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August 28, 2015

Are These UN Choppers Over Texas? Massive Military Train Carrying Strykers In Montana - Retired NY Cop Gets Strange Phone Call From 'FEMA' - Her Warning To Us Confirmed!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on June 12th, All News Pipeline published a story about a convoy of white choppers seen over the state of Washington that were believed to be from the UN; in the picture above and images at bottom of story, we see two more choppers, one that appears to be white or grey, over Snyder, Texas as shared with us by ANP reader Stacy White who asked if these were possibly UN as well. White's video of these choppers flying by is the 1st video below. ANP was also sent the photograph below of a massive military train in Belgrade, Montana carrying more machines of war upon American soil.

We also recently received a very interesting note from one of our readers which we are publishing below to open up for discussion a very strange phone call our reader, a retired New York police officer, recently received. According to 'Tracy', a strange call from 'FEMA' has left her scratching her head and wondering if other ANP readers have recently received a similar phone call. Is she being paranoid or was the phone call republished below as unusual as it seemed to her? 

We took a look at the phone number that she told us called her and sure enough, the number is owned by a company that does surveys for a number of different public and private agencies, including FEMA!!! We reached out to the company in question and can report a conversation we had with a representative confirming they are indeed doing a survey for this particular state's emergency management agency. We certainly agree with the company representative we spoke with that it is always best to be proactive rather than reactive in the event of any kind of potential emergencies.

Why are Americans being asked these kinds of questions? Have any of our other readers received any of these kinds of phone calls? Please share in the comment section and we'll follow up on this once we learn if others are having the same kinds of experiences.

I received a peculiar phone call this evening (8/26/15)  I am not sure what to make of it!  I am a single mom, a retired NYC cop, and a suburban prepper. The caller identified herself as a FEMA supervisor....and I had my curiosity piqued .  Here are some of her questions (in no particular order):

--did I own any firearms, other items that could be considered weaponry, or a stock of ammo.....
--how much in the way of foodstuff did I keep as long-term supplies for an emergency...
--how much drinking water did I have for emergencies, as well as how much set aside for hygiene.... 
--did I have several months worth of any prescription drugs that I would need (when I stated that insurance companies never let anyone order extra for putting aside, she stated that a new law for prescription drug insurance companies was just passed that made it legal to get 2 months ahead within ten days of a named storm)...
--what amount of time would I consider an acceptable delay before government assistance could get to my neighborhood....
--does my household include anyone over the age of 75, and would they be needing hospital care during a major emergency....

--how many months would I be able to survive on my own if I was not permitted to leave my home....
--would I be able to help supply needy neighbors if called upon to do so....
--what special skills did I have that would allow me to shelter in place after an emergency; things like water purification, ham or CB radio equipment, solar oven cooking or several spare tanks of propane along with a propane grill....
--did my family members and I have an alternate meeting place in case we could not gather in our own home....
--did we have go-bags including vital documents should it become necessary to leave quickly..
--and did my family have enough cash in our home to weather 3-4 months without access to an open bank or functioning atm machine. 
Of course, most of my answers were "that is private".  But I kept listening just to find out how intrusive she planned on getting with her questions. Am I just being paranoid, or was this phone call as unusual as it seemed to me?

In light of this mysterious phone call, we find this story from just days ago from WWLTV in New Orleans, Louisiana to be interesting. Telling us that law enforcement agencies from across the NO metro area recently went door to door handing out information about the penalties of gun crimes, we have to ask, why now? We all remember what happened during hurricane Katrina.

This next image was taken on Tuesday, August 18th in Belgrade, Montana. These strykers were traveling west bound and we were told that this photograph likely only shows the back half of the train.


We also take a look at a couple of new videos below showing more massive military convoys across America with the 3rd video having mainstream news media reports about Jade Helm 15 blended in. The 2nd video shows a military convoy in Michigan, southbound on US-23 on August 26th.

With August 2015 now winding down and the dreaded month of September ahead, will we soon find out what all of these military convoys and exercises are for, along with the strange phone call shared with us above, or will they somehow manage to kick the bucket that is the 'new world order', the total collapse of America, down the road another year making things only much worse once they do come crashing down?

The rest of these photographs came from Stacy White in Texas. Are these UN choppers?




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