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July 14, 2015

FEMA Camp Mall In Oregon Exposed While Doomsday Plane Flies Over DC Ahead Of Jade Helm

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

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Ever since All News Pipeline published the original 'converting malls into FEMA camps' story back on June 25th, 2015 after an ANP reader emailed us pictures of the Marana Spectrum, a mall being built in Arizona that looked more like a FEMA camp than a mall, we have been inundated with emails and pictures from other readers across America who have been noticing the exact same thing... nearly every mall going up across America in 2015 has many of the same characteristics that we'd likely see in a FEMA concentration camp. In this story, we learn of more malls in America with the same characteristics and we also take a look at a video from Pete Santilli in which he tells us about the 'Doomsday plane' flying over the Washington DC area, again, as Jade Helm 15 prepares to officially begin within the next several hours.


The latest installation into this shopping malls converted to FEMA camps story comes from a eye-opening picture sent to us by another ANP reader comparing today's US malls with Nazi concentration camps from 1940's Germany seen at the top of the story and in much more detail at the bottom of the story. To say that there is an amazing similarity would be an understatement.

With Ron Paul now issuing a dire warning about the coming economic collapse of America, how long will it be until Americans are no longer able to afford to purchase almost anything at these malls and they're suddenly transformed into what they've been seemingly alternatively built for?

We also take a look at a new video just published on YouTube by Christina Beauchamp who gives us a tour of the Woodburn Mall in Oregon, another mall that if you only saw from the air or the ground and knew not what it was, you might think that it WAS a prison if only it had a barbed wire fence around it. We also count close to 20 or more 'guard towers' surrounding the property.


ANP previously reported upon 'commercial camoflauge', the practice of preparing to use commercial building in a way other than the public is intended to see it, on June 28th in which we told you about AT LEAST 5 new 'mall openings' in October of 2015 across America. Strangely, each of those malls had many characteristics of prison camps. On July 1st we told you about the Premium Outlets in Charlotte, North Carolina seen in the image directly below.


The Woodburn Mall in Oregon is one such mall. Our videographer also looks at the Troutdale Mall in Oregon as possibly being used as a detention center in the 3rd video below.







Why is the doomsday plane being seen regularly now over the DC area? Last year Susan and I saw this plane as we were traveling in Virginia and just days ago it was seen over Prince Georges county, Maryland.

Could the Troutdale Mall in Oregon be used as a detention center?


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