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May 17, 2017

Grisly Footage Emerges From Venezuela At The Breaking Point - Is This The Future Of America? 

- FLASHBACK! 'Concentration Camp Malls' In 'Retail Apocalypse' America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this story published Tuesday over at ABC News they report that more people have been killed in Venezuela and hundreds injured as chaos erupted as another round of protests took place against Nicolas Maduro's socialist government. With buildings being set on fire after what started out as a peaceful 'sit-in against the dictatorship' protests turned chaotic, nearly 2,000 people have been detained and the chaos in Venezuela shows no sign of stopping.

With many claiming the crisis in Venezuela has reached a breaking point with inflation expected to top 700% this year and political confrontations happening at a worrisome level, grisly video footage has emerged from confrontations over the past few days that show Venezuela is rapidly spiraling out of control as seen in the videos below. 

And while far too many Americans will still claim what is happening in Venezuela, thousands of miles away, could never happen here, all we need to do is take a look at what is happening now in places such as Baltimore, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois and countless other big cities and small towns across America to see that it already is happening, though still on a smaller scale.

While the entire nation of Venezuela goes through the pain that comes with a collapsing socialist nation as shortages of food, medical supplies and other basic necessities become increasingly difficult to attain, the pain that millions of Americans feel is very real as according to Feeding America, back in 2015, more than 40 million Americans went hungry every day.


As we see in these new stories from Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog as well as this story from Stock Board Asset (which was recently republished over at Zero Hedge), the city of Baltimore is already looking like something out of a post-collapse era. As their story reports, if anyone wants to see what a post-retail 'apocalypse' America will look like, Baltimore is a great place to start looking. Then again, millions of Americans living in America's small towns also know what post-collapse America looks like.  

With Baltimore, home of the excellent HBO series 'The Wire', on pace to reach its highest murder rate in history while the opioid crisis there rages completely out of control, actually claiming more lives than homicides there according to this CBS Baltimore story, we see in these stories, videos and photographs the very reason we prepare - there but for the Amazing Grace of God go we. From Stock Board Asset:

The United States is rapidly descending into the ‘retail apocalypse’ with over 21 retailers closing 3591 stores in 2017. This is due to a combination of consumer trends, first the migration to e-commerce, and second the consumer is flat broke.

According to retail anaylst Jan Kniffen, “about one-third of malls in the U.S. will shut their doors in the coming years”. Consumerism in America has been a long standing pillar of our society.

Unfortunately, the consumer has stage three cancer with non-productive debt, mix match in skills, and low wages already forcing major cracks in the consumerism pillar. The final blow to the consumerism pillar could be hinted in BOFA’s latest statement, “we’re hitting ‘peak youth’, and a ‘demographic tidal wave’ is coming”.

What I’m about to show you is a view the mainstream media dares not to share with you, because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

First, many in Baltimore are getting way to ahead of themselves when it comes to the gentrification narrative. There are many uphills battles economically and socially, because the prior generations have let the city rot for over 50 years.

Second, the video below will give you a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic view of the retail brick and mortar industry. Many who describe the ‘retail apocalypse’ say the storm is coming. I’m here to show you the end result.


In this recent story over at the Daily Reckoning they report 'the retail apocalypse has arriveth', claiming its now kicking into high gear as online giant Amazon dominates all competition but as this new story from The Atlantic reports, retail's problems go way beyond just Amazon. Reporting that one of the problems that retail shopping in America now faces is far too many shopping malls, we remind you that many of today's shopping malls being built look eerily similar to Nazi concentration camps, complete with guard towers and 'food courts' as we reported on ANP back in 2015.

Back in March, Business Insider reported the retail apocalypse had officially descended upon America and as this new story over at Zero Hedge reports, most of America remains in denial with the economy no longer working as it did in the past. Reporting also that the 'status quo' has no 'plan b', we see the 'lineup' continuing to grow, US retailers filing bankruptcy and with their businesses gone, so go the jobs as mall after mall across America is abandoned. 


With experts warning US citizens to prepare for the collapse as big US cities and small US towns turn into what some believe look like 3rd world nations, we see in the videos below of what's happening in Venezuela more looks at a scenario that could soon be playing out here in America on a much larger scale than it is already with antifa protests in US streets. 

As we watch the videos below, we see what's happening in Venezuela right now in the first 8 videos, some of them very difficult to watch, and then travel through time in a post-apocalyptic view of the retail industry set to unfold in a town near you in the final video below showing us what a shopping mall in Baltimore looks like right now, a taste of things to come to America. 

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