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September 14, 2018

'Unmasking The Deep State' - Project Veritas Is Prepared To Name The Names, Job Titles And Treasonous Quotes, All Caught On Camera


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Breaking News ladies and gentlemen: Project Veritas has the goods and is preparing to release another set of undercover hidden camera videos as proof to expose the treasonous members of the Deep State, working from within to destroy America and overthrow the duly elected President.

James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas announced on September 14, 2018, "We are unmasking the Deep State. Here’s why," with a 30 second teaser video.  In his explanation of what the deep state is, and how the establishment media protect and assist them in their treasonous actions, he also offers a couple of direct quotes that will be seen in the first video Project Veritas will be releasing, which indicates his Deep State investigation is most likely complete, since he rarely offers a warning beforehand.


O'Keefe is often criticized for selectively editing videos, yet the direct quotes, from the people being taped with undercover videos and audio, is all real. You hear them and see them. For example, when Project Veritas exposed CNN in their America Pravda series, they showed a CNN commentator speaking candidly about the whole Russia collusion story being a "nothing-burger," at a time when CNN was providing wall-to-wall coverage. They exposed a CNN producer admitting the Russia story was "bull sh*t," and only being promoted by the network for ratings.

Project Veritas exposed and named Twitter employees in another series, admitting to creating algorithms for Twitter that "shadow banned" conservatives by flagging a "way of talking," such as mentions of God, guns and America first, so that their algorithms would label the users using that type of speech as "Russian bots."

In order to mitigate the damage these undercover videos cause to those targeted by Project Veritas, the media goes instantly into damage control by waving his work off by calling him a "felon," and highlighting an instance where he was arrested and charged with a felony. What they often ignore in an attempt to manipulate their audience into ignoring the actual content, which shows employees of certain organizations, along with their job titles, offering damaging information of the companies they work for, is that O'Keefe's "criminal" record stemmed from his attempt to expose a politician's corrupt practices.

Here was the "crime" the media uses to distract the masses away from the bombshells Project Veritas exposes.

O'Keefe and colleagues were arrested in the Hale Boggs Federal Complex in New Orleans in January 2010. They were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony, at the office of US Senator Mary Landrieu. His crew were dressed as telephone repairmen when arrested, The four men were initially charged with malicious intent to damage the phone system. O'Keefe entered Landrieu's office to investigate complaints that she was ignoring phone calls from constituents during the debate over Obamacare.

The charges in the case were reduced from a felony to a single misdemeanor count of entering a federal building under false pretenses.

So when the media screams 'FELON," in an attempt to delegitimize the crimes and corruption O'Keefe exposes, that is what they are talking about.


O'Keefe and Project Veritas have been working on this Deep State investigation for a while now, and even had a 'whistleblower' platform set up in order to dig deep into who they should be approaching to delve into the antics of the Deep State members, to catch them unaware, on camera, and it appears they are now preparing to release what they have exposed so far.

In the September 14th release, announcing the upcoming series of Deep State videos, O'Keefe explains the different ways people describe the Deep State, such as an "anonymous, faceless resistance," as the nameless, faceless coward that recently wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, claiming they were part of the "resistance" within the executive branch. Others describe it as "a vast administrative bureaucracy, unaccountable to anyone; in fact, an 'extralegal state within a state'."

Then O'Keefe describes it as he sees it:

This unelected cabal of federal government employees—the Deep Staters—are getting away with subverting the will of the people. In fact, the Constitution is being stomped upon by the actions of the members of the Deep State. They are in all branches of government and they are hiding among two million other federal employees.

At the most fundamental level, Americans make their voices heard through elections. This is the process to bestow consent for our representatives to govern on our behalf.

The actions of the Deep State fly in the face of the consent part of the governance equation. They seek to subvert the “democratic” process, and through those actions are creating inequality in the application of the Rule of Law. When this is permitted to happen, the will of the people can be thwarted in favor of any agenda that can gain support among the other comrades in the Deep State. That should worry progressives, civil libertarians, and journalists a lot more than it should worry fascists.

Then entire piece at Project Veritas should be read in full, but I want to highlight the portions that show the footage has already been obtained and it appears this is going to blow the lid off a number of traitors from within executive branch, which could mean directly in the White House, or any number of positions held elsewhere but are considered "senior level" officials.

When we release our series of stories, we’ll give you the names and show the faces of those who choose to “resist” while being sustained by patriotic taxpayers. When the subject of our next video, an employee in the Executive Branch, says, “Resist everything. Every level. F*** s*** up;” you’ll be able to see his name and his face. You’ll also see his title, direct employer, the movement of his lips, the cadence in his voice, his demeanor, his arrogance, his lack of introspection, and ultimately, him bragging about how nobody will ever hold his comrades nor him accountable.

When an employee of the executive branch gloats about targeting private citizens in an effort to “… go against the Constitution of America,” how could we NOT publish his name.

O'Keefe highlights the difference between what he is doing and what he is going to be exposing, by comparing his method, naming the names, showing the faces, allowing viewers to hear the words right from the horses mouths, so to speak, to the methods used by the cowardly authors and media outlets.

He says "Unlike the author of Fear, we won’t quote anonymous sources in the administration relaying what happened. We’re going to put anonymous Deep State players on the record, unbeknownst to them.

And unlike the New York Times op-ed page, we won’t omit the author or speaker’s name to "… protect them from losing their job'."

He ends his announcement with the following.

So, we’re going to expose them…


We are finishing the search for every rotten, crooked, law-breaking individual in this Deep State. We and others are going to find you.

We’re going to unmask you.

We’re going to make you famous.

In Veritas,

James O’Keefe



Some of O'Keefe's prior revelations show why Deep State members in Washington DC should be panicking right about now, includes but is not limited to his exposing Planned Parenthood in 2008;  ACORN in 2009 for providing advice as to how to avoid tax evasion, and encouragement for human smuggling and child prostitution. Project Veritas also exposed a number of revelations about DNC associated Americans United for Change, exposing how they would pay "mentally ill people" to "bird dog" Trump rallies, causing violence in an attempt to blame the then candidate Donald Trump for said violence. (Two Democrats operatives subsequently lost their jobs after being exposed by Project Veritas in their "Rigging the Election" series)

After the damning CNN videos in the American Pravda series, Associate Managing Editor and Metro Editor for New York Times, Clifford Levy, sent out a tweet which included a memo sent to NYT employees, with the message of the tweet stating "Newsrooms beware: Someone claiming to be a college student is trying to interview NYT journalists. We're concerned that it’s a ruse." Attached to that message was the memo itself, shown below:


O'Keefe respond to Levy with just five words "Too Late. More videos coming."


That very same day, October 10, 2017, "American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection" was released with an accompanying article. In that video below Nick Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for NYT Video, admitted to slanting Anti-Trump news to the front page, admitted he isn't objective stating "That's why I'm here," and claimed he was the Godson of James Comey, to which other family members denied.

The next day, October 11, 2017, "American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News," was released with an accompanying article. In that video, shown below, Dudich admitted to manipulating social media to make editorial decisions, using his power as "gatekeeper" to influence the news, as well as using his editorial power to protect his friends in Silicon Valley. A YouTube employee is also seen and heard admitting to helping Dudich to make NYT videos trend and to pushing what they consider "legitimate news" to the top.

Given O'Keefe's history of exposing the names of those captured on video/audio, their job descriptions and simply allowing his audience to hear and see the often devastating confessions of corruption and wrongdoing, the Deep State in DC should be panicking right now because O'Keefe most likely has almost all he needs already, and it is too late to protect themselves.


There are probably dozens of terrified "resistance" Deep State employees freaking out as of today's announcement by O'Keefe, and trying to remember who they have spoken to and what they have said and how much damage this is going to do to them if they were the ones caught on hidden camera.

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