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September 28, 2016

Code Red Alert! Something Huge Is Coming Before The Election - Infiltration Of America Completed Ahead Of NWO Endgame


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Not only is the Obama administration fast-tracking the importation of Syrian refugees into America, knowing that Islamic terrorists have infiltrated the refugee resettlement program, but now we have seven soldiers who were being trained in the U.S. as part of the International Military Education and Training program under the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency, going AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave). 

The official narrative is that two of the missing U.S. trained Afghan soldiers are "accounted for" with a Defense department official suggesting they "may" have fled the United States. 

According to Washington Free Beacon, three of those seven Afghan soldiers disappeared the same weekend that Afghan-born bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami went on a bombing spree in New York and New Jersey and nine people were injured in knife attacks in a shopping mall in Minnesota by a man that was referencing Allah, and Islamic State-linked Amaq Agency called the man "a soldier of the Islamic State" who "carried out the operation in response to calls to target citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition."

An Army source said the Afghans who left the weekend of the New York area bombings appeared to be part of a coordinated effort. The three men are being probed for possible connections to Rahami. "Initial assessment is that there is not relation and the timing is coincidental," the source said.

Evans declined to comment on whether the Pentagon has security concerns about the missing Afghans.

Sarah Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, said authorities are pursuing the Afghans.

"ICE Homeland Security Investigations is aware of the situation, and is actively working to locate these individuals in coordination with the State Department and the Department of Defense," she said, declining specifics because of the ongoing investigation.

Coincidently, we are now seeing Homeland Security issue a dire warning that sporting events, concerts and other gatherings of large groups of people may be targets for Islamic terror groups and admitting that "Islamic State's ability to strike in U.S. not 'significantly diminished'."

Of course Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson is following the official White House policy of refusing to name the enemy, and has created a new label for Islamic terrorism that has been seen on U.S. soil of late, calling them "terrorist enabled," which supposedly falls between a "self-radicalized loner and one directly controlled by an organization."

A couple of statements and assertions by Johnson highlighted by Counter Jihad Report are very telling,  given his radical ties and pro-Islamic leanings:

Johnson said terrorist threats have evolved, moving from terrorist-directed attacks "to a world that also includes the threat of terrorist-inspired attacks" in which individuals who live in the U.S. are "self-radicalized" to attack their own country.

That is nothing more than Johnson attempting to play word games as see that ISIS has instructed "lone wolf" attacks, so the claim that these terrorists are simply "inspired" by ISIS or "self-radicalized," is nonsense and just another attempt on the part of the Obama administtration to avoid admitting that the attacks were conducted by radical Islamic terrorists.

For example, in November 2015, ISIS released a video that appeared to threaten Manhattan's Times Square and Herald Square. Where was one of the most recent terror attacks on American soil? Manhattan, as "directed."

The next statement highlighted is a direct lie:

Johnson says that by their nature, terrorist-inspired attacks and terrorist-enabled attacks are difficult to detect by intelligence and law enforcement communities, can occur with little or no notice and in general make for a more complex homeland security challenge.

As ANP pointed out on September 18, 2016, law-enforcement can pinpoint the general location of where these types of attacks will occur, using their very own data on where Syrian refugess (and ISIS members and supporters) have been resettled to in larger numbers.

As was mentioned in that article, the latest three attacks in NY, NJ and Minnesota, and the Orlando massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, are all shown to have recieved a significant number of Syrian refugees from September 2015 through July 2016.


The reason these types of attacks are "difficult to detect" is because Homeland Security, run by Johnson as well as other investigative agencies under Obama's control, have been prevented from utilizing all intelligence capabilities, because mosques have been off-limits by government surveillance since October 2011.

The reason why can be clearly seen in an article by Discover The Networks Org. article titled  "ISLAMIST INFILTRATION OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION"



The timing of everything we are watching occur, with the presidential election drawing near, the race-baiting and cop shootings, the racial tensions where we are seeing reports of "kill white people" and Black Lives Matter graffiti, the increasing frequency of terror attacks and shootings, all followed immediately by Obama, his wife, and his merry band of lackies calling for more gun control.... is no coincidence.

As a side note, we do notice that a number (not all)  of police shootings have occurred against unarmed black Americans, so we also have to wonder if an old warning by Steve Quayle about how professional assassins would be inserted into police departments in order to generate racial tensions and stoke a race war, with the help of people like Geoge Soros funding and inciting groups like Black Lives Matter into violence, is also another phase having been completed.

The people that want to see America destroyed are all laying out the groundwork for their endgame.

Disarming Americans.

Many Second Amendment advocates are fond of the saying made famous by Charlton Heston about how the government can take his guns "from my cold dead hands," but with recent events, the calls for more gun control against law abiding citizens, while not enforcing the laws to prevent guns from being obtained by Islamic terrorists, even those that have previously been under FBI investigation, Obama surrendering to the UN, who has called for gun confiscation policies in the US, then giving them the authority to fire on Americans, it is possible that is exactly what they are planning.

To take our guns from our cold dead hands.


We see that while Islamic communities and mosques are being protected from intelligence gathering, Christians, constitutionalists, patriot groups, veterans and others are being targeted and labeled and dangerous and extremists and listed as hate groups, quite likely to create their assassination algorithms to highlight the "red list." 

I would like to make another couple of observations, speculative but highly suspicious in my view because of the timing issue.

Barack Obama was convinced Hillary Clinton, whose top aid Huma Abedin has her own radical Muslim ties,  would win the presidential election by a landslide, then Hillary Clinton passed out on 9/11 and the already narrowing polls started tightening even more as her poll numbers started dropping, while the GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's numbers started rising, and the race was tightening to the point where reports state that members of the Obama administration "sitting on the edge of our seats in terror."

Clinton has made no bones about continuing Obama's policies as well and pushing for more gun control regulations, even stating at one point that she would use executive action on gun control to exceed what Obama has already done.

It is quite possible Obama, freaking out about a possible Trump win and knowing Trump plans to reverse many of Obama's executive actions immediately which would effectively "erase the Obama Presidency," has moved up the endgame timeline, using terror attacks against America, more shootings, more violent rioting by Black Lives Matter, to provide the perfect storm to implement martial law and to disarm Americans.

If the polls stay tight and Obama thinks there is a chance that Hillary won't win in November, we can expect something huge to happen before the election.... and it won't be pretty.

Remember the NWO motto - Order Out of Chaos

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