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August 28, 2015

Accelerating The Mortality Of Americans - How Many Millions Will Die In The Vamp-a-Ceuticals 'Final Solution' For America?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Earlier today, ANP published a story in which a retired NY police officer shared a strange conversation she had with a supervisor for a state's emergency management agency and the intrusive medical questions that she had been asked, including questions about prescription medication and if there was anybody over the age of 75 in the house and if they'd possibly need hospital care during a major emergency.

As anybody who reads ANP likely knows, any kind of a major emergency that shuts down the entire system for a lengthy period of time could quickly turn into death sentences for anybody who relies upon prescription medications and regular medical care if it suddenly becomes unavailable to them. During such an emergency, the elderly and the infirm would suddenly become an insurmountable burden upon an already broken system. As we are warned by a trusted source, millions would likely die should such a situation develop.

We've also been urged to take a look at an already broken medical system where US Veterans who have given themselves to serve our country are being denied medical care and put on waiting lists that quickly turn 'terminal' as well as emerging reports of major problems with Obamacare. We are personally aware of Americans who have served our country bravely who are now being denied proper medical care. Are we now witnessing a well thought out plan that is leading to the acceleration of the mortality of Americans?

The 1st video below shares one such problem as Americans are sometimes unable to get their medication when they travel out-of-state. We also look at this alarming SQAlert below which shares several recent medical related experiences that are enough to make one pull ones hair out. If what is shared below is indicative of the state of the healthcare and the 'vampire pharmaceutical industry' in America, it's time that Americans make alternative plans to ensure the health of our families and loved ones.



This may not be important enough to report but it could be if it persists. My wife was recently bit by a spider (suspect brown recluse) on her finger and after a trip to the ER did no good she went to a doctor a few days later. He prescribed an antibiotic and some skin patches. While I was at the pharmacy counter yesterday they told me that the patches were not covered by the insurance company b/c they were not ''pre-approved''. I told the pharmacist/clerk that the doctor prescribed it and she said that the insurance would not cover it and that I could have the doctor call them directly and would I want to come back tomorrow and maybe it would be covered. I told her I would take it now and maybe request a discount later. While I was waiting a lady in her 60s came up to the counter to get her script filled - she was told that Medicaid was down and they could not give the pharmacy an estimated time of when it would be back. The women said that she had been out since last week and really needed her script filled. She was told that she could still get it but that she would have to pay full price (over $200). The pharmacist told her to come back tomorrow (today) but there was still no guarantee that their system would be up. Meanwhile a car came up to the drive-thru and I overhead that conversation: the woman's script for an ointment was not covered by her insurance either. I dont know if Medicaid is back up or not and the examples of insurance denial for pharmaceutical coverage is not statistically significant but it is a red flag (warning). We need to start stocking up (''rat holing'') necessary prescription medications as we go forward. Thanks Obamacare - you really ''care''.

This story in the Duluth News Tribune from last week shows us a room full of angry and fed up US Veterans sounding off about poor health care. Tom Moors, a 68-year old Veteran from the Vietnam War tells us about 'The Choice Act' a program set up by Congress to help US Veterans: "It's a debacle." Back in June, Newser reported that Vets health-care delays were getting even worse. Worse than what? Worse than 238,000 US Veterans who died waiting for healthcare according to a leaked document?

If one looks back through the eyes of history, what we're now seeing happening across America to our elderly and Vets is reminiscent of 'the final solution' carried out by the Nazi's during World War 2 to systematically eliminate millions of Russians, Jews, Slavs and others - except, it's being done in front of our faces to our elderly and Vets by the withholding of medical care and supplies to those in need rather than sending them away to institutions to rot away and be 'eliminated' as the Nazi's did.


We have also been visiting several different forums for members of the US military to find out what kinds of problems others are having and this seems to be a systematic is quite widespread. We invite our readers to share in the comment section below the kinds of problems with healthcare that they, too, are having, whether shortage of supplies, medications, delays...we believe from what we're reading and hearing that this is a major problem now all across the country and may be about to get much worse.

Think about how many millions of Americans are on life-saving drugs; think about how many Americans are on anti-depressants. If suddenly, all of those medications became unavailable due to war, economic collapse or major cyber-attack that shuts down the system, think of the chaos that would be caused. Are each of you prepared to live for several months without having the ability to purchase new medications?

On day 1 alone following such an event, Americans who cannot get their medications will die. While some argue that guns cause gun-related deaths, much research will show you that many of these mass shootings across America have been carried out by people on anti-depressants. An excellent story by Matt Walsh on The Blaze argues that America's problems with violence aren't due to guns nor mental illness but rather because of the 'Godlessness' of our nation. Imagine 60 million+ Americans w/o their meds; imagine the day the music died.

With millions of Americans now completely dependent upon such meds, how much crime would likely take place across the country committed by those no longer able to obtain such medications? As day 2 turns into days 3 and 4 and still no 'normal' medications nor heathcare arrive, how long would it take for America to turn into a scene out of an apocalyptic horror movie, with millions of those dependent upon the system no longer able to get what they need to be physically and/or mentally healthy and to survive?

One of the questions that REALLY stood out to us in the recent FEMA survey/questionaire from this previous ANP story was this: did my family have enough cash in our home to weather 3-4 months without access to an open bank or functioning atm machine? What is that all about? Was that a hint that they know something that we don't know? How many of us are REALLY prepared to live for 3 to 4 months in our own homes without access to an open bank or functioning ATM machine? If you are one who tells us that you're prepared to live 1/4 to 1/3 of the year inside w/o access to outside assistance, supplies, etc., congratualtions! You're clearly one of the few. As for everyone else, the large majority of Americans, what happens to them?


Meanwhile, most Americans are having the life sucked out of them by the Vamp-a-Ceuticals who are also quite successful in sucking their victims financial lives dry, too, leaving millions of Americans broke and ill and in deep trouble. For those who are completely dependent upon this healthcare system, what can they do to make it through what may be very difficult times ahead? There are many questions and very few answers; we'd love for you to share your own thoughts below... we will likely follow up on this story with your suggestions on how people can overcome such ordeals without the system in the days or weeks ahead.

As for personal experience, I absolutely refuse to take any man-made pharmaceutical drugs at all. God in nature long ago provided the human race with all that we need to survive. The list of alternative means for survival that goes beyond man-made big pharma have long been reported on such websites as Natural News, Natural Society and Natural Blaze. One of my favorite alternatives to antibiotics is garlic, raw, crushed and consumed with manuka honey. You can ask Susan, I got rid of an abcessed tooth infection in less than two days by consuming it. Humanity obviously does not need big pharma, in fact, they only get rich by people being sick. Why would they want to really 'heal' us, anyways? The answer is quite obvious is to us.

According to in the 2nd video below from RTR TRUTH MEDIA and Tom Lacovara, real doctors in America are now being murdered by 'big pharma'. In the 3rd video below, our videographer asks for 6 minutes of our time so that he can tell us exactly how big pharma is killing Americans. Is there any chance of escaping the madness that surrounds us? Clearly, if we want to really stay healthy, our best chance to do so is to stay away from the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies. We'll take our chances with God in nature.





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