onto the 1960 Democratic Ticket for VP by threatening to reveal to the press that JFK had Addisons disease, and was addicted to pain killers and amphetamines. JFK had already expressed his decision to the Democrat Party leadership that he was not going to have LBJ on the 1964 ticket. LBJ also had a dislike for being #2 in any situation. 

The FBI chief was J Edgar Hoover. He was slow walking the crackdown ordered on the Mafia by JFK and his brother RFK, the Attorney General. This was due to Hoover being blackmailed by the Mafia with proof of Hoover's homosexuality. Hoover also feared being replaced by JFK. 

The assassination was referred to as "The Big Event", as revealed by E Howard Hunt, at a time near his death in 2007. The Project Manager for the CIA was George Bush Sr. The CIA loaned Oswald to the FBI for the operation. 

Hoover handled Oswald personally, meeting with him at night, in secluded locations, always in the imposing FBI black limo. Oswald was afraid of Hoover. Hoover assigned Oswald to work in the book depository, a job for which Oswald disliked and felt below his station. LBJ was in complete control of the political environment in Texas, having been a Congressman and Senator from Texas since 1937. LBJ had amassed a loyal following through political appointments, favors, and generous distribution of taxpayer dollars. 

LBJ was facing possible resignation or impeachment at the time due to the Bobby Baker Scandal, which was under investigation by the Senate Rules Committee. LBJ also knew that JFK was taking him off the 1964 Presidential Election ticket as VP. 

JFK had begun his campaign for reelection and was on a campaign trip to Dallas when the assassination occurred. There were two gunmen, Malcolm Wallace in the 6th floor window, and the other on the grassy knoll behind the low wall, dressed in a Dallas PD uniform. The head shot came from the grassy knoll. Malcolm Wallace was LBJs personal hit man and had killed at least 5 other men on the orders of LBJ. The fingerprint of Wallace was reportedly found in the 6th floor “sniper’s nest” of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. 

The motorcade entered Dealey Plaza, JFK was in the lead car, second car was Secret Service, and the third car was LBJ and LadyBird. Pictures of the motorcade, taken 30 seconds prior, and a block away from the plaza, show that LBJ had ducked down onto the floor of the limo, leaving LadyBird looking befuddled. 

George Bush Sr was photographed outside the book depository immediately after the event. He was also interviewed by the Dallas Police, which was recorded in a police report. 

Oswald was taking a break at the time of the event, drinking a soft drink in the lunchroom. Being an experienced CIA operative, he recognized that he may have been placed by Hoover in the depository in order to be made a patsy, as he was no stranger to these tactics. Oswald also knew that the best patsy is a dead patsy. Oswald then left and drove his car, headed home. Officer JD Tippit, under orders to kill Oswald, was waiting for Oswald to leave. Tippit followed him, eventually performing a traffic stop. Tippit hesitated in shooting Oswald, allowing Oswald to get the drop on Tippit, and shoot him dead. There were several witnesses to this, who then observed Oswald walking to a movie theatre. He did so without paying the 10 cent admission. The cashier called the police. Oswald did this so he would be arrested in full public view and not killed by the police. 

Bad news for the conspirators. Oswald was still alive, and talking to the police. Jack Ruby, a Dallas bar owner, was a FBI confidential source, and served as a conduit for messages from Hoover to Oswald. Ruby and Oswald were seen chatting in the bar the day prior to The Big Event. Jack Ruby was assigned to kill Oswald. Ruby shot Oswald as he was being transferred to another jail. It is unknown if the shot to the abdomen killed Oswald, as these wounds are not always fatal. It is possible that Oswald was "helped along" while in the ambulance. 

The coverup was accomplished by the FBI assuming the investigation, and seizing all evidence, for what was only a state crime of murder. The autopsy was performed by the US Navy, by a doctor that had never performed an autopsy previously. The autopsy photos were staged and the wounds altered or concealed to hide evidence. Spent bullets were planted, one on the hospital gurney. The rifle from the depository was switched. Original photos show a WW2 Mauser 98, 8mm. The rifle was switched with a Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5mm rifle. The windshield of the limo was replaced to hide a bullet hole. 

The Warren Commission was created to investigate/coverup the event. The head of the investigation was Allen Dulles, the former head of the CIA that JFK had fired months prior. Gerald Ford was appointed to the commission by LBJ, and was aware of the coverup. President Nixon knew of the conspiracy, and chose Ford as his new VP after Agnew resigned, because then Nixon would have leverage over Ford. Later, Nixon would use this leverage to pressure Ford to pardon him after his resignation in 1974. 

LBJ used the recording system that JFK had installed in the Whitehouse. There is a tape of a conversation between LBJ and Hoover on the day after the event. In it, they discuss the event, as well as how the coverup is going, and how to proceed from here. It is available at the Johnson Presidential Library. 

Unknown to the general American public and never mentioned in history books is the fact that a Texas Grand Jury, had posthumously indicted and found Lyndon Johnson guilty as a co-conspirator; through his association with Malcolm Wallace, Billie Sol Estes and Edward Clark; in the following nine (9) murders: 

 The killing of Henry Marshall (the Agriculture Secretary) 

 The killing of George Krutelnik (an FBI informant who worked for Estes) 

 The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary 

 The killing of Harold Orr (an FBI informant who worked for Estes) 

 The killing of Coleman Wade (an FBI informant who worked for Estes) 

 The killing of Josefa Johnson (LBJ's own sister!) 

 The killing of John Kinser (Josefa's boyfriend) 

 The killing of President John Kennedy 

Who Benefited: Long list here... LBJ naturally. His Bobby Baker scandal went away "so the country could heal". Hoover kept his job until his death, prosecuting only the occasional out-of-favor Mafioso. Dulles got his revenge, the CIA remained intact, and the Vietnam War was accelerated to the great satisfaction of the American defense industry and the military brass. 

USS Liberty: The USS Liberty was a US Navy electronic spy ship that was attacked by the Israeli Air Force and Navy during the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and Egypt. 

Official Version: The attack was a case of mistaken identity by the Israelis due to the "fog of war". 

The Truth: LBJ was President, and was still recording conversations and phone calls with the tape system installed by JFK. There is a recording in the Johnson Library which reveals the treason of LBJ in this incident. 

The recording starts with LBJ being informed that the Israeli Ambassador is waiting to see him. Their meeting takes place, and the ambassador relates that his gov't wants to sink the USS Liberty in order to blame Egypt and then bring the US into the Six-Day War, now underway. LBJ, at first, is enraged at the suggestion of killing US sailors, but is reminded by the ambassador that LBJ owes his presidency to Israel and they are here to collect. LBJ submits. 

Once the attack starts, the USS Liberty calls for assistance from the fleet. Twice the fleet sends aircraft to assist the Liberty, but LBJ orders the planes recalled. The first recall was ordered via military channels and communication. When the commanding admiral sent the aircraft the second time, LBJ personally called the admiral on a telephone link, and ordered him to recall the planes. That conversation is also on tape in the Johnson library. 

Robert Kennedy Assassination: RFK was killed in June 1972 in Los Angeles after a campaign rally following the California presidential primary. 

Official Version: RFK was shot by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian immigrant, in the kitchen of the hotel. There were no others involved. 

The Truth: Sirhan's 8 shot 22 cal revolver had only fired 2 shots. There were 13 bullet holes in the kitchen walls and ceiling. RFK was facing Sirhan, but was shot behind the ear at close range. The shot came from Kennedy's bodyguard or an assigned assassin, with the cooperation of the bodyguards. The room was crowded with reporters and cameras. One photographer was crouched on top of the refrigerator, and took a movie film of the entire event, from RFK's entrance into the kitchen, to the moment the police/FBI seized his movie camera. All the cameras and photographs were seized by the police, and have not been released to the public. 

RFK had been the Attorney General under his brother JFK. The investigation of JFK's murder was taken from the Justice Dept, bypassing RFK, and given to the FBI/Warren Commission, which LBJ, Hoover, and Dulles controlled. The preps were in control of the investigation of their own crime. 

RFK was convinced that LBJ had played a role in the assassination, but was not able to prove it. There is a video or RFK asking LBJ "Why did you kill my brother?", to which LBJ blows him off with a hand gesture, laughs and walks away. 

RFK ran for Senate from NY and won in 1964. RFK then ran for President in the 1968 primaries, winning many. He still needed to gather open delegate votes at the Democratic Convention to win the Democrat Nomination. 

If elected President, RFK surely would have pursued the JFK assassination further. In those days, there were a lot of strange deaths happening to anyone connected to the assassination or the coverup. Witnesses were being eliminated one by one. 

Who Benefited: Mostly LBJ and his co-conspirators in the JFK assassination. Richard Nixon benefited by having a weak opponent in the Presidential race in 1968, George McGovern, but it is unlikely that Nixon had any part or knowledge of the plan to kill RFK. 

Vince Foster: Vince Foster was an attorney in Arkansas, who had worked with Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm. He served as Deputy White House Counsel for the first six months of the Clinton Administration. He died July 20, 1993 of an apparent suicide. 

Official Version: Vince Foster drove his car to Ft Marcy Park, walked 100 yards to a bushy area, and shot himself in the mouth with a 38 revolver. 

The Truth: Vince Foster was killed on the orders of the Clintons, when it became apparent that he was not up to the task of concealing the corruption of the Clintons, and was planning on returning to Arkansas. Vince Foster became a threat to the Clintons when he decided to break away from their direct control. Vince Foster knew where many Clinton skeletons were buried and could possibly turn witness against them if pressured by law enforcement. 

While sitting in his car in the White House Parking lot, he was shot in the jaw and neck area with a silenced 22 pistol, through the drivers window, breaking it. He was then loaded into a van, rolled into a carpet, and driven to the park for disposal. On the way to the park, he was shot through the mouth with a silenced 38 cal pistol. His car was driven to the park and let in the parking lot, with blood still on the seats and dash. He was carried in the carpet through the brush and dumped. The carpet was removed from the scene. The witness that found the body, did not see any weapon nearby, but hours later, a "drop gun" was left at the scene and placed in his hand. The witness was heavily pressured by the FBI to change his story. No fingerprints were found on the weapon exterior, but two prints were found on the underside of the removable grips. The prints were not identified as to their owner. The medic who responded to the scene, said he saw an automatic pistol, not a revolver. Another switched gun? The "drop gun" was black, where as Foster's own gun was silver. The Foster family could not identify the drop gun as Vince's gun. 

Gun powder residue was found on Foster's glasses, which were found 19 feet away from the body. Likely the glasses were thrown there after dumping the body and removing the carpet. 

The residence of the Saudi Ambassador was only a short distance away. The guards at the residence did not hear any gun shots. Foster's shoes did not have any grass or signs that he had walked from his car. His hands had powder burns on the palms (defensive) rather than on the backs of the fingers (offensive). He may have been conscious when shot the second time in the van. 

His office, a crime scene, was emptied of all documents by the White House staff. Two days later, after having been searched twice already, a typed suicide note was found in Foster's briefcase. The note was torn in 28 pieces, only 27 of which were found. No fingerprints were found on the suicide note. The lower right signature area was the missing piece. 

President Clinton directed that the Park Police investigate the suicide. The Park Police had not previously investigated any homicide. Crimes on Federal property are assigned to the FBI. Clinton had greater control of the Park Police than he had of the FBI. 

The Park Police treated the incident as a suicide from the beginning, and thus did not investigate it as a possible murder, failing to trace the gun, do bullet forensics, investigate the drivers window breakage (reconstruction would have revealed a bullet hole), and interview the Secret Service Uniformed Division guard who had made a log entry in his guard report, that there was a dead body in a car with a broken drivers window parked in the White House parking lot. 

The autopsy photos and Xrays of Foster's skull are missing. 

Who Benefited: Hillary and Bill Clinton were able to silence a possible weak link in their crime syndicate.

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