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September 19, 2016

'Erasing The Obama Presidency' - Far Left Liberal Writer Just Provided The Best Argument For A Trump Presidency!


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The New Yorker Magazine published an article, geared toward liberals who are hesistant to vote for Hillary Clinton, obviously meant to terrify them into heading to the polls in order to prevent their worst nightmare from coming true, a Donald Trump Presidency.

Interestingly enough, this mind-numbingly long article titled "President Trump's First Term" also provides the best argument for why each and every conservative, even those hesistant to vote for Trump, should. The writer managed to do it in just two paragraphs which detail the Trump campaign's planned "First Day Project."

Trump aides are organizing what one Republican close to the campaign calls the First Day Project. "Trump spends several hours signing papersóand erases the Obama Presidency," he said. Stephen Moore, an official campaign adviser who is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, explained, "We want to identify maybe twenty-five executive orders that Trump could sign literally the first day in office." The idea is inspired by Reaganís first week in the White House, in which he took steps to deregulate energy prices, as he had promised during his campaign. Trumpís transition team is identifying executive orders issued by Obama, which can be undone. "Thatís a problem I donít think the left really understood about executive orders," Moore said. "If you govern by executive orders, then the next President can come in and overturn them."

That is partly exaggeration; rescinding an order that is beyond the "rulemakingĒ stage can take a year or more. But signing executive orders starts the process, and Trump's advisers are weighing several options for the First Day Project: He can renounce the Paris Agreement on greenhouse-gas emissions, much as George W. Bush, in 2002, 'unsigned' American support for the International Criminal Court. He can re-start exploration of the Keystone pipeline, suspend the Syrian refugee program, and direct the Commerce Department to bring trade cases against China. Or, to loosen restrictions on gun purchases, he can relax background checks.

That right there ladies and gentlemen is why Barack Obama is on the panic tour Clinton campaign trail, attempting to shame African-Americans into voting for Hillary Clinton, telling them he would take it as a "personal insult" to his "legacy" if they don't..... because he understands his legacy can basically be wiped out by the stroke of the pen and Trump plans to start the process on his first day in office.

His presidency will be erased the very same way Obama introduced his illegal Amnesty program, bypassing congress. The very same way he implimented many of his "gun control" measures, again bypassing Congress. The same way he passed laws that courts have called "unconstitutional." The very same way Obama fast-tracked the importation of †an increased number of Syrian refugees into the U.S.

For every Republican #NeverTrumpster that bitterly complained every time Barack Obama whipped out his executive Order pen and started signing policies into law because he couldn't get his own way legally, this liberal hit piece against Trump just told them exactly what the Trump campaign is planning.... to undo many of those actions Obama took to deliberately circumvent the balance of power where Congress is meant to check the power of the presidency.

Make no mistake, those of us that criticized Obama for passing news laws and policies by way of Executive action rather than laws being determined by passing Congress, then being signed into law by the President, do not want to see a Republican president doing the same thing obama has been doing to create new laws.... but to use the very same actions to undo Obama's tyranny and simply wiping out his systematic circumvention of the legal process..... truly does seem to be poetic justice.

What the far left liberal writer at the New Yorker doesn't seem to understand is that the very same argument geared toward scaring moderate liberals into going to the polls for Clinton, is almost guaranteed to generate even more support for Trump by anybody that wants to see Obama's damaging, dangerous Executive Order policies that have allowed refugees that have given "limited" support to terrorists into the U.S., increased the amount illegal aliens to cross the border, pushed gun control, and more.... start to be reversed.

We have to wonder how many conservatives or moderates that are on the fence or saying they are undecided in polling surveys, are even aware of the Trump campaign's "First Day Project?"

If they are not aware of it, they should be made aware of it immediately.


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